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Daniel M Connolly
Wow, Flat Earth.
Comment from : Daniel M Connolly

If planes could actually go that fast like the time-lapse Lol
Comment from : Cosmos

Pranay Patil
I love how it went from day to evening and evening to day
Comment from : Pranay Patil

thats a fast plane
Comment from : NickIsTheName

Hooman Adnan
Legendary ❤️
Comment from : Hooman Adnan

Nice job following the sun
Comment from : Flopblowly

Congratulations on 100k views (May 13th 2021)
Comment from : ProdbySpVcx

jelly hmmmm
Can I use this for my video
Comment from : jelly hmmmm

horrible music but liked the vid

What is aircraft?
Comment from : 주원

Daniel Robbins
That is awesome! Thank you! So, please bear with my asking, but you are a flat earther... right? I understand if not, but I am one - and this video TOTALLY confirms that for me!
Comment from : Daniel Robbins

Housten we have a problem u shure sun is milyon km far from earth?
Comment from : cİmİcak

This show me that the earth is flath son go away its dark later u can see the light is come back in globe its impossible to see that.if the earth is globe u cant catch the sun so easy its not go down he go away and make circle back to the plan side
Comment from : cİmİcak

Judging by the Sun the plane headed North East at the start and ended up finishing flying South East.
Comment from : sthurston2

Dontay Andrews
I would love to see a jet catch the sun circling, going east one way, then meet the sun going west another way. ~ that would be awesome proof that the sun circumvents the earth rather than the earth rotating. ~
Comment from : Dontay Andrews

Airbus737 2
Comment from : Airbus737 2

I wonder how laggy his PC was when he increased the speed of the clip. 😂
Comment from : WrongNumberZ

What airport in moscow did you land at?
Comment from : Sixep

Franek Ulaj i red minecraft express
Comment from : Franek Ulaj i red minecraft express

R. A.
50% of comments are from flattards
Comment from : R. A.

muhammadssaleem rasool01
Nice thank you showing
Comment from : muhammadssaleem rasool01

TERRA JOVEM 6000 anos
Comment from : TERRA JOVEM 6000 anos

I need the time of departure of this flight. I see you already gave the information that the flight is on May 19, 2011. Can you give the information about the departure time? Thank you.
Comment from : FlatEarth.ws

Accidentally proving the earth is flat
Comment from : HeedfulGibbon

Told you the earth is flat. Apart from take off and landing the plane was flying level for all the flight
Comment from : MultiFuzzyhead

poppa dee
Not a curve in sight! lol
Comment from : poppa dee

Daniel M Connolly
Beautiful Flat Earth.
Comment from : Daniel M Connolly

Abdulrahman Alotaibi
No observable curvature, the sun changes size as it gets closer and closer to the horizon until it eventually disappears, sun set red light stays on the horizon until sunrise. Combine all those together and it will be evident that this video kills the sphere earth.
Comment from : Abdulrahman Alotaibi

Harrison Williams
Ok people.. Flat earth is a fraud, this video is good. The end.
Comment from : Harrison Williams

Mommy Nature
Reminded me of flight from Beijing to New York xD 14 freaking hours
Comment from : Mommy Nature

שר הביטחון של אורי ורד
From freedom lane to commie land
Comment from : שר הביטחון של אורי ורד

The earth is square
Comment from : Daniel

How many 180° lines does it take to make a sphere?
Comment from : jleettriple7

Gwebanget Forever #FlatEarth
Look at the sun. This is Moscow to New York, right? Btw the speed of this airplane can exel the sun speed.
Comment from : Gwebanget Forever #FlatEarth

23 Sleng
Who disliked this video, nasa?
Comment from : 23 Sleng

Vibes of Cosmos
Flat earth!
Comment from : Vibes of Cosmos

The Earth is not flat
Comment from : Rex

Mac-n-cheese guy
It never gets dark because he is going into different time zones and the Arctic Circle.
Comment from : Mac-n-cheese guy

Wow. I just watched a plane fly over a flat surface for thousands of miles. The earth is flat
Comment from : Olympian085

Attention to Details in Nature
more proof clouds cause halos
Comment from : Attention to Details in Nature

Cool timelapse. Did you time the flight specifically to get the sun set and rise? Too bad about the invasion of flattards in the comments.
Comment from : ordinaryJeff

Great video showing our flat earth 👍
Comment from : B C

Elohim אֱלהִים
Comment from : Elohim אֱלהִים

Sir Meliodas
look how much cloud cover there is? ! it is impossible for Earth Images to be real, haha. Bullshit I tell you. I noticed this when I fly, There are few layers at each elevation, Therefore never being able to take a picture of the Earth unless magically all the cloud would have to disappear.
Comment from : Sir Meliodas

Her eyez on Level
Wow.......many people in the comment section have no understanding of the way perspective works. Light cannot curve around a ball.
Comment from : Her eyez on Level

seb o
This proves 1000% the Earth is flat. Its shows the sun getting smaller as it travels away, it shows the suns light is not infinite and it doesnt even set completely and comes back up while it should be on the other side of the ball. If you watch this and still believe you are on a magical spinning ball you have drank way to much of their kool-aid.
Comment from : seb o

Matan Gorodish
Hi Tim - Great video. What was the date of this flight ? Thanks!
Comment from : Matan Gorodish

Ran Yan2004
белые ночи
Comment from : Ran Yan2004

Cedric Boucanus
Thanks for this beautiful video
Comment from : Cedric Boucanus

The music is beatiful
Comment from : VICTOR GAMER PRO

I can guarantee if their was a button that was life or death asking is the earth flat then people would pick round
Comment from : OBOYZ

Hello, what was a camera setup?
Comment from : CAlborghete

Umer Liaqat
Nice video
Comment from : Umer Liaqat

Very many polution..
Comment from : Perspektif

Robert Ivey
These people are over 2000 years behind the times, lol.
Comment from : Robert Ivey

as the sun sets...... i liked this video.
Comment from : kei

The earth is flat m8. 73939.ja% You can easily tell because the sky is black, the grass is tall and chicken nuggets are life.
Comment from : AD7.AH7

Fortnite GamingBoiz & Games
The earth is not flat because it is spherical and if you go somewhere you will fall off the edge
Comment from : Fortnite GamingBoiz & Games

People who say the earth is flat, explain this. Why do we change the time either 1 hour back or forwards to summer or winter time. How do you explain why there’s more light and more light towards summer in a day and less and less hours with sun in the winter
Comment from : Vegard

Michael Chen
This video proves that the earth is full cloudy and you can see shit
Comment from : Michael Chen

bos wol
song please
Comment from : bos wol

Great video showing the sun doing its circles
Comment from : HeedfulGibbon

Jace Sobey
What plane did you fly
Comment from : Jace Sobey

Félix Maltchinski
What airline did you fly?
Comment from : Félix Maltchinski

this does not make sense at all, which direction was this video footage taken from?
Comment from : Eliwoodfe

Jolly Jumper
You Flat Earthers are spot on, Flat as a Pancake !!!
Comment from : Jolly Jumper

thats what id have to look forward to when flying? clouds that look like iceburgs if i wake up and forget? yikes...
Comment from : raditzace

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