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Syed anas
Point to be note is that .. We hate israel (becz it is Palestinian land) .. Not jews they are our brothers .. Just like Christian ...hindus ..
Comment from : Syed anas

Pro Israel for life
Comment from : JenEx

Honey bun
What a bad translator
Comment from : Honey bun

Where was this filmed? Palestinian Authority?
Comment from : InfinityDz

Madilyn ‘
Why do Israelis say that they don’t hate Palestinians when asked the same question, but Palestinians say 10 , well ..
Comment from : Madilyn ‘

I hate Israel 11/10
Comment from : ønē

Mikail Mikail
🇸🇩♥️ 🇮🇱🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮💩💩
Comment from : Mikail Mikail

Joao Coelho
arabs lying through their teeth about us jews and history
Comment from : Joao Coelho

Naq’s life
Funny how u wrote “Jews” in the subtitles to make them look antisemetic
Comment from : Naq’s life

Abood Brbr
Im an arabic and this translation is wrong
Comment from : Abood Brbr

abody Seed
Over 5 million Palestinian are still with out a country because of Israel
Comment from : abody Seed

Palestine is not bad
Comment from : JC MCPE

Inge Esther
How do you define how much one can “understand a religion”. That’s just a feeling, not something you could assess in a few seconds with a number. It’s baseless.
Comment from : Inge Esther

mahmoud ghanem
Fight against them so that Allah will punish them by your hands and disgrace them and give you victory over them and heal the breasts of a believing people
Comment from : mahmoud ghanem

You’re such a hater, the boy is right we have seen many videos of y’all talking about killing palestinians like we are shit the same thing hitler did to y’all stop your propaganda against palestinians you liar, you’re living under a rock
Comment from : Jasjas

Back 2000 years Jews , Arabic , Palestinians and Persians were all one , sleeping and eating with one another ,that why you see Israeli that look like Palestinians and Persians , bottom line here the land belong to all of them .
Comment from : JSE AHMED

aeris scallon
if you believe jesus christ and follow his examples as he taught to us then there would be no fighting no chaos no agony but happines and hope...But i know you say you belive him too..believing in the letters only..but not his deeds his examples
Comment from : aeris scallon

Comment from : FlowerQ

Max Damage
You use google to search ?? lol google censored a lot of things from israel . Like youtube.
Comment from : Max Damage

It all started with Judah (father of Jews) who tried to eliminate Joseph. Joseph was a prophet and rightly hire of the prophet Israel (may be the tightly ruler of land Israel too).
Comment from : I M

Understandable. Most of these people probably live under the poverty line, some of their family members are probably murdered by the IDF, their childhood memories was war and war only of which no Israeli could ever understand. I would pity them than saying they’re violent people.
Comment from : F AB

Meryert Utegali
Comment from : Meryert Utegali

Maged Abuzaid
I’m kinda confused as to why you asked “how much do you know Islam from 1-10”. I don’t see why this question is relevant. Unless you’re trying to find a correlation where Islam teaches hate. Kinda fucked up if you ask me.
Comment from : Maged Abuzaid

Moh Saleh
despicable video !
Comment from : Moh Saleh

Lucas 7895
Where the fook did they find this translator
Comment from : Lucas 7895

Noor mohammad Laam
Comment from : Noor mohammad Laam

Mullah Omar Army
Hi, please come to Afghanistan we are not arab ask afghans about Israel and philistines.
Comment from : Mullah Omar Army

Maryam Ra
You shoul be more specific. Everyone you meet you ask different question, jews/israel/Israelis. There’s a big diffraction between the three questions. Also, you should have asked why. You’ll get very convincing answers.
Comment from : Maryam Ra

Meryert Utegali
Everyone hates satanists and canaan (israel), not only Palestinians
Comment from : Meryert Utegali

Sam Ali Malik
Whole world hates Israel not jews 🙄its just American government who supports even Americans hate Israel coz recently everyone got to know the real face of so called fake Israel
Comment from : Sam Ali Malik

Polo Channel
I don’t like what Israel is doing to them but God said they should take it das wat de bible say
Comment from : Polo Channel


It is natural and normal to hate settler colonialism. Nothing strange there. I hate it too. 100%
Comment from : Khalid

I hate phalestin 10/10
Comment from : MaayanGG

just look at history how many time israel offered them peace and how many time they said know than attacked
Comment from : NeedForSleep

I hate Israeli occupation
Comment from : Maryam

your television dad
it’s not that us Israelis are racist, we DO want to live in peace. it’s both governments who are messed up and hamas not wanting to live with Israelis. Israel has offered dozens of times to live peacefully and stop this conflict but Hamas lies to Palestine over and over again claiming we hate them and are against them. I would love to live peacefully with Palestine, I have nothing against them and I think they’re great people. They deserve peace but so do we
Comment from : your television dad

Devraj Kumar
Most of them hate Jews
Comment from : Devraj Kumar

Yasmina Dombrovicki
Sorry but you need to get your old interpreter back ,are you joking ?
Comment from : Yasmina Dombrovicki

Chachi Lzrg
Aaron you support this
Comment from : Chachi Lzrg

Carol Lucinda
Well obviously hate the apartheid state of Israel. No one loves it!
Comment from : Carol Lucinda

the storm's
Stop the wars 🇮🇱❤🇵🇸
Comment from : the storm's

Aisha Furqan
It would be great if the Arabic was translated into English in script the same as it is for Hebrew. Also, the duplicate English script makes it really hard to read it.
Comment from : Aisha Furqan

Jon Davies
Palestine is a disease and needs to be destroyed.
Comment from : Jon Davies

محمد أحمد
I think we can all agree that we hate the translator
Comment from : محمد أحمد

The translation is wrong, the question is the israeli government not Israel
Comment from : Eclipzed

Merle Biberfield
All the bloody videos are too noisy!
Comment from : Merle Biberfield

The translation is horrible. The way the questions are translated is so misleading. What a shame.
Comment from : EE KK_

In israel most said 1 or none
Comment from : PrimalMachine

Nur Insyirah
Get a new translator. The whole thing is wrong because he said wrong things that change the whole question
Comment from : Nur Insyirah

Interviewing some liars. How much fun can one have with a camera !?!
Comment from : BrownLeaf

Youtube Expert
Israel to the Arabs, is the same as European settlers to every indigenous population they extinguished.
Comment from : Youtube Expert

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