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Did Israel Commit War Crimes Against Palestine?

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Information Did Israel Commit War Crimes Against Palestine?

Title :  Did Israel Commit War Crimes Against Palestine?
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Comments Did Israel Commit War Crimes Against Palestine?

Remember people, you are not a human with human rights, without citizenship................................
Comment from : Slumlord

theLast Mohican
Knowing the work of the International Tribunal and its political background, I am under the impression that his work on these cases could have a shameful outcome...
Comment from : theLast Mohican

Isreal isn’t even legitimate itself and they defend themselves trying to lie and manipulate again
Comment from : Epic

Muhd Makacev
Comment from : Muhd Makacev

Comment from : Liars

Atishi Jakazura
Oh no, killing millions is not a war crime if Israel did it..
Comment from : Atishi Jakazura

Power Play
LOL killing 1000s children/civilians is a debate and a legal matter but the death of some American nationals in the middle east leads to direct intervention and war. The double standard in American foreign affairs is too funny.
Comment from : Power Play

Power Play
Comment from : Power Play

Axel Petersson
Did Israiel commit warcrimes against Palestinaia?


Comment from : Axel Petersson

Yeeted boi From ur house
Good job israel you did the right thing to exterminate terrorists
Comment from : Yeeted boi From ur house

ilove you
Criminal America Criminal Israel Do support each other 🙂🇮🇷🖕🏼🚀🚀🚀Our missiles reach Israel They do not find any crime against the
Comment from : ilove you

Is that a question?
Comment from : S

Get lost you two facese hypocrits do you think deforming islam image gonna get you to famehood with your stupid channel ?? haha your ugly a*** wish .
Comment from : YOUSRA ADLY

Watch this video how about it all started , "shows Arabs with guns"...
Comment from : Dagob

Wise Daniel
IDF are terrorist with uniform and protected by AIPAC . The world should stand up. END OCCUPATION OF PALESTINE. GENOCIDE IN 2020
Comment from : Wise Daniel

despacito 2
According to Israels logic, if I don't recognize a state and claim over the land, I can do whatever I want with their citizens.
Comment from : despacito 2

Masoud Mirnoori
how wise and smart and evasive of you to ask such questions in the title of the video just to give an unbiased and objective impression. did Israel commit war crimes? YES. and Israel also DID get away from the responsbility. Israel is US's sugar-coated military camp, and not a Jewish nation-state. In fact, the whole idea of a Jewish nation-state, represented by Israel, is much more directed towards anti-semitism than any anti-zionist movement
Comment from : Masoud Mirnoori

Oh israel would never do that they are so moral arent they not
Comment from : E K

Thanks for enabling comments. This is a tragedy of giving Zionists a nation state for free. We need an investigation.
Comment from : jackgoldman1

The Matrix Weave
short answer is no.
Comment from : The Matrix Weave

Comment from : AayeSwag

Nobody :
Israel : this is unacceptable we didn't commit any war crimes
Icc : so let us do our investigation
Israel : wait that's illegal

Comment from : UPTIQ STAR

Eitan Shimron
0:16 proove it!
Comment from : Eitan Shimron

Chromatic Turtle
Of course they did but nobody talks bout it cause theyll take away the paycheck
Comment from : Chromatic Turtle

And no sanctions on Israel after all this wonder why
Comment from : dm9817587

errez mardi
how many war crimes did israel commit so far? ZERO! because mistakes are not war crimes!!!
Comment from : errez mardi

My uncle is a member of the House of Lords
Israel has NEVER committed war crimes
Comment from : My uncle is a member of the House of Lords

Yaso 73
Israel have one of the most moral army's in the world i don't think they kill Palestine for the fun
Comment from : Yaso 73

Nikola Karovic
also this guy talking keeps looking at the script and its so noticeable
Comment from : Nikola Karovic

Immortal Burdens
Yes. Isreal is the true evil on this pathetic planet
Comment from : Immortal Burdens

also if the world were to even attemt to attack israel, always remember babylon will come for them someday
Comment from : Razorback1,

Jeff Price
There is a no Israel it’s all occupied Palestine
Comment from : Jeff Price

Erikk kenneth Deneke
Short answer : NO

Comment from : Erikk kenneth Deneke

General Putin
Pro Israeli supporters are complete morons. All the education in the world don't make you smarter. The Jews that are against the Zionist are awesome.
Comment from : General Putin

A US taxpayer sponsored lunatic state run by a bunch of criminals who have turned Judaism into nothing more than a grubby supremacist cult.
Comment from : johnnyfast

Israel has not declared one war. In fact, Israel wants peace.
Comment from : Niksterrr

Muhammad Bennahoy
The existence of something called israel means only 1 thing: ww2 is on pause & didn't finish yet...♡♡♡😉
Comment from : Muhammad Bennahoy

Israel violates every part of 18 USC 1091 Genocide. Every American serving in IDF belongs in prison and every Israeli who sets foot on US soil belongs in prison.
Comment from : ShakoStarSun

Charles Thompson Mayer Jr.
Israel did 911, attacked the USS Liberty, stole US Uranium, and Military Secrets..........End ALL AID TO ISRAEL AND BAN AIPAC......EXPEL THE TRAITORS!!!!!!!
Comment from : Charles Thompson Mayer Jr.

Marcos Panario
Is there any doubt whatsoever of the pro Israeli bias of NOWTHISWORLD?
Comment from : Marcos Panario

Pingu 42
short answer: yes
long answer: yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssss

Comment from : Pingu 42

Hisham 4.20
is this a question? this isnt even war crime, its a crime and shame on humanity.... old man looking down at us rn and be like "wtf did i leave on that planet?''
Comment from : Hisham 4.20

Ama Undertaker
Is not a crime to defend yourself!!
The EU will not defend israel! Only Israel can defend themselves!

Comment from : Ama Undertaker

Peregrina Tiovitae
Is water wet?
Comment from : Peregrina Tiovitae

Youtube LLC
i learned nothing from this video
Comment from : Youtube LLC

ahibe ahibe
thanks israel.....dont let arabs to breath
Comment from : ahibe ahibe

No plastine did
Comment from : Rando

Fantasy Stories
I don't understand. Does not making them a State Justify the Warcrimes then? Considering the history of the Jews, the entire thing just seems like hypocrisy from Israel. But a sorta really weird reverse hypocrisy though.
Comment from : Fantasy Stories

Israel the big bully. I see no justice for the oppressed as the super power supports the oppressor
Comment from : MA

Abdirahiim Mahammed
people promise you that one day the world will hate Israel
Comment from : Abdirahiim Mahammed

blake bortles
since 1948
Comment from : blake bortles

He failed to mention all the countries that said they recognize Palestine as a state 🙄
Comment from : Linkacide

Ardhana Hariwidagdo
They ducking do! The palestinians deserve the area n the israel is just real greedy that they wanna grab the whole west bank
Comment from : Ardhana Hariwidagdo

Taylor Crain
Wow, this video taught me absolutely nothing
Comment from : Taylor Crain

jony prepper israel
so it basecly goes like thisthe country which have the least deaths are the bad ones.so Britain is the bad guy because the had fewer deaths then Germany in ww2
Comment from : jony prepper israel

Elijah Pisani
for gods sake they do it to eachother they are like two siblings that constantly argue they hate eachother but they need eachother but dont realise it
Comment from : Elijah Pisani

"2000 civilians were killed."
Except amount of civilian casualties is not a metric for righteousness or evilness. It was Hamas' choice to fire rockets at Israel from civilian populated areas knowing fully well that any Israeli counterattack would result in the deaths of any nearby citizens. Honestly you have to be pretty stupid to look at the situation, call Israel evil, and continue to kiss Hamas' ass.

Comment from : ShnoogleMan

Palestine would become an independent state if they didn't reject every single partition plan thrown at them.

Comment from : ShnoogleMan

Omar Al-Obaidi
War is a crime!
Comment from : Omar Al-Obaidi

Billy badass
my question is if Europe and Germany did the holocaust, why should the Palestinian ppl suffer for it, you already occupy their land and slaughter them with drones on a daily basis. go back to poland idgaf who i offended
Comment from : Billy badass

Philodox Xiph
Please do a video on what led to Haiti's poverty both historically and currently.
Comment from : Philodox Xiph

شیعہ برادری
israel is terroist country.
Comment from : شیعہ برادری

i havent even started the video and israel is guilty
Comment from : yeah

Hamas Hamas zionists on the gas
Comment from : Maghreb_gang

Adolf Hitler
Comment from : Adolf Hitler

instead of answering the damn question that YOU put up, u circle around the story and at the end kinda blame Palestine for holding up the peace talks cuz they filed a case @ ICC to investigate Israel's (apartheid land) war crimes?

Are you a zionist?

Comment from : djiniiiii

dula one
you expect a Zionist sponsored channel like test tube to talk about war crimes in Palestine? this is a joke
Comment from : dula one

Manga Man
You did not answer yes or no. You are just saying its an issue brought to the ICC, that's it. Lame title, lame video.
Comment from : Manga Man

content does not answer the quastion in title, there for I consider that click bait.
Comment from : Paul

Eddie Cedillos
Does Saudi Arabia frequently VIOLATE human rights? Please answer this one TestTube.
Comment from : Eddie Cedillos

Lu Lu
do something on how israel is monopolising the water while palestinians are seriously thirsting.
Comment from : Lu Lu

John Silver
To all those arguing about whether HAMAS was using human shields and shit. Lets think about it like a fucking Call of duty game or something, its a hostage situation and theres a shooter who's grabbing the hostage. Now for the multiple choice...
Do you:
A: Try to snipe quick scope MLG the shooter.
B: Try to sneak up behind him and knife him with your ballistic knife with a custom skin.
C: Shoot both of them with a shotgun and result in game over and you lose 5 humanity points.

Comment from : John Silver

كمال الانصاري الخزرجي
fuck u
Comment from : كمال الانصاري الخزرجي

Tomer Lubashevski
Israeli army have killed many terrorists We did NOT kill civilians we killed terrorist. they look like civilians but the carry a weapon such as a rifle or a knife/ The UN never faced a terrorist so they don't know how to tell if someone is a terrorist and the Hamas is using it to their own. if war crimes is killing civilians so the UN is fucked up
Comment from : Tomer Lubashevski

Nadhiya Nâtaline
Israel = terrorist and satanic land
Comment from : Nadhiya Nâtaline

yousuf Al-badi
Have you heard about the new German microwave? It’s got ten seats inside.

Funny isn't :) especially if you are form the shit hole (isreal).

Microwave ooh ooh
Microoooo ohohoh
Freedom of speech ohoh microwave.,ten seats🙈🔥

Comment from : yousuf Al-badi

"Did Israel Commit War Crimes Against Palestine?" is not answered in this video.
Comment from : cclemonb1222

Powder Wig Wooden Teeth MF
Of course they did. They been doing it since the 1950s. A lot Longer then the guy speaking in the video's age. There will be no investigation and if there is one, it's one sided.
Comment from : Powder Wig Wooden Teeth MF

Marc Abelha
I really don't get "war crimes". Is war legal? Is it OK to one open aggression against another? These people are giving legitimacy to war!

OK, two (or more) sides are at war. Is it OK to attack the armed forces, but not the population that supports the military? Is the war against the uniformed people, but not against those that vote to have war, finance and maintain it?

OK, it is permitted to have war, but not attack the civilian population. Isn't this perpetuating the war? The one side is loosing, each year the population produces more fighters which go to war, because the international "laws" protect the civilians, civilians are safe to sustain the economy that sustains the war machine. #Facepalm

Comment from : Marc Abelha

Andrew Smith
israels existance is a warcrime. israel is not a country. palestine is the country. israel is an illegal settlement in palestine. palestine has now been heavily restricted and partitioned off from the rest of the country. the land of palestine was given to israel illegally. and the living conditions for palestinians are some of the worst imaginable. just because the media glorifies israel doesn't mean that what they are doing to palestine is moral. i cant believe people are surprised that the Palestinians fought back. i would too if i was being forced into a ghetto
Comment from : Andrew Smith

Sergio Gonzalés
yes israel did commit war crime and still do!, killing machine..

eventually they will never prevail on the day of judgment !

Comment from : Sergio Gonzalés

1. Palestine isn't a country.
2. What you call "Palestine" attacked us. I dont hate arabs. I hate terrorists.
Whats the idea? we attacked the terrorists and you say we kill children. WE DONT. AND IF WE DID THEN THOSE "KIDS" ARE TERRORISTS.




Comment from : AlonGraphics

Sebastian Feurig
Israel keep fighting for YOUR land.🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱
Comment from : Sebastian Feurig

Fuck these fake people that call themselves "palestinian." They are arab and speak arabic, their flag is nothing more than the jordanian flag without the star.
Comment from : IzzyReal

the question in a valley
and the man talks in another valley say the crimes idiot
simple answer is yes !

Comment from : shuja1410

Bouguerba Maamar
Did Israel Commit War Crimes Against Palestine? Yes!
Comment from : Bouguerba Maamar

cltr+f "oy vey" no results :(
Comment from : Ping

Iam Sahanawaj
I thing Isreal can't live with out kill people !
Comment from : Iam Sahanawaj

kfir levy
Because Palestine did not do any war crimes against us not at all...
USA never killed Iraqi civillians...
Russia never killed Ukrainian civilians (they even burned some of them alive)...
Israel killed civilians because Hamas were taking them as human shields, and we even warned the Gazan before we attacked (the only country in the world which will do that. And if it means killing or civilians of our enemy or keep dying from terrorists I'd choose killing civilians because terrorists are standing behind them trying to kill us.

Comment from : kfir levy

I am going to celebrate once Iran have finished Israel! Peace to Palestine, Death to Israel. - From a Russian Atheist.
Comment from : ///M POWER

Yes they did
Comment from : cx2055607

Chris Westwood
I've always enjoyed Test Tube News however this is a significant whitewashing of the documented facts! At the very least it misrepresents the facts by omission. There is no mention of settlements, let alone their illegality. Neither does it state the wall is annexing Palestinian territory in places. It is also an utter fabrication to state say the catalyst for every conflict is initiated by aggressive action on the part of the Palestinians. It is also now recognised by scholars, including those who support the State of Israel, such as Benny Morris, that the displacement of the indigenous people during the 1947-48 war was an ethnic cleansing!

All this could have been easily included in a two minute video and more besides.

Comment from : Chris Westwood

Theeb ذيب
Fuck Israel and Zionism
Comment from : Theeb ذيب

r. tide
Those civilians were used by Hamas as human shields to protect their rockets, missiles and weapons from Israel's attacks
Comment from : r. tide

Fuck israel from kenya
Comment from : dulsen2011

Totti S
what's new.....!?? the dif between ISIS and Israel ,,is that Israel is a country and the know how to lie 2 pep, but ISIS it stupid enough to say it as it is...... all terrorist
Comment from : Totti S

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