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Creating a CRUCIFIX pendant

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Information Creating a CRUCIFIX pendant

Title :  Creating a CRUCIFIX pendant
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Frames Creating a CRUCIFIX pendant

Description Creating a CRUCIFIX pendant

Comments Creating a CRUCIFIX pendant

Please SMASH that like button to help this video out!! I really enjoyed the outcome and I hope you guys do as well. I always appreciate the support and everyone taking time out of their day to watch what I put out. Let me know any suggestions on videos you guys want see and I’ll try and make it happen.
Comment from : JACOJE LYNX

rury carrera
Does jacoje make custom pendants? And not like lettering like designs.
Comment from : rury carrera

Zoila Navarro
How much is the gold crucifix,with 2 inches in size?
Comment from : Zoila Navarro

Jeannine Morelli-Cary
These are beautiful . It is nice to see the time and care you put into making something so spiritual. Respectfully done:) I make rosaries/jewelry (that is how I ended up here)
Comment from : Jeannine Morelli-Cary

Amazing craftsmanship.
Comment from : coyote_860

Jonathan McElroy
So clean!!
Comment from : Jonathan McElroy

Ghostz Ranger07
Do you make all your jerwely
Comment from : Ghostz Ranger07

lasantha pradeep
Hey ! Are you shipping world wide?
Comment from : lasantha pradeep

Rafael Ramirez
Will the XL crucifix fit a 7mm miami cuban link ?
Comment from : Rafael Ramirez

It’s too fuckin expensive for ur little chAnel
Comment from : Lilbromarcos

do you 3d model these yourself?
Comment from : Filmsparks

Drebo Dollaz
If you made a mini version of that cross keyglock has, I’d cop. White gold cross flooded with emerald cut diamonds with the rose gold Jesus on top.
Comment from : Drebo Dollaz

Taco Socko
Ight ima make one for my sista for Christmas
Comment from : Taco Socko

I have bin searching the internet for long videos on gold jewelry finishing and making of parts n pieces put together... I would pay for a series of videos like this..
Comment from : Aquarius

Braden, love these videos where you show the casting process! Super cool
Comment from : Hexecutable

Alberto Mendoza
Very nice !!!
Comment from : Alberto Mendoza

Isaac Robles
How much do all of those machines that you were using cost?
Comment from : Isaac Robles

The Center Left Libertarian
Wax is cheating.
Comment from : The Center Left Libertarian

Comment from : PIZZACAT tv

SoCal Rocks
The pinky nail on the hand of the individual shining the gold is only used for one thing... Amazing! Lol
Comment from : SoCal Rocks

A jacoje crucifix is def one that I want. Detail is great. So many great jacoje pieces so little money! Heavy link with the upcoming dog tags is another dream of mine.
Comment from : bobTom37

Best pinky ring in da game....

Nick Callahan
Awesome job!!
Comment from : Nick Callahan

Isaiah Babb
Can you make that cross with the wood grain a bit thicker without the Jesus? I’ve been looking for a cross piece and this is great just for personal beliefs without the Jesus figure
Comment from : Isaiah Babb

you got a really skilled jeweler making those pieces you can tell the craftsman knows what he is doing
Comment from : benzboston

Make White Gold Figaros :)
Comment from : TacoShotgun

Kofi Ofosu
Love your detailed explanation
Comment from : Kofi Ofosu

Richard Garcia
Can u send me a 5 mm cuban gold chain it would be a dream come true?
Comment from : Richard Garcia

Chunky ass ring 💪🏼
Comment from : CheeeezPIC

Daniel Ralston
Been a subscriber since 350 subs love to see the numbers up man!! 🔥🔥 “SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON! SMASH SMASH SMASH SMAASH” 😂😂
Comment from : Daniel Ralston

R Torero
Nice👍👍👍👍 greetings from Germany ✌️
Comment from : R Torero

G Rod
Just needs the diamonds....i personally feel pendants are incomplete without diamonds
Comment from : G Rod

Error 404
Could you make a video of your jewelry collection
Comment from : Error 404

Gold By The Ounce
After seeing this... it takes so much time, effort and skill to make the mini and tini pieces.
Comment from : Gold By The Ounce

Mike Groft
Most people have no idea what it entails to make a high-quality pendant. All they're looking at is the price tag. Great video and nice crucifix.👍
Comment from : Mike Groft

How does Jacoje sell gold for so cheap?
Comment from : JOKERLAMO

WantSome Mor
Hey Jacoje. I want to get a pendent of scorpion from mortal Kombat. Or of joker. Which one do you think would look best on a yellow gold Cuban link. I would love for you to make me a piece.
Comment from : WantSome Mor

Erik Gallegos
Those look amazing! A lot of work goes into them and it definitely shows! Btw i love these type of process videos 👍
Comment from : Erik Gallegos

I'm from a small community of coin, precious metal, treasure, group people here on youtube and facebook. I really enjoyed this video, quality stuff. Shared on facebook!
Comment from : MUDSWAT

rick rick
Smash smash smashed A1 craftsmanship A1 videoing A1 narrating
Comment from : rick rick

Sabrina Merrick
I love the textured contrast between the cross and the Jesus figure. What size crucifix is this? Could the bail come in a polished option?

If you aren't shopping Jacoje, you aren't shopping.

Comment from : Sabrina Merrick

Have you heard of the company Acre?its a Gold subscription for $30 and they send you a 2.5g of gold.
Comment from : Snowvs

Arman Clark
Smash... Im camping on a island.. Suprised i have net and what am.i doing?? Standing by the bathrooms chargin phone at 11pm and watching your video!
Comment from : Arman Clark

Luis Ramirez
Hey jocoje i was wondering do you do any black deals or 4th discounts or anything like that
Comment from : Luis Ramirez

Nav Nieto
We need a dope jacoje anchor
Comment from : Nav Nieto

Angel Muniz
LOVE this vid! #SMASH
Comment from : Angel Muniz

Ya boi
Where did u get that diamond pinkey ring u wear in all ur videos i cant find it on ur website
Comment from : Ya boi

Fabian Adam
Smash all day
Comment from : Fabian Adam

sadoc arteaga
When those tiny Jesus pieces coming out lol I need to cop one 😫
Comment from : sadoc arteaga

Amaury beltran
Comment from : Amaury beltran

Richard Wright II
These are dope but ya prices to high
Comment from : Richard Wright II

AJ Reyes
Amazing work
Comment from : AJ Reyes

Don Sussuro
That’s a nice diamond pinky ring you got there 💎
Comment from : Don Sussuro

Are you going to be doing your giveaways again this year? If so do you know when you’ll start it? Asking because I had a couple people ask me and want to pass the word along. Everyone that sees my nice chain I got from you (4mm Franco) all of them ask where I got it and how much etc. etc.

Comment from : Anthony

Royal Gold Family
I support you but I'm a chain guy
Comment from : Royal Gold Family

Alex Martin
Comment from : Alex Martin

Lol it's not that hard to Clean cast...
Comment from : AWDDSM 4G63

Smash definitely gonna be coping one of these
Comment from : Vazzified

Behind the scenes of rhe 🐐! Keep killin’em bro y’all karate SMASHHH that like button!!
Comment from : Therealtmac_

Lito Rivera
Good attention to detail on this pendant
Comment from : Lito Rivera

Turbo Sammy
👊👊👊!!! Like I said before BEST CRUCIFIX IN THE GAME!!!!
Comment from : Turbo Sammy

The detail on these are really freakn good ! I like the wood grain , it looks so precise!
Comment from : FGSWANK

George G
Love it man 🔥
Comment from : George G

Chad Emery
Those are the hardest crusifixes in the jewelry game
Comment from : Chad Emery

shop jacoje
Comment from : 100

christopher nava
notification gangggg ik im 20 mins late but i saw the notif then my phone died 😂 but can’t wait to buy a script pendant
Comment from : christopher nava

Muyanzi Reid
I HATE the color of 14kt Yellow Gold since I got my 21kt Gold Coin pendant Braden made me. The color difference is really apparent. 14kt Yellow Gold looks like Tarnished Silver to me now. I'm spoiled...SMASH!!
Comment from : Muyanzi Reid

Tom Duffy
What’s your opinion with stacking a bracelet with a watch
Comment from : Tom Duffy

Darius Smith
Do you do any 24k jewelry
Comment from : Darius Smith

Hexx RL
Make a video setting diamonds on a ring 🗿
Comment from : Hexx RL

Forgot the intro brotha
Comment from : alexjavi13ify

Hurlburt FamCamp
and missed the e...... still awesome Jacoje gold!
Comment from : Hurlburt FamCamp

Hurlburt FamCamp
Woohoo! Jacob badassery! Thanks Braden, you rock!
Comment from : Hurlburt FamCamp

Livan Rodriguez
lol I thought I was first but never mind
Comment from : Livan Rodriguez

Duval raised 38
Comment from : Duval raised 38

G Man’s Jewels
So excited
Comment from : G Man’s Jewels

Smash 👊
Comment from : Slim7321

Andreas Startklar
Comment from : Andreas Startklar

Ricardo Guzman
Comment from : Ricardo Guzman

Brusk 397
It me this time lol
Comment from : Brusk 397

The Sizzle Show Vlogs
Comment from : The Sizzle Show Vlogs

Planned Parenthood Food Reviews
Comment from : Planned Parenthood Food Reviews

Gerardo Rodruiguez
Comment from : Gerardo Rodruiguez

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