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Should Israel be investigated for possible war crimes? | UpFront

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Information Should Israel be investigated for possible war crimes? | UpFront

Title :  Should Israel be investigated for possible war crimes? | UpFront
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Frames Should Israel be investigated for possible war crimes? | UpFront

Description Should Israel be investigated for possible war crimes? | UpFront

Comments Should Israel be investigated for possible war crimes? | UpFront

Edward Murphy
THE sad part is ISRAEL will never admit to their crimes, for their defence is ,unless they can force the PALASTINIAN PEOPLE to accept their right to take what land they like, AND BET others to turn their back on the PALASTINIAN PEOPLE, the forces against them will grow stronger and stronger,AND in the end ISRAEL will go down to disaster.
THE second sad part is this state of affairs was notinevitable but came about ,because of hubris , god and america are on our side..

Comment from : Edward Murphy

Vibez Gatspy
Take land,,,, Talk tuff,, take ancient history,,,, playing like they, ancient people,,,, sure not,,,danny is. A BOZO,,
Comment from : Vibez Gatspy

Vibez Gatspy
1948,,,belfour benefit...
Comment from : Vibez Gatspy

Joe Viveiros
Comment from : Joe Viveiros

Zane Alam
The Colony of Israel doesn't care about the ICC, because they have the White House.
Comment from : Zane Alam

Vigirlio blanco
They have been killers since they left Egypt, now the planet is under their foot, all thanks to a cluster of books the edited and call a Holy Book, not allowing common sense to flourish.
Comment from : Vigirlio blanco

Jason Q
It took them 25 minutes to say yes. Still a lot faster than anyone else
Comment from : Jason Q

Humble Guy
Great program
Comment from : Humble Guy

Michael Spencer
You do not strike a nation and expect no death in return , if stop terrorisng israel you may live longer they do do it to themselves
Comment from : Michael Spencer

Michael Spencer
Until they make islam a crime unted nations is only a terrorist group
Comment from : Michael Spencer

Michael Spencer
There no weight in united nations
Comment from : Michael Spencer

Cabdullaahi Ismaaciil
Don’t blame Israel, blame the US government who supports a racist state who butchered children on daily bases.
You talk about Israeli politics in the US and you will be destroyed by their Lobby.
Even the president of the US dare not talk about the injustices done by Israel and forget about the congress 😢😢
The US is basically castrated by Israel do what they tell them to do.
You will be labeled anti-semi right away. No chance !

Comment from : Cabdullaahi Ismaaciil

Enough is Enough
Comment from : yashikopesar

Definetly, that was the mother of all bombs and the Assistantion of the country
Comment from : yashikopesar

Darrick Ellis
No justice won't finally prevail but at least the world has an eye on Israeli government
Comment from : Darrick Ellis

Zombie Conselor
In which border will they stop stealing other people's land?
Comment from : Zombie Conselor

David French
The only war crimes here are against Hamas. Firing rockets at civilians is war crime, retaliating is not a war crime.
Comment from : David French

Carl Holmes
Comment from : Carl Holmes

34ey5 drift
Comment from : 34ey5 drift

Maxo Sall
Israel is the only apartheid state in 21 century
Comment from : Maxo Sall

Rodrigo Vasconcelos
Israel = nazis
Comment from : Rodrigo Vasconcelos

Norbert Blue sky
Doesn't Palestinian people have right to protect its land and its citizens?
The ZIONISM is the most dangerous ideology out there. It is worse than Communism!
Zionism, Fanatic Islamists, Neo-Cons, Fanatic Hindus, Buddhists, Communists are the REAL CRIMINALS in the world in last 70 plus years.

Comment from : Norbert Blue sky

Norbert Blue sky
The ZIONIST state of ISRAEL and all its TERRORIST leaders from the establishment must be brought to JUSTICE. I Love Jewish people. I am not against the establishment of Israel for the JEWISH PEOPLE but the problem is the "POLITICAL ZIONISTS" in Washington DC, New York, Moscow, London, Paris who plays all all the DIRTY political moves behind the doors that causes millions to die, Terror, wars, ethnic wars.
They are 100% behind 9/11 attacks on USA and all the wars and terror in the Middle East..

Comment from : Norbert Blue sky

Kenneth Hammond
Allegedly poisoned,Germany refused to supply any medical data to Russia or offer evidence that proved Navalny was poisoned by Russia which denies the allegation.
Comment from : Kenneth Hammond

robert huey
argg hard to digest racist pigs
Comment from : robert huey

robert huey
any moment we will hear him say hi hitla
Comment from : robert huey

robert huey
is there such thing as a natzi jew ?
Comment from : robert huey

robert huey
gosh that fist guy should be ashamed for being so stupid and detatched from reality, palistine IS THE REAL VICTIM , you freak
Comment from : robert huey

Avichay Avichay
No i dont iesrael is not or shod not be invstgaeitn for craem
Comment from : Avichay Avichay

Putte Kokc
As much as Hamas, Hizboullah etc. And the countries that don't recognize Israel.
Comment from : Putte Kokc

Israel has all the rights to defend itself
Comment from : Daffyyy

Should it? Yes. Will it? No
Comment from : Freddovich

Nathaniel Flores
No Because Israel Have Right To Protect Themselves
Comment from : Nathaniel Flores

Exotic Simplicity
yes they should
Comment from : Exotic Simplicity

Electro Pop
12 years ago they were investigated too.enough is enough
Comment from : Electro Pop

Ed Bd
Any and everyone should be investigated especially Palestinian occupiers.
Comment from : Ed Bd

Anika A
They should be held accountable. Will they? No
Comment from : Anika A

I think a better title for this report would be "How has Israel NOT been investigated for decades of undeniable war crimes?"
Comment from : Bryan

T k
American and Israel think they are above international law.
Comment from : T k

Jack the Rimmer
How can it be ok to move in and takeover another country, crazy. These people are crazy, they killed the actual son of a god, the son of a god. Oops. Don’t hear any apologies
Comment from : Jack the Rimmer

golden Warrior
Isreal is in violation of article 242 its a land grab
Comment from : golden Warrior

Arkadiusz Trześniewski
Israel should never be a thing in the first place.
Comment from : Arkadiusz Trześniewski

Fida Haq
I think USA and its only begotten Son Israel should leave UNO and form their own League of Nation. Nothing will convince them. Just let God take care of them. Be God's mercy and blessings be upon us. We are just temporarily upon this earth.
Comment from : Fida Haq

Javier Agundez
Comment from : Javier Agundez

Carlos Razuri
Not only Israel, also USA, Saudi Arabia, and whoever is behind ISIS.
Comment from : Carlos Razuri

Iain Prendergast
Yes, it's one of the most absurd wizard of Oz like atrocities.
Look what we are doing.
But no, we are not doing it.
How dare you ask questions we will now call you what we are.
Now take that.

Comment from : Iain Prendergast

mun xey
Danny sounds like an A hole
Comment from : mun xey

Darko Vasić
This is disguised T-800! 😂
Comment from : Darko Vasić

Darko Vasić
If you accuse Israel of anything, they will start shouting that it is anti-Semitism, and then they will continue to bomb!
Comment from : Darko Vasić

A.S.E Taboo
Navalny knew he would be arrested on his return to Russia......Because he violated his Parole requirements on more than 50 occasions.
Kasparov's hero is a Rascist , Fascist Fraudster......Well done Garry

Comment from : A.S.E Taboo

A.S.E Taboo
Building settlements on occupied land is a crime......That alone is justification to prosecute the Apartheid State of Israel.
How many convicted criminals of the Jewish Faith had their family home demolished ??

Comment from : A.S.E Taboo

Aleem Maideen
The ISRAEL tickets is always Holocaust and self defence...what a bullshit...come on the whole world knows and the Jews too knows what the ZIONIST doing in the PALESTINIAN LAND
Comment from : Aleem Maideen

this guy talks like arnold scwrazanegger
Comment from : YoshiKarp

I like to know when the court in the haig will investigate Russia north Korea China Syria Iran and other terrorist states.this court is another obstacle in the way of Israel but it will not succeed.
Comment from : ZION DAR

if a prime minister of Israel even think about giving up Jerusalem he will go down in no time.these anti Semite members of the court are picking on Israel because it is a democracy.even the Arab countries are tired from those no good Palestinian who commit crimes and lying.
Comment from : ZION DAR

Good boy
"we have investigated ourselves and we concluded that we have never done anything wrong"
Comment from : Good boy

Sherron Pitts
Danny Danon lies as much as Netanyahu.
Comment from : Sherron Pitts

james P
This is why Western "People"... Maybe Not Governments... Do not support Israel. I never buy any product from Israel. Fortunately Australia has to give the origin of food (fruit etc) which makes it easy.
Comment from : james P

Dev Yakthungba
Unfortunately western world will turn blind eye. Other wise they wouldn’t dare do this evil act.
Comment from : Dev Yakthungba

Brady Patterson
Israel should be investigated for genocide and crimes against humanity.
Comment from : Brady Patterson

Max Spitznagel
Yes it is high time, do the think the can do what ever the want .
Comment from : Max Spitznagel

jose villagrana
Danon "our borders," they keep changing everyday like the expansion of the universe it cant be explained like the concept of dark matter?
Comment from : jose villagrana

Jonathan Labusch
Did he answer any of the questions?
Comment from : Jonathan Labusch

Russians I meet appreciate Navalny but don't view him as President material.
Comment from : CHH

Nunur Biznus
Short answer: yes
Comment from : Nunur Biznus

Seems like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan need to worry about Wahhabism while in Israel and the USA there is a crisis of Whataboutism.
Comment from : Carthes

Marco Sgravato
Comment from : Marco Sgravato

SharifNageye Nageye
There's no question about that but unfortunately no one will hold responsible to Israel
Comment from : SharifNageye Nageye

Khan Jee
Israel is not only responsible for war crimes in Palestine,it just responsible for war crimes all over the world as it teached others to assume such tactics to occupy other s lands.
Comment from : Khan Jee

Khan Jee
We love aljazeera to discuss on this subject,as this is the most subject to discuss.
Comment from : Khan Jee

Khan Jee
This guy representing Israel as a free hand brutal regime acting with impunity.
Comment from : Khan Jee

Patriotically Incorrect
This guy sounds like a SS officer
Comment from : Patriotically Incorrect

Asaye Worku
Aljezeera is the tererist media
Comment from : Asaye Worku

What international body has the authority to hold countries to account anymore. Regardless, these institutions are either powerless or corrupted with entwined economic interests.
Comment from : delatroy

Diss & Dad
Let's not forget that this so-called government was also best friend with the colonial Apartheid racists of South Africa, who tortured, enslaved and murdered Africans.
Comment from : Diss & Dad

ender diego carrion velazquez
Yes they should how much more can they get away with they need to be held accountable war criminals 100%
Comment from : ender diego carrion velazquez

Oliver Dash
No! Israel has been given the right to commit any evil acts they desire. This is from their GOD. He said they are not bounded by any thing. Unfortunately a lot of people believe this. Hitler did his evil because his GOD though his said the same thing.
Comment from : Oliver Dash

Ranch JellyBean
Uh ? Duhhhhh!!!!!
Comment from : Ranch JellyBean

Why is it wrong agree with the BDS movement but it's okay to agree with cruel behavior of Israel? Thank you sir, for your kind interests. I stand by and would like to take this opportunity to double down on my callus comments regarding neighbor deletion. Next question.
Comment from : ronglenn919

Abdullelah TSKNI
And America too because they are helping Israel 🤮 to be Exist on a stolen land in the middle of the Arab world
Comment from : Abdullelah TSKNI

Johann Marjeta
The moral code of the IDF... Says the guy that also said, "we delete the neighbourhood"...Fkn snake!
Comment from : Johann Marjeta

Danny “Delete Neighbourhoods” Dannon just demonstrated better than anyone why the apartheid Israeli state - namely but not specifically the Netanyahu administration - is guilty of war crimes. He is personally an accessory to war crimes and should be investigated also.

Bring it. Kudos to Marc Lamont Hill for being such a forensic interviewer.

Comment from : EndResult

Ummm yes?
Comment from : SWEET, MAY I EAT IT?

Daniel Nkem
Israel have to save their country and their people from the surrounding hostile neighborhood, You don't have to wait until you are dead from you will defend yourself
Comment from : Daniel Nkem

I think his teeth is stuck to his tongue..
Comment from : Giddyupman

Impossible. US will close the eyes as if nothing happened.
Comment from : Mo7amedB

Ron Green
Al Jazeera is full of it
Comment from : Ron Green

Renato Sassone
Marc Lemont Hill is very good.
Comment from : Renato Sassone

Renato Sassone
Shame,Shame,Shame on Israel !!!,
Comment from : Renato Sassone

he talk like arnold schwarzenegger
Comment from : lagrangewei

Mehdi Hassan was great on Upfront but Marc Lamont Hill should do a.good.job too
Comment from : hannibalking86

Joe M
Sadly, just another apologist for the apartheid state of Israel. And a collective shame is shared for the genocide of Palestinians as the US closes a blind eye and funds these atrocities.
Comment from : Joe M

Walter Chin
Western nations especially US don't believe in rule of law. To them Might Is Right.
Comment from : Walter Chin

Digital Adloniant
6:10 'we have a moral army'.. IDF has sniper units who compete with each other of who killed the most pregnant women.. they even have T-shirts with a logo showing that... IDF committed atrocities beyond your imagination (all documented and can be viewed online). I don't understand how this Israeli official can sit there and lie to us straight with that face.. reminds me of sociopaths who after committing a murder, and being in court they utterly reject the allegations and claim they are innocent lol.
Comment from : Digital Adloniant

This guy isn't a politician, he's just a propagandist, so his argument is nothing to do with reality or justice.
Comment from : looperant

I Kenn Di Polux
Israel today is like Hitler's Germany ... towards the Palestinians, and everyone who says the truth
Comment from : I Kenn Di Polux

Hypocrites!!! They are deflecting their genocide of Palestinians to Hamas...lol...He can't even answer the interviewer's questions properly; he's emotional because they know they're guilty.
Comment from : J P

"Those who say they are Jews but are not."
Comment from : J P

hamzah khalil
Is this the dude from cnn !
Comment from : hamzah khalil

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