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Hadi Pawar
Basically everything wrong with the world today can be traced back in some direct or indirect form to the British.
Comment from : Hadi Pawar

shachar charash
This is very one sided and not a fair representation of the facts
Comment from : shachar charash

Wait till 2022 😌
Comment from : Unknown

Alisa K.
Britain had the biggest glowdown ever from like having half of the world to having an island
Comment from : Alisa K.

Ibrahim Barham
In summary. British cause wars, a Zionists Goverment is basically a Fascist one, and UN doesn’t know how to deal anything.
Comment from : Ibrahim Barham

Salaar Faiz
Comment from : Salaar Faiz

Britain would have really became the bad guys of history if it wasn’t for that German guy with the funny mustache and that short Russian guy with the big mustache.
Comment from : Shiro

maayan depicciotto
he missed something imported that Israel gave the Saini peninsula for peace with Egypt
Comment from : maayan depicciotto

Nicholas Nichola
Brits nicely fcuked up Cyprus as well.
Comment from : Nicholas Nichola

Ido Levin
What is “Palestine”?
Comment from : Ido Levin

Burn Israel
Comment from : ツAkif

Ahmad Eqtait
The only choice to solve this conflict is the two states solution on the borders of 1967 while the plan of idiot tramp is only to establish an Apartheid entity and this will generate too much problem and it will be the starting of conflict and war not the start of peace because the Palestinian people are not cheap to lock them in a corral
Comment from : Ahmad Eqtait

Comment from : tapha

lamar obeidat
Islam originated in Mecca and Medina at the start of the 7th century CE
Comment from : lamar obeidat

Daniel Singer
John—thanks for a succinct balanced overview of the conflict. You hit the nail on the head, make sure both sides recognize the right of the other to exist and that they hear each other’s narratives.
Comment from : Daniel Singer

Maybe Israel and Palestine should team up against the British for starting this 😂
Comment from : pennyg1

Nasrudin Ali
Comment from : Nasrudin Ali

Comment from : كٰہٰٖيٰہٰٖتٰہٰٖوَٰ

sahar turovsky
The first section on colonialism is well made. Everything else suffers from disinformation and inaccurate facts, spacialy about The Israeli War of Independence, the Six Day War, the Intifada and more..
Comment from : sahar turovsky

Joaquín Solís
Israel is pretty much the only country in the entire Middle East that doesn’t act like we’re still living in the Middle Ages. That’s why they get my support, it’s really that simple.
Comment from : Joaquín Solís

Knowledge and Wisdom
I like how you tried to butter both sides and ended up being hated by both
Comment from : Knowledge and Wisdom

God gave Israel the land! Period! People either believe God or not.

Martin Dels
Welp all i have to say is DONT TRUST WESTERNS DO NOT!1!1!1!1
Comment from : Martin Dels

Comment from : Raissa

death to israel
Comment from : Goon

ah, so the british are who to blame for people hating me for where my family claims to come from!
Comment from : dezzy

lalisa m.
britain always the problem. not to mention modern day racism originated from them trying to colonize land and degraded all the original inhabitants there as well
Comment from : lalisa m.

lalisa m.
watching this in 2020 and the conflict is still going on......
Comment from : lalisa m.

Al Şam Empire
That suck we dont want peace witb israel when some one come to your land and do that then will you ask for peace?
Comment from : Al Şam Empire

Rick van Dongen
But they say only if we can swim in thier BLOOD
Comment from : Rick van Dongen

temos 99
So white ppl treat lands in the Middle East as their toys to give and take regardless of the humans who live there. That’s what Israel is. A state made by white colonisers. They thought they can treat us like they did to natives Americans but we well keep fighting tell history is rewritten.
Comment from : temos 99

The-Redacted Computer
Can you do one on the USS Liberty when Israel attacked the US?
Comment from : The-Redacted Computer

this channel is non existent
everybody gangsta till the brits show up
Comment from : this channel is non existent

So let me get this straight , Britain basically promised both sides the same piece of land and then played stupid when the fighting broke out ?? Then the united nation did not hold Britain accountable for this foolishness but sided with the Israeli people which caused hard feelings from Palestine??
Comment from : xfiler2013

Mohamed Salama
Zioniists are the most racist people on earth. The most arrogant selfish people in the world. Land stealers and most of them belongs to their home countries not to Palestine 🇵🇸 free free Palestine
Comment from : Mohamed Salama

Adi Alam
Imagine your neighbors house on fire, and have no place to go. You kindly accept your house as a temporary stay for them, and now these guest trying (almost 100% complete) kick you out from your own house!! That is what I believe happening there, and I still cannot believe the UN can do nothing about this aggression, due to this fact still going on and on... shame on those who admit that Israel is a country!
Comment from : Adi Alam

How about they combine into the United Nation of Israel and Palestine and call it a day.
Comment from : kingX777

Your Boys Gottem
So basically Palestine lost land and now they’re forever angry.
Comment from : Your Boys Gottem

Britain try to unite a country through a 2 state solution (if you like) but nationalism prevents any meaningful diplomacy. Somehow Britain gets the blame.
Comment from : Xhxckerx

saechun park
Israel is a country??
Comment from : saechun park

Dave Diaz
I love how this video is not a polarized version to persuade support for one side or the other. Excellent job!!!
Comment from : Dave Diaz

ארז עמי פייגלין
Have you done ANY real reserch about it?
Comment from : ארז עמי פייגלין

Son Nguyen
People blame on British but the UN is the real problem maker here. The way they solve the problem is terrible, stupid and unnecessary leading to further problem. Like a can of gasoline thrown into the fire.
Comment from : Son Nguyen

Mike 2012
Many non true statements here . 1 PLO did not mainly target civilians it targeted Israeli Amy occupying Palestine in all of Palestine . Also it targeted settlers terms who are armed and living in settlements built over stolen Palestinian villages. It did at the very start try to grab the attention of other countries supporting Israel because the citizens of their countries were in the dark and did not even know that there was something called Palestine .2 PLO signed a peace treaty with the Israelis stating there will be no more settlements in the West Bank. However from the time it was singed to the time of intifada , about 10 years , the number the number of of Israeli settlements went from 120 to 180 Seattlement. What kind of peace between 2 countries when one country still takes 50 % more land from the other ? In addition to so many things .Sharon committed several massacres against against civilians including Palestinian civilians in Lebanon and unarmed Egyptian prisoners of war captured by the Israeli army in I 1967 war.
Comment from : Mike 2012

Michael Dauphinee
Recent History is an oxymoron
Comment from : Michael Dauphinee

Instead of us hating one another, we should choose a common enemy, the brits!
Comment from : Air20

I am sorry but it I just have to say this, I don’t know why people expect for Palestinians to be supposedly peaceful towards the zionists and “Israelis”, they took their land and went to refuge there, while Palestinians stood with open arms to them. That is obviously a good thing, and shouldn’t be a problem because they would be living together, but they were selfish enough to want to create their OWN STATE and not want any Palestinians in it! They should not even have the right for their own state, it should be a nation with both religions....PALESTINE! And please no one try and convince me that they are not treating thePalestinians in a cruel and inhumane manner, the only reason the UN isn’t helping Palestinians (and never has, based on the wars that they’ve lost) is because the US is head of the UN and is in complete support of Israel. Which is shown in all anti-Islam propaganda and all the many times it’s helped zionists (I refuse to consider Israel as a country sorry) win these wars
Comment from : reine

Shwetha Shetty
The britts I tell you! Such assholes.🙄 The late 20th century should have seen all the ex colonies and sufferers come together to boycott Britain
Comment from : Shwetha Shetty

The fight for that land has been going on thousands of years but it hasn’t always been tied to religion. I mean even the Romans got up in that at one point. It’s just prime real estate ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Comment from : Y

The fight for that land has been going on thousands of years but it hasn’t always been tied to religion. I mean even the Romans got up in that at one point. It’s just prime real estate ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Comment from : Y

Huda Hussain
why does Britian have to ruin everything
Comment from : Huda Hussain

صلوا على محمد
ان شاء الله النصر قريب وانتقم من بريطانيا وفرنسا
Comment from : صلوا على محمد

Toutou El hassen
Israel doesn’t have any right to exist. And it will neveeeer exist.
Comment from : Toutou El hassen

Moses Hobby World Saricov
You completely forgot to mention the San-Remo decision, how convenient.
Comment from : Moses Hobby World Saricov

Moses Hobby World Saricov
Jorden annexed the west bank? who recognized it? Can you show me a formal source for this?
Comment from : Moses Hobby World Saricov

Maya El morsi
Palestine always lived in peace. Israel and Britain ruined everything.
Comment from : Maya El morsi

Lokesh Mithun
UN is useless since the beginning and even now in 2020..... Need to change the structure of it especially the UNSC
Comment from : Lokesh Mithun

“This machine kills fascists” 🙄
Comment from : SpearHunked

sultan Alhwiti
All the blame for Britain, which committed crimes against the Palestinians and expelled them
Comment from : sultan Alhwiti

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