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The True Location Of Bethsaida

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Title :  The True Location Of Bethsaida
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Comments The True Location Of Bethsaida

Sonia Vazquez
PLEASE READ ***** What is that stone (sculpture) showed on 0:43 (seconds-video) .... It is interesting! Is it a pagan god or devil simbol?
Comment from : Sonia Vazquez

Thank you for showing places Jesus could have walked and taught people. Praise Jesus he is Lord.
Comment from : sg1fan75

한국에서는 주로 고지대의 유적을 벳세다라고 알려주는데,
세르지오&로다를 통해서 로마 시대에도 해수면이 높지 않았다는 사실을 알게 되어서 좋았습니다.

Comment from : 황금무르팍

Simon Risley
It would have been a lot better without the completely inappropriate music for what they themselves describe as a 'cursed' town. And the trite, dumbed-down commentary doesn't help...
Comment from : Simon Risley

augustine sanda
I want gi to bible land(israel) but no have budget.😢
Comment from : augustine sanda

Scott Coy
Why are there always coins laying around?
Comment from : Scott Coy

Pumpkintown Primitives
Sergio and Rhoda how can I get in touch with Achia Kohn-Tavor for a possible dig sometime in teh future? Thank you for your great content and Christlike witness! I hope we can meet you someday. From South Carolina, USA
Comment from : Pumpkintown Primitives

Ann Botha
I appreciate your video s..
Comment from : Ann Botha

Michael Eisenberg
Great piece. Better than most academic presentations I've heard on the subject. Great editing job.
Comment from : Michael Eisenberg

Shannon Smith
I think, for all of us, and our future. If you have a construction project, building a home or a remodel, throw some coins around so later on, the people excavating don't have to look so hard to date things. If you really want to mess them up, put some fairly old coins in the ground, jut to confuse them. Great video, love these! Thank you!!
Comment from : Shannon Smith

Francis Doss
Dear adorable Rhoda & Sergio, interesting work by the Archaeologists and scientists at the location of Bethsaida...Once again: "Terima kasih": Thank you in Malaysian (Bahasa Malaysia)...Stay Blessed...Amen.
Comment from : Francis Doss

Tina Hale
I will come to this amazing place as well as all of Israel Jerusalem ❤❤❤❤ Thank you for sharing ❤❤❤
Comment from : Tina Hale

Anita Christopher
hi guys I want to see israel but I can't afford the expenses vist Israel through your vedio I saw israel I wish if was born in israel but I was born in India
Comment from : Anita Christopher

ed bryan
I love your on-sight visits and especially with Bible accuracy and honesty. I was impressed with the David & Goliath video. I know you did a quick effort with the sling. Here, I believe the Bible suggests some more information. 1 Sam 17:40 says David took his stick in his hand and chose 5 smooth stones...and vs.43 Goliath said to David "Am I a dog, that you come to me with sticks?" This could indicate David used a shepherd's sling which is a sling attached to the end of a stick or staff. These hurl larger stones at great accuracy and only require a single motion. There are videos on this. This is way different than most conceive. Thanks again for your very interesting work! Also, I was blown away by the symbolism you pointed out at Qasr El Yahud (baptism of Jesus) WOW! Even more than WOW! I always knew the crossing into Canaan had a very special significance. You really put it together.
Comment from : ed bryan

Louise Hutauruk
The Holy Bible, when it comes to Israel two thousand years ago .. never stop saying: amazing amazing amazing .... Sergio & Rhoda, thank you.
Comment from : Louise Hutauruk

Bethsaida Cius
My name is bethsaida
Comment from : Bethsaida Cius

William Garayua
More likely Bet-saida (House of Saida) and Saidan were two cities nearby; one on the shore, and one on the hill.
Comment from : William Garayua

Sergio and Rhoda, so you know south side of Sarasota! --- I wish you would know rav Yehezqel Italki from Toronto!
Comment from : barbasia

Debadoo B
Wow that's amazing. And when the man was talking about what the Old Testament was true or fairy tales oh, and he believed it was true, I wished I could ask him if he believed in Christ because the entire Old Testament points to Yeshua and prophesize about Him. In a more humorous tone, even their money is purple!! I'm a huge purple freak. So when Rhoda said you see the purple there that's the coin. I'm sure it probably wasn't really a purple coin, but it made me grin all the same
Comment from : Debadoo B

Karen Demorest
OK, if the Lake Galilee has not changed, why on the Jordan River video has the Jordan become smaller which is fed by the Lake?
Comment from : Karen Demorest

rampart ranger
Is the shore rising up after the crazy extra rain of the last two years?
Comment from : rampart ranger

Karen Demorest
Thank you, Biblical Truth Warriors! LOCATION, EXPLORATION, VERIFICATION!
Comment from : Karen Demorest

Donnalea Hodgkinson
I have just discovered you guys on Youtube and I have been binge watching since yesterday. So very interesting. Thank you.
Comment from : Donnalea Hodgkinson

heidi brown
My be soon we all could live there with God and Jesus Christ. And you beautiful people. So stressful here.
Comment from : heidi brown

Bill Kellum
Love the Fifth Gospel. Thanks for bringing it to life for this Chicago boy. ❤️👍
Comment from : Bill Kellum

Virginia Hansen
We enjoy your videos. Lord willing, we will travel to Israel in a few weeks. A group from our church is traveling with Biblical Expeditions. We recognize Marc in your video! You have provided a window into what we may experience. Shalom Virginia and Steve-West Palm Beach, FL
Comment from : Virginia Hansen

Onias Ndoro
Thanks guys for sharing the reality of what transpired in the Holy land during the days of Jesus and Israelites in general.
Comment from : Onias Ndoro

Terry Todd
Great video! I love archeology, especially when it pertains to our Lord!Thank you Sergio & Rhoda for all you do for us. Have a beautifully blessed day!
Comment from : Terry Todd

Will Lowe
I can’t get enough of your videos can’t stop watching!!!
Comment from : Will Lowe

Kenshin Dale
I am really in love with your content. New subscriber here. Do you have a list or a guide to the places you've been in Israel? Am planning to take my family to those places so I could show my kids what the things in the bible that they read looks like.
Comment from : Kenshin Dale

Kenshin Dale
I am really in love with your content. New subscriber here. Do you have a list or a guide to the places you've been in Israel? Am planning to take my family to those places so I could show my kids what the things in the bible that they read looks like.
Comment from : Kenshin Dale

Sheila Barron
It is So Cool that you both get to do what you do and help people out about The Book of Life. God Bless and Love and Peace to you both
Comment from : Sheila Barron

Benjamin Falzon
I've always presumed without looking into it that the sea of Galilee was a saltwater sea, so I was very surprised when I've heard that the sea of Galilee was the largest freshwater lake on earth.
Comment from : Benjamin Falzon

Yos D Liko
so wonderful land. Thanks so much for you both..Sergio & Rhoda. God Bless.
Comment from : Yos D Liko

John Parrott
Sergio and Rhoda are producing awesome videos. I use these in teaching Bible students. Thank you for the great resource.
Comment from : John Parrott

Kevin Du Toit
Keep it up Legends!!!
Comment from : Kevin Du Toit

Alguien que me diga dónde puedo ver este documental en español? o con subtítulos en español?
Comment from : Flaca

Gina Bowman
I just found your channel today and am thoroughly enjoying it.
Comment from : Gina Bowman

Kent Fink
N 32.893102 E 35.619214
Comment from : Kent Fink

Dianne Ledford
I'm so grateful to have found this channel ❤️ stay positive and blessed 🙏 thanks for sharing the details of the holy Land with me
Comment from : Dianne Ledford

eunice wairimu
This videos makes me fall in love with Jesus more and more
Comment from : eunice wairimu

Cindy Crockett Bradley
God shall always supply water for Israel! She is the Apple of His eye! Praise God
Comment from : Cindy Crockett Bradley

Your channel
One vedio = 100000000 DIAMONDS 💎💎💎💎

Comment from : Prem

St Myles
Very instructional. Thanks for sharing.
Comment from : St Myles

YossefD'Perez Diaz
I find myself addicted to your videos,😁😁😁 thank you!!!
Comment from : YossefD'Perez Diaz

Vik Viks
U people’s have been making perfect videos i love ur videos
Comment from : Vik Viks

Arun Somasundaram
All your videos are amazing. Great work.
Comment from : Arun Somasundaram

Can someone please tell me name of theme song to their videos?
Comment from : MetroWalt

Larping is fun.

Titus did well in his campaign of destruction (which strangely seems to have parrallelled Jesus' ministry).

Well made video. Hope I didn't offend anybody. Shalom

Comment from : current_interest

you guys just get better and better!!
Comment from : ONLY 1 WAY!

True.. thank you Sergio and Rhoda, love to you both..
Comment from : SassyBashir

Michael Dooley
awsom thanks
Comment from : Michael Dooley

Christian Celtic Warrior
You both make a cute couple and may Yeshua Bless you both for all you do for this heathen world
Comment from : Christian Celtic Warrior

Rebecca Gutierrez
By the grace of God, I will be traveling to Israel this October - November. And I am beyond myself. My sister will accompany me. It is going to be the trip of a lifetime. I thank God for making it possible.
Comment from : Rebecca Gutierrez

Bobby Nichols
I Am So Grateful To Find You Blessing Us So Much. Bless You Both🌿💞🕊
Comment from : Bobby Nichols

Aaron Lopez
An excellent information filled video. As presenters
you both are gifted in this field, I hope to see the new series soon. Thank you so very much.

Comment from : Aaron Lopez

Cedric Jeffers
Next the real Jerusalem
Comment from : Cedric Jeffers

kevin shortt
Great videos beautifully filmed. Thank you for sharing them. God willing one day I will get to visit
Comment from : kevin shortt

* 69
For the Love of Money, if you like that kind of stuff' :[) LoL
Comment from : * 69

Angel Rod
For 12 minutes ? For a great find
Comment from : Angel Rod

love your video artifacts ...
they can date by things that are fired at high heat, such as pottery , magnetic direction of earth at the time...
the one guy talks about oxygen degrading , but can not say it..

Comment from : pked9

Great video...keep up the great work.
Comment from : Rodeojoneswa12

Nana Woolon
Now this is an exciting series, any Christian touring the promised land would rather see Israel like these two are, enjoying the people visiting notable towns walking in the footsteps of Jesus. Anything is better than the endless tourists all trying to do as much in one day as possible, jostling one an other to get the best photo opportunity. Sadly missing the true glory beneath their feet, not feeling that awe the meaning of fellowship the hidden side streets where food is shared. You two have made this journey fun and informative for that I thank you
Comment from : Nana Woolon

Those people left coins when I barley left a quarter.. they were at least sentimental. They must of loved their homes.
Comment from : DWH BOI

Amanda Cherra & Co
Beautiful. I want to go there for 2 months someday
Comment from : Amanda Cherra & Co

I am living my dream to visit is real through Sergio and Rhoda. I love it. I watch it on a big screen and I feel like I'm there
Comment from : WizzardOfPaws

Jaci Bledsoe
Something I have been curious about...we see pictures of the different sect of Jews at the wailing wall but what is the proportion of Jews to Messianic Jews in Israel?

A trip to Israel has always been my dream but I know that I will probably never see it. Your videos are so precious to me for that reason!!! Thank you and may Adonai bless your work.

Comment from : Jaci Bledsoe

Melissa Feds
I wish you made longer vids. I enjoy them so much.
Comment from : Melissa Feds

Melissa Feds
Whats that place u keep showing b4 u zoom out n show Israel?
Comment from : Melissa Feds

sunny John
God bless you Amen
Comment from : sunny John

Michelle Ruiz
What a great video! Amazing!
Comment from : Michelle Ruiz

Louise Mitchell
I’m really enjoying these vids you two! Such high quality editing. Thank you for posting them.
Comment from : Louise Mitchell

I love you guys and am so, so grateful for you. You bring me to the land of our history and the land of our heart.
The amount of information you give has brought the Bible to life.
We watch all videos we can find on the Holy Land and I have to say yours is right up there and surpassed History Channel in content and quality. Well done my brother and sister....I will see you soon on the sea of fire and glass.
Prophesy is coming to life in the Holy Land!

Comment from : GraftedandGrateful

And people say the Bible is not trustworthy.
Comment from : HmongGuitarPlayer

Drago Musevini
At first I thought it said Bethesda.
Comment from : Drago Musevini

If the city was cursed by Jesus, why would u dig it up? Doesn't sound like a good idea.
Comment from : ToBeOrNotToBe

These videos are awesome!
Comment from : E O

catholics NOT christian
Comment from : Gissie

jerry williams
I agree, very correct. God Bless you
Comment from : jerry williams

Ms. J
Another AWESOME video!!! Thank You for allowing God to use y’all to be a Blessing🙌🏽
Comment from : Ms. J

Can't even begin to wrap my head around the reality of TWO THOUSAND YEARS AGO... wow. Just wow all the centuries that have come and gone..
Comment from : Fraevo10

Lynne Shaw
I am stunned! Right after I showed my son (Pastor Jeff) Charlie's teaching on circumcision, I was telling him about Sergio and Rhodah and how they make videos about Israel. My son told me about how someone had made a quality video of the dig site at Bethsaida where he and his wife were at on their visit to Israel. This is that video!! That is my daughter-in-law, Kyleen, in the blue shirt who found the coin! My son is in a red sleeveless shirt and can be seen pushing a wheelbarrow in the background. I just can't believe it. FUN!!! Hi Sergio, hi Rhodah and hi Charlie from all of us here in san Diego, California to you all in Israel and Florida. :) (small world)
Comment from : Lynne Shaw

I just love what you are doing! Hearing the stories about Jesus and seeing the actual locations is so beautiful!!! Thank you! Thank you!!!!
Comment from : R GENE

Sonshine Brown
What a wonder, educational, presentation. How exciting to watch. Thanks you two for these fantastic episodes. Love ya, jan
Comment from : Sonshine Brown

S Lewis
Wow , follow up on the find at the end? Coin? Fantastic video :)
Comment from : S Lewis

The Deadliest Cachers
How exciting.
Comment from : The Deadliest Cachers

S & S Multiservice LLC
please make it 30 minutes...pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  GOD BLESS YOU BOTH!!! GREAT JOB!!!
Comment from : S & S Multiservice LLC

Old Man Neal
Thank you again Sergio and Rhoda! So awesome to see and be a part of the digs where Jesus walked!
Comment from : Old Man Neal

Faith Joy
Glad to see the dynamic duo back together sharing Israel's beauty and rich historic past. It makes the Bible simply come alive. Gd bless you both xoxo
Comment from : Faith Joy

Cindy Stroop
Very interesting!
Comment from : Cindy Stroop

Marvelous for you to be in HIS STORY. . . . history.
Comment from : maingate

make it longer please , still hungry for more please
Comment from : sora873

Will Smith
Thanks for sharing your stories. Very enjoyable. :^)
Comment from : Will Smith

Barb Wilson
Camera shots are excellent! Drone? Thank you for this historic perspective of the Land where our Savior walked!
Comment from : Barb Wilson

Debbie Willoughby
Excellent!! So interesting!! Thanks for posting!!! 😀 enjoying watching from Wellington New Zealand. I feel I know Israel so much better thanks to your “inside” videos!! 😀
Comment from : Debbie Willoughby

George Thielemann
Comment from : George Thielemann

Ethan Knapp
Hands down your best video this year. You killed it!
Comment from : Ethan Knapp

Manny Colavito
Great video and historical information!  I didn't see Fee Fee, just a black and white cat drinking out of a bowl.  Fee Fee need to have more air time than an unknown cat!  LOL!
Comment from : Manny Colavito

Arlene D
Your videos are a highlight each week. Thank you for bringing these amazing stories.
Comment from : Arlene D

LancashireLass NowUpNorth
I sadly can not afford to travel to Israel so I value the Sergio and Rhoda videos very much. Thank you, your efforts are much appreciated.
Comment from : LancashireLass NowUpNorth

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