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Rick Steves on Israel and Palestine Today

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Information Rick Steves on Israel and Palestine Today

Title :  Rick Steves on Israel and Palestine Today
Lasting :   1.16.51
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Frames Rick Steves on Israel and Palestine Today

Description Rick Steves on Israel and Palestine Today

Comments Rick Steves on Israel and Palestine Today

Dr. Yael Y. Kirshenberg
I love your travelling videos. I just wish you didn’t walk the path of politics.
Comment from : Dr. Yael Y. Kirshenberg

This is effective anti-Jewish propaganda. Rick Steves is a likable, believable guy, so his lies go unchallenged by his ignorant audience, and he is supported by those who know the truth but are motivated by hatred.
Comment from : Vidiupload

Saif Sarsour
Palestinian - and the key still with us

Once a day we are coming back

Thats soon , inchallah

Comment from : Saif Sarsour

thecountry cafe
“The best of Israel” video 5 years ago was very biased. You never showed the suffering of the Palestinians. You can see that from the reaction from the amount of dislikes. You turned off the comment section, because you must be ashamed, as you should be!
Comment from : thecountry cafe

Vienne Haake
Rick's such a gem. Love his shows and narratives. Seems like he always strives to understand and experience. As another American it helps
Comment from : Vienne Haake

i've been to Israel and Bethlehem and its very safe, love it very much.
Comment from : Cloud9

I never noticed before, but Rick's right shoulder is lower than his left. I checked some of his other travel vids that I've seen countless times and its the same, but its really pronounced on this video.
Comment from : pingvuiini

adrian sturrock
Having read the comments below I'm even more convinced that Rick Steves is an essential voice - though it takes a lot to chip away at embedded prejudices and traditional misinformation.
Comment from : adrian sturrock

Dawn Logreira
Dam you Rick Steves. I did enjoy your shows. What a rat you are never imagine you were such a antisemite
Comment from : Dawn Logreira

Naftali Anderson
Israel was established in May 1948 hours after the end of the British Mandate for Palestine expired. Israel was recognized by the US under President Harry Truman 12 minutes later. You mention 1946 and 1947 and I have no idea what you are talking about. You mention borders being internationally recognized? What borders? The green line was an armistice line drawn in green ink on a map in the 1949 armistice talks. It was never a border with border crossings. You call Palestinians suicide bombers as freedom fighters? When a suicide bomber attacked the Dolphinarium dance hall during the 2nd Intifada he killed mostly 14 15, and 16 year old girls who were there to dance. What exactly did that do to promote any Palestinian objective? If you can think of just one, please tell me what that would be.
Comment from : Naftali Anderson

Naftali Anderson
If you would like to explore the world of the Hebrew and Arabic grammarians from the time when both world lived side by side in al Andaluz you should go to Suzzalo Library and look where the books on Hebrew grammar are kept and you might find two books by Yonah ibn al walid on Hebrew grammar called Shorashim (roots) and another book that you will find referenced in the Encyclopedia Judaica. They are both in Arabic and that was the language of over half of the Jewish world of that time. I haven"t seen these books for over 40 years, but I doubt anyone has ever used them. If I am wrong, and I hope I am, than I extend my sincere apology to whoever has made me a lier.
Comment from : Naftali Anderson

Anıl Uner
I love Rick Steves so much and i love his all documentaries.
Comment from : Anıl Uner

am a CHRSTION my wish is to LEARN about MUSLMES
Comment from : kingseanweisser

I wanted to comment "Rick Steves for Sec. of State." But then I saw all the hateful comments that are getting many thumbs up just because they agree with whatever preconceived ideas the viewers had. But I decided to comment anyway because a country that put freedom of expression at the very top of their bill of rights deserves someone interested in listening and reiterating perspectives. It's true he has formed an opinion, and this is forbidden in American politics, but I challenge anyone to find someone as interested in sitting down and having dinner with someone who has a different perspective.
Comment from : Jesse

What an amazing speech. Especially I'm glad he pointed out US lead activities in central and south america.
Comment from : Earth+

White Ghost
[email protected] did nine eleven
Comment from : White Ghost

Rick Steves: *makes an effort to understand the people and promote communication"


Comment from : rg31404

Igor Bogunkov
Interesting to listen, Rick!
Comment from : Igor Bogunkov

I know they have thye Troubles but I like to live thyer SeanWeisser
Comment from : kingseanweisser

Abdallah Manasrah
The hasbara shilling is strong in the comments section.
Good job dear rick and everyone, Peace and love for all

Comment from : Abdallah Manasrah

Thea Harmon
God bless Rick and his family and may they prosperthey don't like it but I don't give a darn do you when I hear truth I'm here I'm here with you Jesus Christ the son of the living who believes in Justice
Comment from : Thea Harmon

Thea Harmon
God bless Israel without Israel we will go down United States wake up you mothers
Comment from : Thea Harmon

Thea Harmon
A Jewish state would be very good thing watch out United Statesit's going to happen whether you like it or not United f**** station
Comment from : Thea Harmon

Thea Harmon
America doesn't have any more dignity America is spoiled rotten let it be let it happen it's going to happen whether they like it or not because there's a reason for everything that happens and we deserve every bit and we deserve everything that's going to come in the Future 2 personally I'm really glad it's long overdue
Comment from : Thea Harmon

Thea Harmon
If Israel should ever go down the US will definitely go down if p I'll say it again because you just want to make it hardgoes down we go down if Israel it goes down we go down Israel Israel you know where that's at YouTube f**** YouTube you don't mean nothing to me
Comment from : Thea Harmon

Thea Harmon
Comment from : Thea Harmon

Thea Harmon
And what a gentleman you arethey won't print what I really want but I know you're telling the truth
Comment from : Thea Harmon

Thea Harmon
I'm really thankful to and you're still alive to say more
Comment from : Thea Harmon

Thea Harmon
I thought that was was true was true but it's not they won't let you watch the whole thing what are they afraid of what are they afraid of what are they afraid of everything cuz they're nothing
Comment from : Thea Harmon

Thea Harmon
Well I believe that for sure they wouldn't know right from wrong
Comment from : Thea Harmon

Thea Harmon
You couldn't be more right
Comment from : Thea Harmon

Thank you Rick for all your travel videos, the world is such a beautiful place, your sharing of it has added more to the love we feel for this planet. Thank you!
Comment from : TheTraveler

Bernie Houston
Isaiah 53:5-6
But He was wounded for our transgressions,
He was bruised for our iniquities;
The chastisement for our peace was upon Him,
And by His stripes we are healed.
All we like sheep have gone astray;
We have turned, every one, to his own way;
And the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all. Isaiah 53:5-6

Comment from : Bernie Houston

Ubi Sunt
Thank you, Rick. Have always loved your insights, I may disagree with a point or two but respect your views still. There's a big difference between knowing and understanding. Appreciate how you try to show it.
Comment from : Ubi Sunt

Jean Francois
Great Job Steve, one courageous American!
Comment from : Jean Francois

why they are crying against the wall?very strange behavior ,SAMEH.

What happened to my comment? It pointed out just a small fraction of the egregious falsehoods in this video and countered them with facts. Censored?
Comment from : D S

Rohan Dhar
An amazing talk!!!! A bit balanced and not asking the some brutal question. However, i believe, under current context, this talk is very well put forward to be acceptable by the vast majority of US citizens. Unfortunately, very few cares.
Comment from : Rohan Dhar

Ayaan Qasin
48:30 "It is OUR tax money" yep, indeed :D sad truth.
Comment from : Ayaan Qasin

Cliche Guevara
Isn't it telling that all of the negative comments are just accusations and name calling? The FEW people who do actually try to refute Rick are just spouting off worn out, government-approved talking points. ..and thanks to Ytoob's censorship, no one here can defend Rick factually or debate all of these whiny detractors. (WHich would be VERY easy to do if we actually had freedom of speech online) Sad times indeed.
Comment from : Cliche Guevara

Evan Winer
Israel's superb infrastructure is a result of Israel's booming economy (GDP in 2018 was $379 billion), not US AID ($3.8 billion)which is military aid that must be spent on US military equipment. Israel does not need US aid to build its infrastructure. . Israel has a good economy because of the brilliance and industriousness of its citizens, particularly in the high-tech arena. Rick Steves' bias and ignorance are truly profound.
Comment from : Evan Winer

Atlas Commercial
For once. Someone saying the truth.
Comment from : Atlas Commercial

Atlas Commercial
Guys. He has no reason to lie here. He’s saying the truth. As he sees it and the world sees it. It’s justice. It’s a dual narrative.
Comment from : Atlas Commercial

Jr R
Bravo steve , you did not disappoint .
Peace , freedom and ECONOMIC equality is the only way , zionist Israel will recognize that one day .

Comment from : Jr R

Jr R
Free Palestine 🇵🇸
Comment from : Jr R

Rick was so careful, but the message is clear. It is the message of any human with logic and love for mankind.
Comment from : EsMoEi

Seligala Cadel
Thank you Steve, for speaking the truth, the truth about occupation and oppression to Palestinians by Israel, the truth about Zionism, the truth about how the Israeli's Government is plan-fully banishing Palestinians so there will be no Palestinians live in Palestine
Comment from : Seligala Cadel

You Ouman
He called as is is not anti semitism when you call occupation and war crimes by their names regardless what the person practices.
Comment from : You Ouman

Sandra Bo
Ant-Semite - promotes hatred. Does not deserve an audience. Remove his videos.
Comment from : Sandra Bo

I see too Jewish supremacists calling this video "Hate speech".
Comment from : Mohamed

Pride goes before the fall !
Comment from : 2551vera

Israel is mean ??? I don't think so ! This video should be reported !
Comment from : 2551vera

Linda Ajam
Always love everything you do!
Comment from : Linda Ajam

Dan daman
oh the ego of man.....
Comment from : Dan daman

Congratulations Rick Steves. You are StopAntisemitism.org's "Antisemite of the Week." You must be so proud.
Comment from : belltower2012

Seby Andrew
Different rules apply when you are a Jew Mr. Steve. You are presenting a narrative that ignores way too much.
Comment from : Seby Andrew

Chenin Blanc
Steves is just an old school antisemite .............
Comment from : Chenin Blanc

Marcus M
I love and support Israel 100%
Comment from : Marcus M

Stephanie L. Gross
Where's the Middle East Peace Process???
Comment from : Stephanie L. Gross

Mike Flatow
I need to say that I overestimated your intelligence. That won't happen again. You should have disclaimers on the door of your talks to warn your audiences that you are making things up and your opinions are not necessarily aligned with reality.
Comment from : Mike Flatow

Evelyn Ball
How arrogant and condescending. Hard to believe this is the same guy I enjoyed his travel shows.
Comment from : Evelyn Ball

Cecilia Chaplin
Such a bigot! This video should be removed! Lies and more lies!
Comment from : Cecilia Chaplin

Nona S
Almost every thing you said was a lie So disappointed to find out you're an slimy bigot
Comment from : Nona S

Judy Hassel
He has left out all the violence perpetrated by the Palestians.
Comment from : Judy Hassel

ilisa st pierre
So incredibly disappointed in you Rick. This speech is filled with classic anti-semitic tropes, lies and propaganda against Israel and all Jewish people. I will never ever again, buy any travel book, video or product of yours. I suggest you study some real history and learn the facts.
Comment from : ilisa st pierre

Frank Champagne
He is a lying antiSemite!
Comment from : Frank Champagne

Jacob Radoszkowicz
spreading lies and promoting hate
Comment from : Jacob Radoszkowicz

Albert Rodriguez
11:41 my brain hurts from the lies you are spreading through this.
Comment from : Albert Rodriguez

Albert Rodriguez
10:16 WOW here we go with outright Anti-Semitism. Insinuating that Jewish money is controlling leaders.
Comment from : Albert Rodriguez

Albert Rodriguez
What? 1:04 America invests more in Israelis per person than they do in Americans here? That is a lie. The money given to Israel is earmarked 95% or more has to be used to purchase military equipment in the UNITED STATES only! None of it goes to the people. Where are you getting this information? It is categorically 100% factually incorrect.
Comment from : Albert Rodriguez

Albert Rodriguez
Wow. I find this extremely condescending rude. Its anti-semitic and insulting "Who are the most frightened people in our country? The people buried deep in the middle of it with no passport whose worldview is shaped by media....we're the bold ones I guess the ones who have passports curiosity and enough money to go explore the world " Who do you think you are? What gives you the right to be so flippant and condescending towards people of low-income status??? I find these comments extremely hateful, prejudice and narrow-minded.
Comment from : Albert Rodriguez

Et tu Rick Steves? What a disappoinment
Comment from : eschur

Bob Fritch
Comment from : Bob Fritch

Steven Mix
"What motivates these kids?" lol. Quran verse 4:89 “But if they turn away, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them and take not from among them any ally or helper.” 💀
Comment from : Steven Mix

Steven Mix
Wow, so he is saying they were"freedom fighters" who were blowing up random busloads of people just 20 years ago, because there was no wall at that time. This guy is an Islamo-Marxist. I used to enjoy some of his tours, but this stuff he is saying is nuts.
Comment from : Steven Mix

Steven Mix
Major lie number one by Steves: "There were lots of people there, and they got kicked out."
Comment from : Steven Mix

Gail Cutting
wow, Steve you said people who live in closed communities find it easy to live in fear . you implied that greater understanding is achieved when you get out and explore the world. but later you said we should empathize with the Palestinians living in their closed cities on the west bank who are walled in because of their violence toward Israel! Shouldn't you be saying Palestinians should put down their bombs, their hatred of the Jewish people, and try to understand and get along? Do you realize they have REJECTED every single peace plan offered to them, without negotiating, only to say their only desire is to drive the Jews into the sea?
Comment from : Gail Cutting

David Monk
The Land of Israel and Jerusalem will always be a problem as long as man is ruling the earth. The problem will only be solved in God's plan when Jesus returns. The land is God's and was promised to Abraham as his eternal inheritance. Any Bible scholar will know these things and that God is ruling in the Kingdoms of men to ensure his plan and purpose comes to fruition. Those who do not know, or believe the Bible, will continue to argue over the land and they will never be able to resolve the problem peacefully.
Comment from : David Monk

Conor Furlong
I don’t know how your can tackle this subject without talking about Gaza.

Also Palestinians don’t feel like they’re living under occupation. They ARE living under occupation.

Comment from : Conor Furlong

Randy Johnson
Rick Steves' such a badass.
Comment from : Randy Johnson

Lokman Merican
As for American taxes funding Isreali infrastructure, that sounds likely enough but I think you should mention also how well the Isreali economy itself is doing the last few years. In practical terms that alone might bring about more prospects for peace than anything else the politicians can do.
Comment from : Lokman Merican

Lokman Merican
For another perspective on who used to live on that land, look up Melanie Phillips.
Comment from : Lokman Merican

Lokman Merican
Hey Rick, Come to Sydney and I'm sure you'll enjoy the political "Art" that rings the railway lines around Redfern.
Comment from : Lokman Merican

traitor joseph
Bigotry on earth these days is disturbing
Comment from : traitor joseph

traitor joseph
Be careful Rick, speaking truth gets people harm. Nice job.
Comment from : traitor joseph

traitor joseph
Comment from : traitor joseph

May Yoshimura Angel
I love Israel ❣️😘
Comment from : May Yoshimura Angel

1:06:30 You slipped here with the truth. They want all of Jerusalem (and all of Israel). NO ONE was making Jerusalem a capital when the Jordanians controlled the area. If they want to hate someone, it should be their leaders who will never accept anything except %100 of Israel.
Comment from : T M

Shayla Holloway
Good job, Steve.

You can't have a one state with no state of Palestine flag..

Comment from : Shayla Holloway

Christoph Loewen
Rick you are an awesome teacher! And an wonderful human being, I wish everyone in the US would watch this.
Keep doing what you are doing!

Comment from : Christoph Loewen

ibrahim hashlamon
Great and very informative talk ....
Comment from : ibrahim hashlamon

ആനക്കാട്ടിൽ ഈപ്പച്ചൻ
God is living with mind because an art what should u begining for the heart better than the peoples memory
Comment from : ആനക്കാട്ടിൽ ഈപ്പച്ചൻ

ആനക്കാട്ടിൽ ഈപ്പച്ചൻ
Human boady build with stone ,wood in earth blood built with water and all elemants and minarals mind that the only disturbence of all other live being
Comment from : ആനക്കാട്ടിൽ ഈപ്പച്ചൻ

Shihab Mustafa
respect to Rick Steves for putting it so nicely
Comment from : Shihab Mustafa

Eric Pease
Looking forward to posts from Egypt!
Comment from : Eric Pease

Ethan Chiasson
Steve calling Hamas freedom fighters is almost laughable.
Comment from : Ethan Chiasson

SinSan Thmena
I love you Rick..You are a candle to be brightness in darkness..GOD bless you
Comment from : SinSan Thmena

Li Lang
I’m a huge fan of RS, Public TV, and Radio.
Comment from : Li Lang

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