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How to Design Impenetrable Airport Security

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Information How to Design Impenetrable Airport Security

Title :  How to Design Impenetrable Airport Security
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Frames How to Design Impenetrable Airport Security

Description How to Design Impenetrable Airport Security

Comments How to Design Impenetrable Airport Security

Wendover Productions
I hope you enjoy this new video! If you didn't see already, I started a personal channel and the good news is that the second every video on there goes up Thursday and it features Mike Boyd so go subscribe to that here: www.youtube.com/channel/UCDA1X6RrhzZQOHOGvC3KsWg
Comment from : Wendover Productions

Malcolm Pemberton
This is interesting. A very good friend of mine from Iran, but living in Finland and working for a large engineering firm there, was the sales rep to go to Israel. What can I say, it was a long journey though the process, but he was allowed in. It seems to work :-)
Comment from : Malcolm Pemberton

Tell me to shut up but SIA only ever had 1 hijacking
Comment from : Ozone

Michael Jackson
Kinda related but not really, my uncle was flying from Nairobi, Kenya, to Heathrow, and he got an authentic spear he traded with a tribesmen. The airport said no knives, guns, bombs, but didn't specifically say spears. So they agreed that a flight attendant would hold it for the duration of the flight
Comment from : Michael Jackson

Dylan Dreisbach
They may not catch most deadly weapons, but they can sniff out a medium bottle of shampoo from a mile away.
Comment from : Dylan Dreisbach

Right as Corona kiked in last Year i was travveling at the Stuttgart Airport (Southern Germany) and cleared Securety within 5 Minutes..... and as said i was there around 1h early so i can fo it.... waited 55mins at the Gate ;D
Comment from : Nonameguzzi

Wonder what number i would get at Israel
Comment from : funkyleah

Man every time I go through security they flag the buttons on my jeans. EVERY TIME.
Comment from : cam

Aditya Jakhalekar
6:16 Higher Risk : Being Male
My dissapointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

Comment from : Aditya Jakhalekar

Jordan Walters
When going through Israeli airport security, and they ask me to go to take off my belt and head to the "more private room" I'm really going to regret selecting male as my characters gender. I'd go back and start a new save, but I really don't want to go through that acne phase as a female it was bad enough the first time round.
Comment from : Jordan Walters

I'm from Israel and I flew from Ben Gurion airport a few times, and I gotta say that until I watched this video, I thought it's normal to arrive to the airport 3 hours before the flight.
Comment from : Nafrost

7:42 Israel doesn't have a national airline. El Al is the biggest Israeli airline, but it's a private company.
Comment from : Nafrost

I just applied for a university flight school after realizing that I don't really want to do skilled trades for 40 years and then retire poor (even though I enjoy my current job)

Even at the bottom of the pilot pay scale, I'd be making more than I am now and working ~half as much. Lmao I'm so good at living cheap I could pay off the school in a few years

Comment from : MythosGandaar

mauri zarate
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Comment from : mauri zarate

Enric BF
I think you start off with a MASSIVE survivor bias. I haven't seen the whole video, I don't know if you aéreas that. But security prevents attacks by discouraging them rather than stopping them when already on the go. Just because they would require much more planning
Comment from : Enric BF

In other words not being politically correct makes your airport safe.
Comment from : HeavyLikesSandwich

Thomas Stern
Yeah Isreal is so good at airport security because they allow their extra-consitutional intelligence agency to do it
Comment from : Thomas Stern

Бам Бам
When I was young (and stupid), I have gotten small propane bottles (400ml, for my camping stove) on a plane. Back then I didn't know you can't do that and nobody seemed to notice. One time one of the propane bottles sprung a leak during at the baggage handling (probably the valve was pressed by something during handling) and they had to interview me as a potential terrorist.
Anyways, they gave me a stern warning and let me go.

Comment from : Бам Бам

Meteor Knight
Basically israel is racist
Comment from : Meteor Knight

567 minecraft
Poeple from Mexico enter the usa
Comment from : 567 minecraft

Riley Blair
I remember when a tsa worker accidentally got amicar on his gloves, read the bottle and immediately assumed it was melting his gloves and panicked. Amicar is a mouth medication that is drank.
Comment from : Riley Blair

king james488
just don't let people on the plane... then nothing can happen.
Comment from : king james488

The drake show Terhune family
I just got rick rolled by a dam ad, A DAM AD
Comment from : The drake show Terhune family

Mizhda Salih
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Comment from : Mizhda Salih

Tech Help Portal Extras
3:38 you mis drew Israel. Unless you were trying to draw out the areas occupied by terrorist state palestine
Comment from : Tech Help Portal Extras

Sydnie Rosenfeld
Okay the interview might be tough but at least you can take a bottle of water through.
Comment from : Sydnie Rosenfeld

Michael Goerke
TSA: knife, ok go ahead
< 3oz bottle, nah we’re gonna have to stop you ✋

Comment from : Michael Goerke

6:15 TIL Israel is racist
Comment from : Nefomemes

Hobson McMaster
Tbh if someone made it through this security should deserve to get through
Comment from : Hobson McMaster

Oliver Green
95% of the tests failed, but they still want to take my toothpaste lmao
Comment from : Oliver Green

Jimin Is my idol
I travel to to Israel a lot because of my family. And I’m always travelling alone and I get a 3 or a 5 which is great. Very great.
Comment from : Jimin Is my idol

othmane Oth
So its a racist system but its not a problem for the "israeli" gouvernement
Comment from : othmane Oth

Никита Отдельнов
I once brought a damn cigarette lighter - even couple of them - through airport security because I totally forgot they were there. I discovered them when I was already on the plane. Some of my friends even took Swiss knifes with them and the security did not notice. But then they always search my LAPTOP for a potential threat. It is a joke
Comment from : Никита Отдельнов

Gerard Ligonde
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Comment from : Gerard Ligonde

Me, a law abiding citizen: I always feel like I look really suspicious when I go through airport security, I try to look normal but that just makes me look even more suspicious, like, what if I somehow have a kilo of cocaine and a bomb in my bag
Comment from : Splosh

Erlend Jarl Bjaarstad
aw jews, crying about racism while being so racist themselves
Comment from : Erlend Jarl Bjaarstad

Christian Garcia
Lmao I didn’t even notice the barcode on my passport when I went. Going to have to check it
Comment from : Christian Garcia

I feel like this video will age like milk, one day.
Comment from : ShofaX

Wait this isn't HAI
Comment from : Angle

trey riddle
In the us, border security are supposed to stop anyone that LOOKS Mexican for questioning. Literally a racial profiling law.
Comment from : trey riddle

Wanda Mendes
TSa didn’t let my 4’9” grandma bring her fancy forks through security. FORKS. Tiny desert forks. My grandma is small and has bad knees....what is she gonna do with a tiny fork?!?
Comment from : Wanda Mendes

Royal Wolf
I want to go to Israel with my Catholic Lebanese friend now just to see my own number
Comment from : Royal Wolf

yozura shorts
Godamnit it's that wendover guy

-half as interesting

Comment from : yozura shorts

In china you have to go through security not just in airports but also in train stations and subway stations
Comment from : Artificial_Z

Prototype Infinite
2003 I in Israel after 9/11 as a fuel stop my grandad was with me both time going to Thailand my grandad I thought to be on drug and smuggling drugs both time there and back he gets a drug testing both times he was clear lol
Comment from : Prototype Infinite

Pandy Wandy
so you're telling me they let obvious weapons go through and I have stuff down my lychee jelly because they reckon it could be a bomb. who do you think I am?
a dumb suicidal person who is in affiliation with the terrorists?

Comment from : Pandy Wandy

Michael Heider
Just pump in sleeping gas once everyone is seated.
Comment from : Michael Heider

cow on a deck
the cia will find a way
Comment from : cow on a deck

Gadi Berqowitz
Israeli here, another cool piece of data : your passport won't be stamped when entering the country since there are countries that won't allow you passage if they see that you've visited Israel.
Kinda messed up but it's true.

Comment from : Gadi Berqowitz

6:07 this is discrimination
Comment from : AFD MKD

Akash Chopra
Just because nobody choose to attack, doesn't mean TSA has done their job. More likely, there just hasn't been any attack because that shit has only happened a few times in the history of airplanes. If anything I would credit the machines with 99% and civilians with the other 1%.
Comment from : Akash Chopra

Caleb Byars
How does Atlanta not make the list of the largest airports? It’s the biggest
Comment from : Caleb Byars

This airport security only really works for countries that have hostile neighbors
Comment from : るなめりあ

Trevor Blazkwicks
travelling through so many countries, the least strict airports are in the US, ironically. European airports are the most sophisticated yet quick! if your bag doesnt check out, 2 people unpack it. ANYTHING that shouldnt be on the plane is thrown in the trash and your bag is given back very quick.
The US airports practice "security theatre" but arent as accurate to find anything. if your bag checks for something, they wait for a personal to unpack it, and when he finds the very first thing that shouldnt be on the plane, its thrown away but the search stops and your bag is given back! ive seen people haul things that shouldnt be on the plane, just by putting odd stuff at the top of the bag, such as water bottle or soda can.

Comment from : Trevor Blazkwicks

Gregor 7008
The problem with racial profiling is, that it’s racist, but effective. Just think about it: People from Central Europe (France, UK, Austria, Swiss, Germany) are definitely less interested in hijacking a plane than someone from China, India, or, as said in the video, general Arabia...
Comment from : Gregor 7008

Soulotion, just tranq everybody at the airport and then carry them onto their planes.
Comment from : Ptenarian

These days, want to be safe? Don't go anywhere near an airport. Nice vid. Looking forward to some day being able to fly again.
Comment from : CatFish107

Raul Bloodworth
Can you do a "how to design a impenetrable Capitol" video
Comment from : Raul Bloodworth

Ben Gurion isn't in Tel Aviv though... It's in Lod...
Comment from : yking1

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Idk why people are so against racial profiling if the data shows that certain races/kind of people are higher risk like on airport security
Comment from : Federal Bureau of Investigation

Aaron Loosen
3:39 as someone who's been to Israel 2 times, I absolutely agree, it was super easy to go through too little to no time and they let you keep all drinks too. The people there were super nice too.
Comment from : Aaron Loosen

12:10 IDK, with how much safer flying is, even a small decrease in safety could be offset by an associated decrease in car travel.

OFC, if we're counting lives saved/killed at this level of indirection, we also need to count the CO2 difference.

Comment from : octet33

IcySand 1038
Guy behind me was high on something and the TSA ignored him, but I had a plush on me (was like 10) and they questioned me and my mom and took my plush for 5 minuets and then gave it back.
Comment from : IcySand 1038

H. Anthony Ribadeneira
11:12 no, you can. A scumbag like trump or a trump supporter, cost is almost zero
Comment from : H. Anthony Ribadeneira

H. Anthony Ribadeneira
Priviledged MAGA scumbags be like: "hold my beer."
Comment from : H. Anthony Ribadeneira

Yufeng yan

Comment from : Yufeng yan

Ronan Iksiktaaryuk
Israel is just like Germany in WW2 lol Israel is giving Germany numbers now
Comment from : Ronan Iksiktaaryuk

JayCao Racing
The rotten camel oceanographically follow because viola gergely screw towards a special ankle. tacky, steady block
Comment from : JayCao Racing

Nothing Just Cars
I smuggled a gogurt though us tsa and france tsa
Comment from : Nothing Just Cars

Iwan says
Someone: passes security checks at Tel Aviv
Airport security officer: "Glory to Arst... I mean Israel"

Comment from : Iwan says

Jorden Penitch
I don’t own a gun but I’m always afraid I have one in my bag whenever I go thru
Comment from : Jorden Penitch

ZXQV0 Infinity
Wendover Productions: Dominica and Lichtenstein are not in ICAO
Tuvalu: Am I a joke to you?

Comment from : ZXQV0 Infinity

If the facts say that a certain race is more likely to cause a risk then it is basic logic you have a higher chance of catching someone by searching that group more intensely. I'm not racist and I'm not saying its fair but I think that's okay to be implemented in airports
Comment from : Serophots

Liel Goldshtein
Im a religious jew that is an Israeli citizen who was given a 2
Comment from : Liel Goldshtein

Fuck Israel
Comment from : BOYGENIUS538 _

Amy Pinkerton
I don’t blame Israel for having super secure airport procedures but flying out of Amman, Jordan is a pain in the ass. Pro tip: don’t buy any food or water until you are at your actual gate (after the 3rd round of security theater, and after all of the shops and cafes). Even if it’s unopened, the gate guard will confiscate anything you buy before you get on the plane. It felt very scammy to me considering I had bought water and a bag of chips between the primary security and my gate, and even with airport receipt in-hand and everything unopened, they were still confiscated. The water and the chips at the gate passed the gate guard were 3x the price. The whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth and I’m not booking another trip to Amman any time soon.
Comment from : Amy Pinkerton

Toasty Noneofyourbusiness
5:37 So far this seems pretty flawed. People with anxiety are going to be anxious in this scenario, even if they are innocent, while experienced criminals are much more likely to appear ordinary. And then there’s the elephant in the room: neurodivergent people. Autism, ADHD, and other neurodivergencies such as Tourette’s often come with a LOT of traits that come across as suspicious/nervous to neurotypical people. Eye contact is a great example. To neurotypical people, avoiding eye contact is a sign of fear or lying. But to neurodivergent people, they could be avoiding eye contact for any number of reasons. And mentally ill/disabled poc are twice as likely to be deemed “suspicious” because of the added racial profiling. The truth is there’s simply no concrete way to prove if someone is lying or “acting suspicious.” Your best course of action is to prove if they have a weapon, or anything that could potentially be used as a weapon. It’s not foolproof, but truth be told, there IS no foolproof method. Personally? I’d rather be questioned for having an item that kind of looks like it could be a weapon, than be questioned because I can’t look someone in the eye due to a condition I cannot control.
Comment from : Toasty Noneofyourbusiness

דניאל משה
Im watching this video while sitting in Ben Gurion airport
Comment from : דניאל משה

k y
You wouldn’t know if it prevented a terrorist attack. It probaly intimidates people from bringing weapons. Your logic is not that good tbh. I realized you addressed this.
Comment from : k y

k y
Not worth the economic slowdown
Comment from : k y

Olivia Lambert
Is Israel still doing this? i didn’t get interviewed last time
Comment from : Olivia Lambert

You're a little bit of a social justice warrior
Comment from : MineCrafterCity

TSA is useless. I tried bringing a present to my friend and they had to physically open my present ruining that wrapping paper.
Comment from : Aaron

How stoned do you have to be to thin k of this stuff and say "hey let me make a video" lol. Creative and great job. Was just kidding. Keep up the great work.
Comment from : MofongoGringo

Dave Strider
Didn’t a TSA officer detain one of the 911 hijackers for the plane that would eventually be retaken by passengers?
Comment from : Dave Strider

Mohammed Sami
Israel’s a joke
Comment from : Mohammed Sami

Jonathan Merriman
"Airport security slows people down, increases cost, but does little to help anyone"
So it's like school

Comment from : Jonathan Merriman

Abhishek Kalra
I got a 2 at Ben Gurion :D
Smooth Ride from there :D :D

Comment from : Abhishek Kalra

Just found out HAI is Wendover Productions' second channel. I am retarded.
Comment from : **nothing**

"racial profiling in America is illegal". Very funny.
Comment from : George

No surprise there, kinda ironic
Comment from : MINROK S

Why is TSA looking for drugs (or money)? What does that have to do with taking down planes?
Comment from : Mike

Laura Gonzalez
The nine enemy subjectively admire because perfume unexplainably carve over a wiry mimosa. splendid, shaggy mustard
Comment from : Laura Gonzalez

sagich dirdochnicht
In a Podcast, the speaker told he had once lost a Knife he had bought in the US. He found it two years later in his bagpack. Alongside another Knife. He flought four times with that thing to the US and back to germany and other countries, Airport Security never found it. Two big knifes, that should be EASILY spotted by x-ray, since it was carry on baggage. Yet nothing.
He obviously didn't want to harm anyone, he didn't know he had the knifes in there and wouldn't have put them into the carry on baggage. But if he did - in all that flights he had those knifes right there in the cabin. Great.....

Comment from : sagich dirdochnicht

Bill Kong
Y'all still don't get it? The terrorists won. The TSA is their victory. They have successfully scared the world into bagging mini toothpaste for the rest of our lives.
If the average flight is impeded by just 10 minutes for security (a very low estimate) that's 742 wasted years of human life in 2019.

Comment from : Bill Kong

Jason Fullerton
Nice use of Homer Simpson's Bear Patrol fallacy to 'debunk' the idea that TSA is security theater in practice. "Since the Bear Patrol started, not a single bear has been spotted in Springfield." "Since TSA has been in charge of airport security, not a single death has occurred on a flight in the US."

It is hard to take anything else in the video seriously after that.

Comment from : Jason Fullerton

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