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Is Zionism in Crisis? A Follow-Up Debate with Peter Beinart and Alan Dershowitz

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Information Is Zionism in Crisis? A Follow-Up Debate with Peter Beinart and Alan Dershowitz

Title :  Is Zionism in Crisis? A Follow-Up Debate with Peter Beinart and Alan Dershowitz
Lasting :   1.23.40
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Frames Is Zionism in Crisis? A Follow-Up Debate with Peter Beinart and Alan Dershowitz

Description Is Zionism in Crisis? A Follow-Up Debate with Peter Beinart and Alan Dershowitz

Comments Is Zionism in Crisis? A Follow-Up Debate with Peter Beinart and Alan Dershowitz

Ray Finkle
Why is Israel allowed to be an ethnostate but not any other country?
Comment from : Ray Finkle

Dershowitz the plagariser shudnt really debate people. But then again this is an amateur debate so he shud fit right in
Comment from : olddirtyrussian

Blaiech Rabi
I stopped listening after hating israel is anti semitic.
Comment from : Blaiech Rabi

Sam S
Israel is not a democracy, it’s an apartheid regime in violation of article 4 of the Geneva Conventions and many UN Security Council resolutions—same international body that legitimized its existence.
Comment from : Sam S

colin atherton
How is this a debate? You have two Zionists discussing the minutiae of their views of Zionism. Surely to have a debate you need a contrarian view.
Comment from : colin atherton

naeem iqbal
I wish Frankenstein was here, to kick his ass.
Comment from : naeem iqbal

Hamid Aghili
Pleaser read www.jointhepartyofgod.com and let us together fight against the party of the Devil through education. Please tell everyone in the world to read it. Thank you and God bless you..
Comment from : Hamid Aghili

Michelle C
It’s done deal. Just need to move forward.
Comment from : Michelle C

Dershowitz is screaming like he's an expert. If Norman Finklestein walked on that stage dershowitz would run
Comment from : drixp

Peter Beinart loved Israel then!!
Comment from : jorgenmoll

Daniel Moshe Johnson

Shalom Aleichem

The importance of history is essential and important in the restoration and continuity of revival and renewal of a losted kingdom.

The capture of Judea and Israel is a reality that has created the entire discussion with this term.

Palestina is based in a major illegal land grab misconception, that no one in this audience wants to address directly......

When one avoids a reality, choosing to entertain illusions, then we have to question the code initiative.

The UN, Allied Forces namely Great Britain, error ed greatly in the incorrect distribution of land that was not there's to divided and "divy" up legally, but the gesture was righteous.

This entire Middle East composition is a complete error.....

Although Great Britain took the possession from the Turks, the righteous thing was to assist to recreate Judea close to its entirety.

The proper moves would have been to hand Israel over to its historical realities, if they didn't know such realities, then the committees of the Allied Powers namely the British government, should have contacted the Holy See, whose predecessors, the Roman Empire, holders of all the deeds and titles.

To utter the term "palestina" as if it's a human being goes beyond the depth of ignorance, which bombards Judea's reality as a true kingdom,and promoted the hatred of a world bent on hereditary Jewish hatred for no reason.
Arab as well as African suffering is a reality, but in a UK backed Saudi Empirical creation, there should be room for the Arabs dissidents in old Judea, in Saudi or any other UK assisted Arab created state!

If a Kingdom exist, an that Kingdom is conquered and renamed illegally, it does not mean that the original kingdom must accept eternal defeat and accept a thief's name representing its Kingdom.

So it is with the area in question, and it puzzles me, that the so called world elite, former PM especially, a Jew, would dare utter a Roman created term that did not or was never intended to relate to Arabs, it was a land grab title that not even the Ottoman Turks 400 year illegal occupation, would not acknowledge, why should we.


Comment from : Daniel Moshe Johnson

Daniel Moshe Johnson

The issues will continue, until the original history and land apprehension and thus renaming of the Kingdom of Judea and Israel is applied and Balfour revisited.

The UK, Allied influences and the early elders of Tzion all error ed. Judea is the foundation and premise to even apply the term Israel from your mouth. The recognition of Judah Captah was purposely ignored, which gave rise to Arab agenda today.

There is no issue other than the issue of illiteracy of those who seek to abolish Judea from the Middle Eastern conversation and history of the land Judean, Sumeria and Israel.

Palestina and Aelian Capitolina have beginnings based in the Roman conquest of land and the subjection of that population under Roman Law. A clien King was even installed, numerous invaders up until the Ottomans. Interesting, the Ottoman, Islamic in there discipline, never refereed to Judea or Israel as palestina.

Titles do not remedy the issue here, nor persona, it comes with study.

Daniel Moshe Johnson
[email protected]

Comment from : Daniel Moshe Johnson

Jay Munir
Great discussion - Respect for Beinart!
Comment from : Jay Munir

jules kinkead
Beinart recently stated he is for a one state called Israel-Palestine..
Comment from : jules kinkead

yaron brecher
Comment from : yaron brecher

Dershowitz argues like a lawyer not a scientist. Any point with a 50% blame, he blames the other side 100%. If he thinks there is no chance of winning the argument with the facts, he just muddies the water enough and then says "well, there are lots of opinions on this"
Comment from : ebefl

jews were not slaves in Egypt what is he talking about?
Comment from : ebefl

Stephen Diggines
Why is the Israeli case always soi badly presented not only by Dershowitz but by everyone else
Comment from : Stephen Diggines

What was with the shouting at 1:19:40? Anyone has a clue?
Comment from : perjetesi2811

Qamar Khan
This is grotesque
Comment from : Qamar Khan

romain reuter
Zionism is not in crisis. It is alive and well.
Comment from : romain reuter

Shayla Holloway
I am so tired of "Palestinians want to destroy Israel" and "there was never peace". Yes! There was! No they don't! These false protestations are the poison in the well of Arab Israeli peace. Israel is Not a democracy if it mistreats Palestinian rights. I don't get how he can say they want to destroy Israel and democracy is their problem and then say but Palestinians are not a threat..OK. If they are not a threat it should be easy for Israel to be liberal with them, right? Guess not. The saddest part is he fails to recognize how separate Zionism is to Jewishness or democracy. BDS are lemmings? No. They have compassion and are trying!
Comment from : Shayla Holloway

Shayla Holloway
Derchowitz "Two separate occupations." Except that IDF is helping settler violence to further their own cause of ethnic cleansing.
Comment from : Shayla Holloway

Shayla Holloway
Divided Neighborhoods are "the way things happen" because the land is sold to settlers who suddenly have more rights and income than their Arab neighbors.
Comment from : Shayla Holloway

Shayla Holloway
While they are allowing them a people hood would they allow them access to their own land and to remain in their homes? Is Derkowitz okay with them keeping their flag?
Comment from : Shayla Holloway

Shayla Holloway
The title. In crisis? No. They are stream rolling over the middle east just fine. No breaks. It isn't in crisis, it Is a crisis for all the original inhabitants of the land. I give it 2 stars for teaching me what the Zionists believe😏.🕊🇵🇸
Comment from : Shayla Holloway

Cosmic Buddhi
Peter Beinart - what a smart guy. I hope Jeremy Corbyn puts him on the pay-roll as his senior adviser on Jewish Affairs!
Comment from : Cosmic Buddhi

Make America the 110th
Comment from : bobo1959er

Basim Daoud
Two zionist pigs fighting it out.
Comment from : Basim Daoud

Basim Daoud
How come no Palestinians on this panel? How come they do not talk about the Palestinians?
Comment from : Basim Daoud

George Richards
Why did the guy say "this isn't a crowd that needs to hear this" when talking about the 1967 war?
Comment from : George Richards

Zionism AKA Jewish Supremacism
Comment from : GriefTourist

Sarfraz Ashraf
Zionism is apartheid for the World.
Must stop.

Comment from : Sarfraz Ashraf

Zionism is a cancerous tumor inflicted upon humanity.
Comment from : rikiwakwak

Kevin Sysyn
Israel was post-WWII Christian Europe's more humane and convenient way of depopulating themselves of Jews. The Western powers gave them their own country, without regard to who was living there, who actually owned the land and the water etc... The thrust the Semitic people into a war without a second thought..
Comment from : Kevin Sysyn

G Ib
palestinians are warriors may god bring them peace
Comment from : G Ib

Joshua Halpern
Zionism is in crisis for 3000 years. Meanwhile, Ancient Egypt, Assyria, Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and more recently Nazi Germany, all of which tried hard to kill Zionism, dropped into the junk of the history where they belong. The current enemies of Zionism, who celebrate its "crisis" will follow suit, like the previous big empires, straight into the garbage of history where they belong, while Zionism will be in "crisis" for the next 3000 years.
Am Israel Hai!

Comment from : Joshua Halpern

Till justice prevail
Zionism= Terrorism and hijacker of Judaism = antisemitism= apartheid, occupation, genocide...
Comment from : Till justice prevail

luke dawson
Now wonder people don't like Jews. Whining, self-serving bunch of arrogant hypocrites, talking endlessly about themselves and their own destiny. If I wasn't one, I'd probably be the biggest antisemite out there.
Comment from : luke dawson

Liz Gichora
Quite interesting and a lot to consider. Thank you very much.
Comment from : Liz Gichora

Grim Grimey
Eww I can't watch even 20 seconds of this shire..Zionists =cancerous legion on our earth
Comment from : Grim Grimey

Johan Labuschagne
The same Dershowitz that was a frequent flyer on the Lolita Express of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein? Ask 3 Jews the same question, and you get three different answers.
Comment from : Johan Labuschagne

Men In Black
Zionism is antisemitic
Comment from : Men In Black

Busta Knutt
if not it will be... the Real Israelites want their land back!!!
Comment from : Busta Knutt

Men In Black
What a pathetic show of stupidity. Where Ilan Pappe?
Comment from : Men In Black

Men In Black
Establishing a dialogue on Zionism is an oxymoron
Comment from : Men In Black

Men In Black
Stating Zionism in crisis is like saying is Nazism in crisis.
Zionism is racism, Nazism in disguise.

Comment from : Men In Black

Alphonso Dunbar
Comment from : Alphonso Dunbar

Alphonso Dunbar
Comment from : Alphonso Dunbar

Alphonso Dunbar
Comment from : Alphonso Dunbar

Alphonso Dunbar
Comment from : Alphonso Dunbar

I support Beinart
Comment from : marmotabobak

huseyin Altunkiran
By Babylon give named yahudi yahudi means wonder.
Comment from : huseyin Altunkiran

huseyin Altunkiran
Isreal generation stealer what's them businesses in America gambling casino gambling stealer grabber only stealer everywhere isreal yahudi
Comment from : huseyin Altunkiran

huseyin Altunkiran
Hitler burned isreal because they did try to grab Germany they did same to Babylon the yahudi isreal stealer grabber down the Babylon Babel tower. Jesus Christ child of the Babylon that's the reason isreal king wants to kill Jesus Christ. Talk the truth history.
Comment from : huseyin Altunkiran

huseyin Altunkiran
May l ask one question why isreal named yahudi??answer me the truth this name given by Babylon. And l am Babylon generation l am from Turkish national DERSIM and my city cultural heritage still Babylon traditional life style belifs l am real Babylon generation l am the Babylon.
Comment from : huseyin Altunkiran

Aaron Friedman
Dershowitz Children have intermarried. Hence, he is defending perhaps unconsciously his family.
Comment from : Aaron Friedman

Mohamad Saleh
The moderator is horrible. He physically touch his guests to stop them, he moves to another guest before the previous finishes, he keeps moving like he's not sure of himself, he puts words in guests mouths!!!
Alan did great btw!

Comment from : Mohamad Saleh

the usofa is basically aiding the murder and misery of hundreds of thousands of palestinians so israel can steal their lands. no problem, want weapons to murder babies, you've got them. billions of dollars to slaughter civilians, you got them.


Comment from : jensonee

Mahdi Barzegar
Alan Dershowitz lies so frequently, you wanna throw up.
Comment from : Mahdi Barzegar

How to make a Dershowitz?

Step one : make a chat bot
step two : write Hasbara into it

Enjoy your copy of Alan.

Comment from : ToDie4

harry rubenstein
The great & late Professor Stephen Hawking stood by BDS when he  rightly declined an invitation to the “Israeli Presidential Conference 2013”. Another "Science Summit" the racist israeli regime staged aiming to whitewash its murderous image. We really have to contradict our conscience to oppose taking a stand against israel's apartheid policies.
Comment from : harry rubenstein

John Schmit
The problem for zionism is how easy it is to see how the world would benefit without ut🐸
Comment from : John Schmit

Alex's Channel
Once the Palestinians will embrace reality and will agree to receive all they CAN as opposed to all which they WANT there will be peace.
Comment from : Alex's Channel

Peter Hoyer
Hmmmm, very interesting!
Comment from : Peter Hoyer

fesshazion ghide
read a book and watch YouTube the synagogues of Satan by Mr Andrew
Comment from : fesshazion ghide

sai fujiwara
The arabs in israel need to thank the state of israel,
look at the middle east, the middle east is ruined but israel is heaven!

Comment from : sai fujiwara

Tharanath Akula
The word lawyer is misspelt as the correct word is liar. These guys go to university and study the constitutional law, criminal law and then they begin their practice and during the course they master the art of lying in front of judges who themselves have studied law and are aware that lawyers when they open their motormouth they only know to utter lies and lies only. The three professions that practice the art of taking lies day in and day out even while sleeping, followed by politicians and the auditors. These three professions have to be eliminated to restore peace and happiness.
Comment from : Tharanath Akula

My cousins Yemenite Jews....not from Europe .We were there long before Christianity or Islam.
Quran and Christian bibles say this as well as secular history.

Comment from : motorhead

So the Jews were never in Israel before Arabs? Ottoman Turks welcomed Jews to return and sold them back their land . Romans expelled Jews in time of Hadrian and Titus....Greek history Roman Persian history all show Jews were there long before anyone that still exists today(Canaanites etc.). Makes no sense to deny these facts from actual historical records . Read Philo,Roman Church records ,Josephus....the new Testament....even India has mention of this since there are tribes of Jews in India and China from ancient times Ethiopian Jews also have this in their history..Yemenites...
So occupying "others" land is what America and Europe ,Turkey and China are actually doing today...yet you remain silent on this and instead pick on us Jews....hmmmmm

Comment from : motorhead

Holy Qur'an says in dozens of sura Allah gave the land of Israel to the Jews (children of Israel)...
Sura s: 2:40,2:63,2:83,2:85,5:70...many many more places this is clearly said in hadieth and sura.
Even Saladin out Jews back in Israel after defeating evil crusaders.
Salom Akk שלום

Comment from : motorhead

guy on the left is an atheist
Comment from : Bajango

Luke Hunter
zionism is a racist fascist ideology - why are we talking about it like their is some good in it
Comment from : Luke Hunter

The Jews have decided to take their destiny in their hands, and to harness their ingenuity to their benefit. The rest is nothing.
Comment from : theloksh

@ 20:50 Actually in JFK's president's cabinet that was the PROBLEM. Lyndon Johnson wanted JFK's job & he got it. So did a lot of people in the CIA & they got it later. There was not a lot of agreement in JFK's cabinet which was a tragedy.
Comment from : Soteriology101

@ 20:50 Barack Obama? Apart from the separation of powers the US government is not supposed to be a King or Dictator. Was it that way under Eisenhauer or JFK? Yet if we have to separate state & religion then why don't we expel all the Jews from US government & all government funded institutions? Or all the Roman Catholics? Or all the Masons or Templars or Luciferians or Satanists or Islamic fundamentalists? Why are protestant Christians picked on the most for the separation of Church & state ruse?
Comment from : Soteriology101

@ 17:00 No it was not simply animal sacrifices. It was a combination of a male Hebrew bloodline particularly the priesthood, a devotion to the God Yahweh & His Law & His prophets, & animal sacrifices done in a specific manner that pointed to the coming Messiah. The Samaritans had animal sacrifices. The pagans had animal sacrifices. Molech & Baal & Ashteroth & Remphan & Golden bull worship had animal sacrifices. Satanism had animal sacrifices.
Comment from : Soteriology101

james catholic
Dershowitz has the gall to mention apartheid South Africa, when it has been Black SAs who have claimed that Israel's brand is much worse.
Comment from : james catholic

Qatar backs campaign for global boycott for Israel... how long before ISIS will also show up in Qatar?
Comment from : valessiva

After the Holocaust, Israel has the fundamental right of the "drowning in the sea" - which is manifested throughout the nature - the right to hold on to your hairs, trying to save himself.
Comment from : theloksh

Bruce Kugler
Is the moderator a moderator between them, or joining in leaning towards Beinart ?
Comment from : Bruce Kugler

To Josh Lowe an Australian righteous
pursuing justice, a reminder about the land that
:He and his family live on

 "in November 1828 Arthur declared martial law, giving soldiers the right to shoot on sight any Aboriginal in the Settled Districts...."

 "Of those removed from Tasmania, the last to die was Truganini, in 1876. The near-destruction of Tasmania's Aboriginal population has been described as an act of genocide by historians including Robert
Hughes, James Boyce, Lyndall Ryan and Tom Lawson....."

"Boyce has claimed that the April 1828 "Proclamation Separating the Aborigines from the White Inhabitants" sanctioned force against Aboriginals "for no other reason than that they were Aboriginal" and described the decision to remove all Tasmanian Aborigines after 1832- by which time they had given up their fight against white colonists-as an extreme policy position. He concluded:
"The colonial government from 1832 to 1838 ethnically cleansed the western half of Van Diemen's Land and then callously left the exiled people to their fate."

Comment from : theloksh

rio k rio k
but he mention many times Jewish values //i like that ////
Comment from : rio k rio k

Was there in the long History an ethnic group that stipulating - its statehood - in the returning millions of its future citizens, would actually is to move to another country, and thus destroying the demographic balance in order to use her Democratic system to destroy her.
Peter Beinart seems like a Doctor that explains to a patient why he has to die from the disease, and insinuate that the world would be better off if his patient will commit suicide.

Comment from : theloksh

It seems that the Raison d'être of the world is the destruction of the Jewish race. Other than that nothing is interesting them.
Comment from : theloksh

Michael Dob
Alan Douchebag is a pathological lier. He can't say anything without lying. According to him, everyone has an agenda. If they are Jewish, they are self-hating. If not, they are antisemite. He and bibi are the only people who know what's right.
Comment from : Michael Dob

Ali Hammad Shah
Alan douche was the lawyer of captured Israeli agent in the USA. And I pretty sure he himself is an agent. He should be fed to the dogs.
Comment from : Ali Hammad Shah

Ary Rosh
''the love of💞of Palestinians peoples largely a function of the hatred of the nation state of jewish people'' that is exactly the the main point into support of Palestinian cause...
Comment from : Ary Rosh

Dershowitz is repulsive as usual. . An Israeli apologist who has shown to be a total fraud by Finkelstein in his book 'Beyond Chutzpah" . To hear Dershowitz scream "But they all have an agenda" is about as hypocritical as it gets.

Israel should ban Dershowitz from speaking on their behalf, he truly doesn't do them any good and just creates more people sympathetic to the Palestinians, he is just so toxic and unlikable.

Comment from : TheNaturalust

rio k rio k
they talking like it is their land ///my god world we live //and the minds of those people///
Comment from : rio k rio k

rio k rio k
how can you build just world // when they go to you land and build what ever they wont //and the answer is god give it to me /// what turducken justice you can have///
Comment from : rio k rio k

rio k rio k
they laughing with america and the world //////
Comment from : rio k rio k

Paul Phillips
The zionist narrative - Steal 78% of historic Palestine and then negotiate on the rest..
Comment from : Paul Phillips

Paul Phillips
lol Israel a jewish refuge.. The so called jewish state is the worlds most unsafe place for jews... You should learn the lesson od Ezekiel. That sometimes its safer in exile..
Comment from : Paul Phillips

Sunz Rising
Russian, Polland, German etc. type caste jew, 3000 yrs my butt! Straight genotype and phenotype Europeans, how the freak do you invade this land from indigenous peoples when they are not the original inhabitants. Oooh, I see, "just do it" and call it rights and democracy and btw just ignore that pesty genocidal thing bc being called antisemitic must be so much worst. Who do they worship and What kind of God would condone this...
Comment from : Sunz Rising

Peter Beinart was wrong on "the Palestinians can't vote". But of course they can vote, they voted for their president, Mahnud Abbas. They have a president, thy have ministers, they have police and security forces, they have their own economy and school system, they govern themselves. They have voted for their own government, so Peter Beinart, what are you talking about? In any case, there is already a Palestinian state, named Jordan. The Palestinians can live there. The Palestinians are Arabs, right? No? Of course they are Arabs. So if they are Arabs, why should there be a 23rd Arab country? The Palestinians have 22 Arab countries to choose from. The land of Israel, Judea, belongs to the Jewish people, there were no "Palestinians" in Judea when the Great Revolt against the Romans occurred. There were no "Palestinians" in the Bar Kochba revolt, after which all Jewish existence in Judea was eradicated by the Romans. Throughout the generations, people across the world said "Jews go home!", and now that they are back at home, suddenly it's not good also. Make up your mind, you haters and anti-Israel demagogues, all those who say "Jews are good but Zionists are bad", all this hate in disguise, mingled with a great portion of pure ignorance and brainwashing.
Comment from : johnthinkpad

Abdul Rauf Ali
zionist will be zionist. arrogant big headed and always big hole nose
Comment from : Abdul Rauf Ali

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