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Making a Cross Pendant (Forging with Jess)

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Information Making a Cross Pendant (Forging with Jess)

Title :  Making a Cross Pendant (Forging with Jess)
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Frames Making a Cross Pendant (Forging with Jess)

Description Making a Cross Pendant (Forging with Jess)

Comments Making a Cross Pendant (Forging with Jess)

What type of brass are you using?
Comment from : MyDude

honey buzzard
Nice Anvil.

Comment from : honey buzzard

Andy Garcia
Where did you get the band saw?
Comment from : Andy Garcia

Anyone else hear "God Blessed the Broken Road" Rascal Flats in the first instrumental?
Comment from : Smilodon75

Joy Harvey
My Beautiful daughter, Jessica ----- beautiful work! Soothing music also! Thanks for posting!
Comment from : Joy Harvey

Ben Toombs
Those are cool Jessica. Nice job. That punch is a handy tool. I need one of those 🔨On!!
Comment from : Ben Toombs

Robert Poglitsch
Very nice Jess
Comment from : Robert Poglitsch

Great video Jess! you used two of my favorite tools, the Beverly shear and Whitney punch...indispensable.
Comment from : Wiley

Great job jess 👍👍. Yes i enjoy this video. Have a wonderful days too. Gbu

David Hillman
Are those brass tongs?
Comment from : David Hillman

Well done Jessica. Nice to see you making jewely again Actually I will make one for my partner too now I've watched your video Oh by the way that would make a great giveaway on your live stream, if you do that I will try to win hehehe
Comment from : tobyjo57

Matt Clark
You go girl. Awesome job Jess.
Comment from : Matt Clark

Brett Larson
Nice job Jess! Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Brett Larson

Hannemann Ironworks
They look good Jess!
Comment from : Hannemann Ironworks

Stan Ervin
Please be careful, Jess. I've seen the outcome of wearing gloves gone wrong on a band saw. I personally prefer having a thumb on BOTH hands.
Comment from : Stan Ervin

Grandadz Forge
Jess, I have that same punch. A small tube/pipe over the handle gives you more leverage and less of that sudden "pop"
Comment from : Grandadz Forge

Steven watkins
Great job, Jess. Nice music to go with your video, too!
Comment from : Steven watkins

Rick Kerans
Those are really nice. I am curious would you make any in like a high polished brass without the opening marks. If so do you have any idea what they would cost? If you don'thaveextra brass around how about copper the same way as I discussed above. Great work.
Comment from : Rick Kerans

neil graham, iron mushroom forge
They came out great! Love the video
Comment from : neil graham, iron mushroom forge

Waskasoo Metalworks
i am happy to Jess back in the workshop =) I enjoy a little coppersmithing on the side!
Comment from : Waskasoo Metalworks

Nice job, Jess. You may want to try a Dremel for smaller things, they have a bunch of bits\cutters for it.👍
Comment from : kidkv

Walt Parkhurst
Awesome job Jess, Roy better watch out or you will be taking over the entire shop. You go girl
Comment from : Walt Parkhurst

Stefan Mierke
Wow, I wouldn't have used that saw. I think I would've used a jeweller saw or my trusted hand saw. Bad experience with spinning things 🤣 Some day I have to face it. Nice work there. I like them very much. Nice pattern.
Comment from : Stefan Mierke

Very nicely done Jessica!! That turned out beautiful. Wayne
Comment from : GWIRailroad

Metal Man Productions
The unevenness gives each of them their own personality.
Comment from : Metal Man Productions

Drason's Forge
Nice work Jessica 👍⚒️. I think it would be cool, doing a Celtic style cross. You definitely have the right Whitney punch, to pull it off. 👍😀⚒️❤️
Comment from : Drason's Forge

dana maggiore
Great job Jess they came out awesome ev thinks so also
Comment from : dana maggiore

John Portwood
Good job I liked those
Comment from : John Portwood

D Day Invader
Who else saw the notification and thought it said forging with Jesus?
Comment from : D Day Invader

Z the blacksmith
Comment from : Z the blacksmith

Jacob Kaltz
First great video
Comment from : Jacob Kaltz

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