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2:22 All Air Traffic Control Scenes in HD[Including "PUNCH IT!!"]

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Information 2:22 All Air Traffic Control Scenes in HD[Including "PUNCH IT!!"]

Title :  2:22 All Air Traffic Control Scenes in HD[Including "PUNCH IT!!"]
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Frames 2:22 All Air Traffic Control Scenes in HD[Including "PUNCH IT!!"]

Description 2:22 All Air Traffic Control Scenes in HD[Including "PUNCH IT!!"]

Comments 2:22 All Air Traffic Control Scenes in HD[Including "PUNCH IT!!"]

Kamil Süleymanov
Date: 01 July 2002
Comment from : Kamil Süleymanov

Scott Sather
My higher self comes in & talks about my numbers. I’m supposed to be able to read them like tea leaves but more like undeniablely impossible events but events just the same. I feel like we’re about to have an earthquake. weird
Comment from : Scott Sather

Other World Tour Channel
I love him huisman
Comment from : Other World Tour Channel

I think that is nyc Kjfk
Comment from : frayestas

Kiran Kumar b
Comment from : Kiran Kumar b

Rejula Sudheer
Which movie is this
Comment from : Rejula Sudheer

Delta Airlines
That is going to be 000000.01 can do that
Comment from : Delta Airlines

Nick Chapman
As an Air Traffic Controller, not only is his phraseology embarrassingly incorrect and making zero sense (he actually sounds stupid), his departure right in front of the heavy arrival violated about eight different rules. I showed this to my coworkers and we all laughed our asses off at how stupid it is. 🤣
Comment from : Nick Chapman

Neil Arbis
Is this some kind of a joke or just an alternate universe where "Go Arounds" doesn't exist instead ATC are just like "Punched it" ?? 😂😂😂
Comment from : Neil Arbis

As a pilot, watching this made me cringe so hard I lost my first class medical...
Comment from : Skytivity

What kind of nonsense is this? Totally unrealistic fake garbage.
Comment from : M N

Name of the movie
Comment from : Zinan

It City
Comment from : It City

3:44 what the fuck bro
Comment from : banned

Alexander Davidson
The worst display of air traffic controlling that anyone will ever see...
Comment from : Alexander Davidson

traffic controllers before going around was invented:
Comment from : 5LD

Jimmy Abana II
What is the title of this movie
Comment from : Jimmy Abana II

Rocky beats
Which movie it is broooo
Comment from : Rocky beats

waiting for 2222 comments
Comment from : lostcluster2

What's the movie name?
Comment from : Gamming

Rubén Vilchez
😬 A330 🛫 B777 🛬
Comment from : Rubén Vilchez

dwight jared maralli
Comment from : dwight jared maralli

Nattu Maddi
Which movie???
Comment from : Nattu Maddi

Sky Blue
in real life, you just get fired. not realistic
Comment from : Sky Blue

sandeep kumar
its not happening i real flights its too close n makes accidents... atlest ther s a certain meters or feets..............use a clear logic man all viewrs r not fools
Comment from : sandeep kumar

Bhaijan films
What a scene
Comment from : Bhaijan films

Agit Rindaga
Captain: "Prepare for Landing"
FO:*Set Thrust to TO/GA

Lot's of fun happen there

Comment from : Agit Rindaga

Rajesh Somani
Which movie???
Comment from : Rajesh Somani

I’m an actual tower controller, and... LMFAO
Comment from : Keb

ffddfd ddifjff
Instead of asking "Are we clear to land" why dont the pilots go around
Comment from : ffddfd ddifjff

Darwisy idraky
almost having heart attack
Comment from : Darwisy idraky

Prashant Verma
Please movie name
Comment from : Prashant Verma

Is this supposed to make ATC look like rock stars or something? lol
Comment from : TOCR815

GalaxyIan Productions
This movie scene looks cool, but 4 parts that doesn’t exists

1. Stellar Airlines, and Global Air A330 are non-existing.

2. The A330 doesn’t have a B777 APU type.
(Which is shown only on 5:38)

3. ATC doesn’t worm this way.

4. A330’s doesn’t have small cabins

Comment from : GalaxyIan Productions

rajinder kaur subramaniam
Comment from : rajinder kaur subramaniam

What is the name of this film plz

Billal Biswas
Where is The full video?
Comment from : Billal Biswas

Maria Kiuru
The 'Punch it' scene... DAMN! Gives me goosebumps all the time!
Comment from : Maria Kiuru

ummm i have a question whats this movie?
Comment from : Xiomatic

Mayank Sharma
Movie name plzz
Comment from : Mayank Sharma

Look how that a330 is so high on final approach
Comment from : aviation

mani kandan s
Traffic signal control work is very hard
Comment from : mani kandan s

I worked at an airline, and I'm slightly peeved at the wrong IATA codes:
>> 00:49 CA is Air China. China Southern is CZ
>> 1:29 EA is Atlantis Air Link * * *. Emirates is EK
>> 2:37 YA is nonexistent, unless I misheard it
>> 3:15 QA is Queen Balqis Airways * * *. Qantas is QF
>> 3:27 JA is Jetsmart * * * Japan Airlines is JL

* * * Had to look these smaller airlines up. Wasn't familiar with them

But he did get AA for American Airlines (0:30) and AT for Royal Air Maroc (00:45 - plane not shown) right. Good job, I guess?

Then there are the two fictional airlines:
>> Stellar Air uses SAA (South African Airways. Also the only ICAO code mentioned in the entire video)
>> Global Air uses GA (Garuda Indonesia)

Also, pilots can ignore ATC instructions if they see a visible threat like a runway obstruction or, in this case, another aircraft. They won't look like lost, worried puppies like the guy at 5:04. Active intersecting runways shouldn't even have this issue in the first place, even at high-volume airports like JFK. There's a set separation distance/intervals for a reason.

If you want a more believable ATC show (which this movie is not about), check out Tokyo Airport and Tokyo Control. They're in Japanese with English subs

*sigh* Nobody asked for this info, but I was bored. Sorry.

Comment from : J L

Ahamed Ashaf
Omg, huge salute
Comment from : Ahamed Ashaf

little noone
I love these scenes
Comment from : little noone

Kerem Akpinar
What’s the films name called
Comment from : Kerem Akpinar

Nitin Dumaga
Which movie is this
Comment from : Nitin Dumaga

Blame Yourself
Gee! Bullocks really! That's not how ATC works! This movie gives the business a bad breath.
Comment from : Blame Yourself

Tie Pilot
Overdramaticized. The stelar airlines pilot should trust his instincts in an emergency situation where another plane takesoff where hes landing. He shouldnt rely all his power to atc.
Comment from : Tie Pilot

Oh the cringe 😳
Comment from : DJ AD

Things wrong with this movie

-First Officer is sitting on the Captains seat while the Captain sits on the First Officer seat

-First Officer pushes thrust to TOGA to put down the landing gear

-Exterior shows an A330 but interior is a 737

-Pilots did not go around or abort takeoff (bruh)

-Chinese MD80 in JFK

-Radar screens are inaccurate (bruh even The Strain has more realistic ATC)

- 3:41 The First Officer is using a yoke in an Airbus plane

Comment from : stall828

Rosé Wagner
What is the name of this movie?🙏🏼🤗
Comment from : Rosé Wagner

Movie name plz
Comment from : DRAGON GAMER

Webilist Oyun
Comment from : Webilist Oyun

Webilist Oyun
watch 5.30 u .25`fast one's heart stops!
Comment from : Webilist Oyun

Pio Angelo Rada
Flying now?
Comment from : Pio Angelo Rada

Pio Angelo Rada
O baka mario
Comment from : Pio Angelo Rada

Pio Angelo Rada
Comment from : Pio Angelo Rada

Pure utter garbage from Hollywood as usual. So ridiculously unrealistic regarding ATC protocols and procedures.
Comment from : pcaviator687

Divesh Dodia
Watch this in VR and u are digitally dead!
Comment from : Divesh Dodia

The next day, he lost his job.
Comment from : MOUSUMI DUTTA

Never heard of this movie but I'll make sure to hit the TO/GA switch if I ever see it come around.
Comment from : Furball2k

Van Arsdale Madrinan
Clear to land


Comment from : Van Arsdale Madrinan

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Comment from : D'project

Timmy Alben
Movie name plz..
Comment from : Timmy Alben

Arafat Hasan
Movie name please
Comment from : Arafat Hasan

Butter Bean
When Hollywood tries making ATC look badass
Comment from : Butter Bean

jusmine Ryonamorales
I'm here because of tiktok 😁
Comment from : jusmine Ryonamorales

Limon Sorkar
Movie name?
Comment from : Limon Sorkar

Imron Bagaskara
What film is this?
Comment from : Imron Bagaskara

REQ and GET & Review
Why the fuck they need cross runway. Why they fuck need cross landing?

For movies

Comment from : REQ and GET & Review

Chuan Nguyen
Omg 5:35 🤤
Comment from : Chuan Nguyen

ram vasanth
Movie mame
Comment from : ram vasanth

Sakaya Production
How did a China Southern MD80 turned into a A330 in a course of 2 seconds?

Comment from : Sakaya Production

the ATC fail to give proper separation. im sure in real life he will be fired
Comment from : adrian

2k Chi
This movie was sponsored to you by BigfatSimulations—Airport Madness. “Where madness and chaos happens”.
Comment from : 2k Chi

DeM 1
What kind of movie is this?
Comment from : DeM 1

Ahnaf Gaming Channel
Comment from : Ahnaf Gaming Channel

Zuperta Lanojan
That was close
Comment from : Zuperta Lanojan

vikas kumar
Movie name ??
Comment from : vikas kumar

Tony’s meme
Comment from : Tony’s meme

Hawker Typhoon
Always trust yourself if it’s not clear for you don’t go
Comment from : Hawker Typhoon

Ahmad Ariz
Whats this video ?
Comment from : Ahmad Ariz

Chris Beard
Comment from : Chris Beard

RayDhaf Utomo
Is that Emirates is Airbus a380 expo 2020
Comment from : RayDhaf Utomo

john U.S.
I know a guy works in the aviation room... he cant even rhytm a 4 beat rhytm walk in the army... yet along calculate 2 planes touch down and take off calculation by head... :)
Comment from : john U.S.

aditya dalvi
is it a movie or its a short film?
Comment from : aditya dalvi

Imrawn Eme
What is this movie name?
Comment from : Imrawn Eme

Rudra Pratap
Movie name
Comment from : Rudra Pratap

Matthew Debreceny
This looks like one of the most unrealistic movies featuring aviation. There are so many things wrong with it.
Comment from : Matthew Debreceny

cat jasoh
Why didnt anyone dicuss about his skill?
Comment from : cat jasoh

Movie name guyss
Comment from : Kk

Dhani The Great
Are we gonna ignore the fact that China Southern's and Emirates' IATA Codes were incorrectly spelled CL and EA instead of CZ and EK respectively?
Comment from : Dhani The Great

03:43 TO/GA!?
Comment from : tojo3dep

Being an ATC i m feeling sad 😡😡Its mockery of ATC
Comment from : ABHINAV TIWARI

This is good video.
Comment from : 林代勇

Movie name?
Comment from : Rajasekar

4:10 Affirmative they just broke the sound barrier
Comment from : Gamingtv

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