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How Britain Started The Israel-Palestine Conflict | Promises And Betrayals | Timeline

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Information How Britain Started The Israel-Palestine Conflict | Promises And Betrayals | Timeline

Title :  How Britain Started The Israel-Palestine Conflict | Promises And Betrayals | Timeline
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Frames How Britain Started The Israel-Palestine Conflict | Promises And Betrayals | Timeline

Description How Britain Started The Israel-Palestine Conflict | Promises And Betrayals | Timeline

Comments How Britain Started The Israel-Palestine Conflict | Promises And Betrayals | Timeline

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Comment from : Timeline - World History Documentaries

so, when israel will fight to europe country especially their true enemies..?? 😛
Comment from : MALP BGST

John Doe
Comment from : John Doe

master cookie
It so nice reading the comments knowing that is jews and Arabs both agree it British foult
Comment from : master cookie

Masud Sadot
There was no such thing as Ummah after Muhammad pbh
Comment from : Masud Sadot

Patricia Croft
Israel=Rothschild=Zionism==Rivers of Blood that continues to this day in 2021.
Comment from : Patricia Croft

Cat no like banana
"We can't figure it out so we'll blame someone else"
Comment from : Cat no like banana

Joanna Hampton
Now it's worse than ever will the U.S. involvement
Comment from : Joanna Hampton

slade tuner
just think what we do (the west) if the governments of the east played ''divide and conquer'' with us
Comment from : slade tuner

slade tuner
Those who Didn't Own, To Those, Didn't /Don't Deserve- the Balfour Declaration summed up right there #FreePalestine
Comment from : slade tuner

slade tuner
no wonder they (The East) hate us (The West)
Comment from : slade tuner

Jabba Woki
It's called ready, steady fight, how can they blame Britain for upping sticks and leaving, palastinians out numbered isrealies, by god knows, alot but couldn't take their so called country back just can't see how Britain is to blame, both hated them being there but hated them more for leaving, what a mess...
Comment from : Jabba Woki

Darian Williams
I think the traffic of comments here is so slow they're able to censor any other opinion on the topic other than HURR DURR British or Palestinian bad.
Comment from : Darian Williams

Who do you think started the India Pak border conflict..... Who started the hongkong -china issue.... Britain
Comment from : neodymium

Madison Hang
reminds me of the Hmong people in the Vietnam War in Laos
same thing, were liberally promised their own country in the spoils
but then everything fell threw

Comment from : Madison Hang

Jaqui Humes
your all such intelligent people
Comment from : Jaqui Humes

Subtitles are terrible, writing Weizman as vitamin.
Comment from : dariakhor

Baby Baby
British left. Israel won many wars since...now it is up to Israel to secure peace by respecting the Green Line. For Hamas & Hezbollah, if they insist on Israel's destruction even after the peace has been made, the whole world can assure a punitive action. Your choice.
Comment from : Baby Baby

shearcuttingmutt mutt
Because britain was ran by zionist just like America...
Comment from : shearcuttingmutt mutt

Mike Thomas
Brotoan didn't start it... Zionism Did
Comment from : Mike Thomas

Palestinians are now forced to live in a walled compound basically....
The settlements started with big money coming from major contributors those that we now to consider to be those one percenters basically. Rothschild Zionism seriously research it a bit.

Comment from : Nicole

Rothschild zionism... We best get familiar with it
Comment from : Nicole

Übermensch Lussenhorf
Unless you believe in the talking snake and buy into the comic book myths (in the Torah/Bible), I have no idea why a human with a brain would call that place the "the holy land."
Comment from : Übermensch Lussenhorf

GUYS STOP with the British hate comments, cant keep up liking all of them
Comment from : msa

Tasha Mooneyham
If anyone's interested in Middle Eastern History then there is a helpful free e-book "A Concise History of the Middle East" , Here's the link for free download:
Story: The ninth edition of this widely acclaimed text has been extensively revised to reflect the latest scholarship and the most recent events in the Middle East. As an introduction to the history of this turbulent region from the beginnings of Islam to the present day, the book is distinguished by its clear style, broad scope, and balanced treatment. It focuses on the evolution of Islamic institutions and culture, the influence of the West, the modernization efforts of Middle Eastern governments, the struggle of various peoples for political independence, the course of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the reassertion of Islamic values and power, the issues surrounding the Palestinian Question, and the roles of Iraq and Iran in the post-9/11 Middle East...

Comment from : Tasha Mooneyham

Morris Phillips
Western European Israelis are to Palestinians what nazism was to God's chosen people
Comment from : Morris Phillips

Pack Leader
WOW, the British Empire, what a mess!
Comment from : Pack Leader

Peace Train
Empire of Narcissist.
Comment from : Peace Train

Is it any wonder why we have "terrorism" like we do today? When the UK, USA, FRANCE, etc used and betrayed so many different races, religions, and people. I don't condone or agree with terrorist acts of any kind, but you can kind of see why they are so angry with the western and European nations who used them as cannon fodder, then betrayed them, carved up their country, and pillaged them of their natural resources..... I can only imagine what some British people would think (or do) if the shoe was on the other foot...
Comment from : Fezzy



Comment from : MANGO VRSEMM

Mikayla Mull
I cant get past that one of the narrators literally sounds like Iwan McGregor as Obi-wan Kenobi
Comment from : Mikayla Mull

slade tuner
The British Government must take responsibility for this to help end the Israel-Palestine Conflict
Comment from : slade tuner

Penny Lockhart
If 2fish are found fighting in the Tigris river, you can be sure the British caused the dispute!
Comment from : Penny Lockhart

أمير ابداح
As a Palestinian, I always think, we should take uk to the international court, for there crimes . aginst us
Comment from : أمير ابداح

NoOne OfImportance
Alot of the NWO elite thats now in America came from Britain
Comment from : NoOne OfImportance

Stefano Gabbani
Prageru says if you live in freedom thank the british empire lol!!!
Comment from : Stefano Gabbani

britian has caused problems since the beginning.... Somebody just nuke this shithole until its completely destroyed.
Comment from : PARKOUR_EXTREME

slade tuner
plus add bad theology as well too
Comment from : slade tuner

The Brits hide behind the air of 'class', 'sophistication' and 'civilisation' but really these guys have committed some of the worst attrocities in history.
Comment from : LifestyleDesign

kleant pane
for the good of Humanity every good man must stand and fight for the death of israhell
Comment from : kleant pane

Gregory S
Cult worshiping ottomans
Comment from : Gregory S

David Hinds981
More far reaching blood and pain from British policies right up to this present day?
Comment from : David Hinds981

travis ingram
Who owns the media , finance and lawyers?
Comment from : travis ingram

Jason Hay
Mattityahu Ifland Mattityahu Matti Peled
Comment from : Jason Hay

Every Jewish person living in the diaspora should be made to watch this excellent documentary before attempting to defend Israel's god-given right to dominate the land and its peoples. Most Jews know little or nothing of the actual history that led to the foundation of the state of Israel, choosing instead to believe the creation myth fed to them over many decades by local Zionist organisations around the world.
Comment from : mdog111

Akbar Kamall
Is it true that the British tried to purchase Palestine from the Ottomans? I need source and confirmation of this.
Comment from : Akbar Kamall

Interesting way to frame history...I think we shouldn’t completely ignore the desires of the other two sides. All sides have selfish interests regarding their own position. In the end, I guess God will decide which people are his true favourite.
Comment from : Rocknrolladube

Humanity has been chaos since conception. Blame is on all humanity
Comment from : C MC

Roz Sa
There's an old saying - if two fish are fighting in a pond, an Englishman must've just walked by.
Comment from : Roz Sa

Necip Caglayan
Well done fazil and husein since than pialastinian crying blood... Double dealing
Comment from : Necip Caglayan

Necip Caglayan
It's Istanbul and remains Istanbul...
Comment from : Necip Caglayan

Historical Timelines Are Important
Comment from : Mella

Erik Vadasz
The strenght and financial state of Europe Astro-Hungary was ruined cause of this bs. Soon the the empire will fall of britain and usa.
Comment from : Erik Vadasz

Buzy Munna
I think back then this would be classed as Modern Day PIRACY!!!
Today/current times......... nothing has changed.

Comment from : Buzy Munna

Comment from : S A

Would love to live to see the day Britain sinks into the ocean
Comment from : eojgnoix

F/A 18 Super Hornet Pilot Cessna 152 pilot.
England was always Evil , the Young US fought the red coats in the revolutionary war and years later , two evil countries were born working side by side killing people through their soft charming dialogue. These two countries are the direct cause of the wars waged and the lives lost throughout the world !
Comment from : F/A 18 Super Hornet Pilot Cessna 152 pilot.

Go Far
unfirtunately too, textbooks nd newspapers dont tell the whole stories... until this time, media is not reliable...
Comment from : Go Far

Go Far
the pain of that part of the world that asean ethnics prefer to be silent is: the arab nations when wealth(oil) rained on them, they didnt join hands nd fight head on for palestine nd generously left bethlehem in respect to the israel... ethnics know genghis khan said in baghdad, "u bury ur mountain of gold u dont give to ur people..." only iran nd turkey r resolute for a islamic world...
Comment from : Go Far

Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Paşa
Hi, I'm from Turkey and I have a question to Arabs especially Saudi Arabs. What do you learn about Turks and WW1 in schools ?
Comment from : Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Paşa

Turbo Charge
Islamic world need Ertugrul and Osman in 21 st century . Hope Arabs are watching this documentary..
Comment from : Turbo Charge

Marion Plaza
Brits in the comment section still refuses to accept responsibility。
Comment from : Marion Plaza

Interesting the British Monarch;As far as I'm aware of,have NEVER visited Ysreal ESP.post 1947. As a SON of a British FATHER & JEWISH Mother, this has from time to time CREATED.both disappointment & consternation. Why did British troops TURN a blind eye when we landed in the cover of darkness on the coast as refugees RETURNING to our future / rightful homeland. Why ,when JEWS were already living there, did the Arab world THEN turn savagely against us ??? CR.
Comment from : Caleb ROBBINS.

Peace and love : all I know what ever you to other you will get it back it is just matter of time.
Comment from : markonefly

As a Palestinian I feel the pain that my grandmother and my mother felt..i hope my daughter will not.
Comment from : Pepper

Ahmed Im Rana
The whole global unrest is all due to the unjust political policies of the British
Comment from : Ahmed Im Rana

Hassoon Hassoon
Shameful history on Britain’s part.
Comment from : Hassoon Hassoon

Ian McKenzie
History is written by the victor, There are no real winners here looks like they were all out to save their own necks.
Comment from : Ian McKenzie

ALWAYS Britain
Comment from : TheKeithvidz

Saad Jamil Khan
Moral of the story, " Never trust the West'
Comment from : Saad Jamil Khan

Jacky White
Basically, assurances for a Jewish homeland were exchanged for an acetone process, which the British desperately needed during WW1.
Comment from : Jacky White

Should Britain be punished today for the past?
Comment from : A J

carole lerman
Sorry volume too low.
Comment from : carole lerman

slade tuner
Comment from : slade tuner

Nadeem Zaidi
Comment from : Nadeem Zaidi

22.52, let's slip COLONISATION of Palestine, quickly changes it to immigration, very telling from an academic, he knows that the Zionists were as unscrupulous as Britain and France.
Comment from : ERNALD ANCOATS

Sr D
Part 2?
Comment from : Sr D

4:50, 9:50, 11:18, 15:15, 16:52, 17:35, 18:02, 19:15, 19:35, 22:32, 24:32, 25:10, 26:45, 28:16, 29:50, 37:10, 39:55, 47:10
Comment from : Ranadeep

Lorraine Stafford
This is always going to be war in the Middle East untill the king of king comes @ saves his people israel read your Bible
Comment from : Lorraine Stafford

Akbar Kamall
Britain has a PhD in deception.
Comment from : Akbar Kamall

Abderrahmane Djerourou
Don't blame it on Briton. I blame it on the idiots that believed Briton.
Comment from : Abderrahmane Djerourou

Kelly Watkins
A war that that will never win neither side can come up with their God to make sure it's theirs
Comment from : Kelly Watkins

Wild World
In the past british is zionism best friend , but now american is the buddy the one who give huge amount donation to israel .
Comment from : Wild World

Jose Carlos
Constantinople hadn’t this name after 1496 wtf are you crazy? The city name is Istambul since 4 centuries or so.
Comment from : Jose Carlos

Andy Wong
That was history. Currently it is American imperialism. But US is on a slippery slope. What hold for the westerners in the future?
The West is but a sun set.
The sun always rises on the East.

Comment from : Andy Wong

Jim Edgcomb
The comment at the very end that to use the Sykes-Piqot agreement as an excuse for what was happening today would be a mistake, is simply the most ludicrous statement I've heard in nearly 80 years of living on this planet... The author assumes that people forgive, forget and move on.... HELLO.... Most cultures, particularly CONSERVATIVE cultures based on ancient ideals which are highly religious have NEVER been known to have the ability to forgive, forget and move on.... NEVER HAPPENS... How disingenuous can you possibly be ? ? ? ?
Comment from : Jim Edgcomb

Britain relates to occupiers and oppressors
Comment from : Karl91

Taimoor Rehman
Those who establish friendships with Britishers and American end up with just bloody Betrayals
Comment from : Taimoor Rehman

Inderjeet Gujjar
India was 22% of the worlds economy when British came, when they were leaving it wasn’t even .02%
Comment from : Inderjeet Gujjar

Muhammad Ihsan
Britain is the mother of all evils.
Comment from : Muhammad Ihsan

Richard S
Anyone know who the man commenting from 1:16 - 1:20 is ?
Comment from : Richard S

Super Clown
Yipppeee, the Blame Game is on ... hold up, just gonna' get my popcorn
Comment from : Super Clown

Patricia Palmer
Thank you for the truth. Lawrence of Arabia sold his soul and never recovered.
Comment from : Patricia Palmer

In history it's always easy point blame who's is to blame especially in the middle east.People in those regions even up to now seem blame everyone else for their problems and not themselves.
Comment from : davym007

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