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Title :  This Land Is Mine
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Comments This Land Is Mine

L4UT1X Vergador
A malvinas version could be cool because that island has changed hands like 6 times and it was also pacifically raided about 3 times.
Comment from : L4UT1X Vergador

Commissar Hilger Becrum
So it's basicaly mankind history ina nut shell
Comment from : Commissar Hilger Becrum

Anyone know who gave them this land?
Comment from : Etv

The Random Soldier
So in a nutshell:

🇬🇷(Blue Version)
🇬🇷(Red Version)
🇮🇱+ 🇯🇴 + 🇸🇾 + 🇱🇧
Political 🇸🇦
🇮🇱+ 🇯🇴 + 🇸🇾 + 🇱🇧 (bad kind)
This whole video.

Comment from : The Random Soldier

יואב אברהם
Israel were there first so... that Israel not Palestine and Palestine never was an actual country
Comment from : יואב אברהם

Jerry Cloud
0:18. First settlers/cavemen.
0:28. Canaanites.
0:38. Ancient Egyptians.
0:48. Assyrians.
0:55. Israelites.
1:07. Babylonians/Persian Empire..
1:10. Greeks/Macedonians (Alexander the Great).
1:17. Greeks/Macedonians (after Alexander the Great).
1:23. Ptolemaic Egypt.
1:26. Seleucid empire.
1:32. Hebrew Priest and Maccabees.
1:47. Romans.
1:56. Byzantines/Sassanids.
1:58. Arab Caliphs.
2:00. Crusaders.
2:04. Mamluk Egyptians/ Medieval Egypt.
2:07. Ottoman Turks.
2:09. Arabs.
2:12. British/Europeans.
2:27. Palestinians.
2:27. Jews/Zionists.
2:31. Jews vs Palestinians.
2:39. PLO/Hamas/Hezbollah.
2:45. State of Israel.
2:53. Guerrilla forces/Palestinians.
3:00. Angel of Death (Azrael).

Comment from : Jerry Cloud

Aidan Timmons
This is so relevant and damning to people who ignore this kinda shit, I’m not surprised it’s buried. It’s almost like defeat within truth. They’d have to accept that the whole conflict on any side makes all sides looks stupid. Which they all are. Not for fighting but for the claim of “their land”
Comment from : Aidan Timmons

This video feels like one of those old flash games where you have to kill the king before he turns around to look at you.
Comment from : Zero

Fun fact: they're all fighting for the one place in the Middle East without oil
Comment from : Zero

BR Mgr
Great concept but once again, the Black African, the original on the land is disregarded.
Comment from : BR Mgr

Tomasz Hardy
Someone suggested that in a comments section under a Kenshi playthrough and... it fits. This is a first time I've seen that and I'm on YouTube since 2006. It's amazing. 🙌
Comment from : Tomasz Hardy

Dan Pelins
People fighting over a piece of land in the middle east, claiming it over themselves even if they used nuclear weapons to annihilate their enemies. Then you realized everything is pointless since Death is the only one who wins.
Comment from : Dan Pelins

James Harris
God bless Israel 🇮🇱
Comment from : James Harris

Peanut butter and Jellyfish
Its even better in x2
Comment from : Peanut butter and Jellyfish

Angie Muhm
I love that ending!
Comment from : Angie Muhm

Shiver Arts
I come back educated on western and middle eastern civics history, I press play now.
Comment from : Shiver Arts

double TNT
Comment from : double TNT

Came from Tiktok
Comment from : THFAMOUSONE

Some Person
Comment from : Some Person

Member Berrie
Can someone explain 1:30 scene? The priest and the purple guy?
Comment from : Member Berrie

Raphael Lauf
Israel belongs to the streets
Comment from : Raphael Lauf

thereal Noiapah
This land is mine? Nah, more like this video is mine.
Comment from : thereal Noiapah

Thug Kermit
This in not the original video
Comment from : Thug Kermit

The Bacon Army Squad
This should be in history italian
Comment from : The Bacon Army Squad

TheRealBaz *
since i love history this is so perfect
Comment from : TheRealBaz *

Imran Hossain
01:35 Bastad Israel ya
Comment from : Imran Hossain

This song is kind of a banger
Comment from : Kmoney

Dummy Dummy
“There must be darkness for there to be light.”
Comment from : Dummy Dummy

Otaku 707
It’s so good-
Comment from : Otaku 707

King Baldwin II
I want take my holy land again!
Comment from : King Baldwin II

Nope And nope
Pretty accurate
Comment from : Nope And nope

so the lord giveth and the lord taketh away huh 🤣
Comment from : perfectionbox

Ofir Aharon
We dont use AKs..
Comment from : Ofir Aharon

Tomas Tanuz
rip caveman he did nothing wrong
Comment from : Tomas Tanuz

Nothing At all
I really wish you do more of these videos. Your work is inspiring!
Comment from : Nothing At all

Marma Meme
who is from tictoc?9
Comment from : Marma Meme

Bible the musical
Comment from : Shamar134

Thanks tik tok
Comment from : MoFi

hacker IV
Comment from : hacker IV

The Boi Rokossovsky
All the people from start to finish: 1st Jordan tribes, eastern tribes, Egypt, southern tribes, hebrews, Greeks, Persians, Egyptians , Macedonians, Hebrews, romans, Omani Kingdoms, Seljuk Turks, English crusaders, ottomans, Iraq rebels, saudis, British, Hebrew population, Palestinians, Isreal, ISIS
Comment from : The Boi Rokossovsky

Prasad Np
Which land is this Israel
Comment from : Prasad Np

a mf
This is gold
Comment from : a mf

Cockroach Stomper 2049
I can't fucking believe the original creator didn't get as much views as the guy that re-uploaded it.
Comment from : Cockroach Stomper 2049

Big Ben
Comment from : Big Ben

bruh the children here look like the grubhub kid
Comment from : GermanGamer7

History of israel
Comment from : ThisIsRamzyy

Best Trends
Who’s here from TikTok
Comment from : Best Trends

Cactus Green
Wow just wow. Perfection.
Comment from : Cactus Green

ares 1999
my hair is standing up at the back of my neck.
i've seen this an unhealthy number of times and cant get enough

Comment from : ares 1999

Sure since the land is in hand of zionist now's. Let's all live in peace and stop fighting. The artist being a Jew have nothing to do with this of courses
Comment from : TAJ AL HAFEZ

Tere gonzalez
Geniales!! Lastima no traduce al Español
Comment from : Tere gonzalez

Guil, the Hedgehog
person: [*sings*]

person behind him: i'm about to end this man's whole life

Comment from : Guil, the Hedgehog

Yeeted Cats
"So take my hand"
Takes hand Leopold style

Comment from : Yeeted Cats

Guess Time
Is this the original?
Comment from : Guess Time

Grail Knight
Well... Time to play total war again.
Comment from : Grail Knight

Why does the creator has the least views?
Comment from : Meba

Quinn Ramirez
Ok. So I case anyone was wondering I’ll tell you who the factions are.

0:18. First settlers/cavemen.
0:28. Canaanites.
0:38. Ancient Egyptians.
0:48. Assyrians.
0:55. Israelites.
1:07. Persian Empire..
1:10. Greeks/Macedonians (Alexander the Great).
1:17. Greeks/Macedonians (after Alexander the Great).
1:23. Ptolemaic Egypt.
1:26. Seleucid empire.
1:32. Hebrew Priest and Maccabees.
1:47. Romans.
1:56. Byzantines.
1:58. Arab Caliphs.
2:00. Crusaders.
2:04. Malmuk Egyptians.
2:07. Ottoman Turks.
2:09. Arabs.
2:12. British/Europeans.
2:19. Palestinians.
2:27. European Jews/Zionists.
2:31. Jews vs Palestinians.
2:39. PLO/Hamas/Hezbollah.
2:45. State or Israel.
2:53. Guerrilla/Freedom Fighters/Terrorists.
3:00. Angel of Death.

Ps for all those of you complaining about historical accuracy, it’s just a cartoon, so chill. I also marked most of them when they started singing rather than when they get killed.

Comment from : Quinn Ramirez

“AGH! *to me*”
Comment from : CHONG CHEE KAI Moe

6th Grade Social Studies...
Comment from : Thehappysquid

Comment from : blankchck

Great work!!
Comment from : bosozoku1000

I love this, but you forgot the Persians in between the Babylonians and the Macedonians! The Achaemenid Empire conquered the region, and the construction of the Second Temple was made possible under Cyrus the Great in 559 BCE.
Comment from : NihonNiv

Adnan Nouri
No this land is mine
Comment from : Adnan Nouri

Comment from : jamesattenbourgh

Marco M.Shaker
I have been seeing it for more than a month and it is still fabulous
Comment from : Marco M.Shaker

Vin Facts
Some pet peeves about this video
- It shows Alexander the Great conquering the Levant from Babylonians, completely ignoring the Achaemenids.
- it shows the different Hellenistic empires fight over the land, but shows Arabs as one people, when in reality, there was the Rashiduns, Umayyads, Abbasids, Tulunids, Fatimids, and Ayyubids, all of which were as distinct as Hellenistic states, and killing each other.
- Ottomans should've had guns, the Janisseries were known for their muskets, and the empire was called 'Gunpowder Empires'

Comment from : Vin Facts

The original has less views than a reupload
Comment from : Obi-Wan-Kenobi

Marco M.Shaker
Comment from : Marco M.Shaker

Ilay ohana
damn this video is full of gamers. shoutout to the gamers at 2:30.
Comment from : Ilay ohana

Atayız !
Comment from : Atayız !

Hannah Borai
This actually really misrepresents the conflict. Ya the art and symbolism is cool but this isn’t exactly a religious war, it’s justified by religion or religion is used for the myth making component of a nation state. Many of these instances in history the rulers just changed not the people living there. Plus there were many times when the area was multi religious. You can prescribe this type of history to any country on earth, what the Palestinian Israeli conflict is what has made the regions area seem like it has a unique history of violence. This video makes it look like it’s two groups of people fighting for a barren piece of land for ideological reasons when it’s actually for survival. Being a refugee is extremely dangerous for the many Jewish refugees following WWII and now millions of Palestinian refugees who have been sucked into almost every west Asian war. Also the conflict isn’t equal sided. One side is militarily, politically and economically dominating the other which is continuing the system of violence. It’s not so simple to say religion sucks, people are fighting for grand visions and trampling on others to achieve it so death is the winner tho it seems pretty for this video
Comment from : Hannah Borai

omg why is your video, the actual creator not on top of the search list when I look it up?!! That is so unfair?! Did they have permission to reupload your video? you should ask Youtube to take it down so people will watch it through your channel!
Comment from : TSprong

Duke of Wrexham
Comment from : Duke of Wrexham

Midi Music Forever
Meanwhile outside of the Phillipines.

China: This sea is MINE

Comment from : Midi Music Forever

Cheat Yukhu
Comment from : Cheat Yukhu

Pádraig Mac Conghaile
go fuck yourself transphobe, this is a really good video
Comment from : Pádraig Mac Conghaile

Damn, being a history nerd and watching this is just perfection
Comment from : ZABOO

Rex Panzo
Arabs: T H I S L A N D I S M I N E
Asia: What in the heck <( ಠ_ಠ )>

Comment from : Rex Panzo

Ömer Ege
rip off bruh not the original one
Comment from : Ömer Ege

Jacques Aubin
Ahh, the theme from Exodus
Comment from : Jacques Aubin

Cant believe the other guy who posted it got more views.
Comment from : Mo1stantine

Dot Warner
So take my hand... and walk this land with me...
Alexander the Great: I take things quite literally you know.

Comment from : Dot Warner

This land is Minecraft
Comment from : FRISHR

Jakub Szymański
Comment from : Jakub Szymański

Fun Fact: There are 3 videos that are the same of this, but the 2 that copied the video have a million views and this only 100.000 and is the original, so it's like "This video is mine"
Comment from : KrorgZz

Daryn Schubert
did you made the video or did somebody else did cause i found anohter video www.youtube.com/watch?v=-evIyrrjTTY&ab_channel=LawrenceLagerlof
Comment from : Daryn Schubert

kjh 2462

japanese: thisu isu mine no desu

Comment from : kjh 2462

salahuddin khan
Where did all the names go?
Comment from : salahuddin khan

Comment from : D37u2e ि SUB TO THE NEW CHANNEL

Nail David
bruh the repost have more views than this
Comment from : Nail David

Imagine someone copied your answers and get more marks than you do
Comment from : NetworkHoffman

Harrison The Car Guy
Great video
Comment from : Harrison The Car Guy

Adel Dola
This land is really mine
Comment from : Adel Dola

A literal raven
That land is actually mine. I hired a land surveyor
Comment from : A literal raven

Jihed w Barra
The video's maker on the other video which has more views: THIS VIDEO IS MINE
Comment from : Jihed w Barra

Mr Moth
Take my hand.
Comment from : Mr Moth

Juter Ivanovich
There are 2 ways to solve the problem.
1.Evacuate the population in Jerusalem and destroy it with nukes. So we don't have to struggle.
2.Make Jerusalem independent region with anarchy. No government rules the land. No army, no political building in the land.

Comment from : Juter Ivanovich

الحارس الشخصي لمشيع
Comment from : الحارس الشخصي لمشيع

Mangelo Ark Z
I ❤️ this Vid .
Comment from : Mangelo Ark Z

Comment from : J B

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