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5 Used Cars You Should Buy

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Title :  5 Used Cars You Should Buy
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Scotty Kilmer
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Comment from : Scotty Kilmer

Ty Hammond
I’d definitely put a 4.3 vortec on the list because the engines are indestructible, yes they have problems. But still very hard too break. Good first car
Comment from : Ty Hammond

Youre a genious
Comment from : M E

Johnny Jacuzzi
Scotty is a Trailer Park Boys character in real life.
Comment from : Johnny Jacuzzi

Michael Fester
I'm looking for a reliable car to go back and forth from college and I found a 2003 honda accord ex with the six cylinder engine and was wondering if this was a good vehicle or if it had any problems?
Comment from : Michael Fester

Bobby Hemmit
Cracked screen smashing like button
Comment from : Bobby Hemmit

🤣🤣🤣 Super
Comment from : Khaan-NY-

What about more recent models? Any tips?
Comment from : Samuel

The only camrys i find on willhaben are hybrids 😔
Comment from : Jxhnny_Gxddamn

Thanks scotty, I can only find the hybrid 2011 Camrys in my city and only 2007 and 2009 Camrys standard engine but I read they had major oil burning issues and other issues...the worst of all the Camrys are 2007 and 2009 it says so staying away from those yeares ones..., and I cant find any of those 2012 Corolla GLX in my city, so I'm going to test drive a 2010 Honda Civic 2.0 GL Vitec tomorrow...its not an SI model though unfortunately..
Comment from : WeAreLive!

Jay Puga
I don't know if I'm high but I'm seriously convinced scotty was a Muppet that became a real boy.
Comment from : Jay Puga

Patricia Baker
What's your take on the 2000 Honda Civic EX Couple 4 cylinder?
Comment from : Patricia Baker

Why does he have the fusion #4 over the accord?
Comment from : ThaBoothMan

Max's Raving Music Production's 123469
I love my ford fusion i know its a 2019 ford fusion titanium hybrid but i think it will last 200-300k miles at least good enough for me
Comment from : Max's Raving Music Production's 123469

Why you gotta do HP like that Scotty?
Comment from : tronDom

Jorge Arvizu
Does anyone knows if it is a good idea to get an accord 2014 3.5 v6?
Comment from : Jorge Arvizu

Paula Johnson
I have a 2020 Kia Rio. Do you think the Kia Rios are good cars built to last?
Comment from : Paula Johnson

Milton Florentino
The labored parentheses roughly steer because zebra unusually pull athwart a damaged find. jumbled, natural robin
Comment from : Milton Florentino

durako dobbie
I just bought a 2012 honda accord after watching this lol
Comment from : durako dobbie

What are your thoughts on a honda accord 2013 EX-L coupe i4
Comment from : Ydidyoubullyme

Max Check Cash
Are you recommand Honda CRV Yr 2012 used
Comment from : Max Check Cash

Shaleesa Simmons
Comment from : Shaleesa Simmons

Andrea Stultz
Hi, I got a 2008 Nissan Versa. I got rear-ended inauguration day. It didn't look so bad but they had to replace the rear frame under the bumper and the gate as she calls it. Well the drivers Insurance wanted to total my car. But I only have twenty-nine thousand miles on it. And they're having a problem replacing the gate or hatchback. I heard they just went through three of them. And having a problem. So I don't know what to think I wish you would reply to me. I love my little versa. I've never had to replace one part on it just battery and tires. And I got her with 18018 miles. She is 29648 Miles now. So I'm only putting on a little over a thousand a year. I don't know what to do. Can you please help?
Comment from : Andrea Stultz

Kevin Crafts
I like the Ford Fusion, and they are a great buy, however quite a few of the engines failed early.
Comment from : Kevin Crafts

Now Scotty about 2012 Honda Accord.......I bought a new one, and after only 3000 miles the rack (part of the steering) had to be replaced twice because it was leaking. And power steering system
had to be replaced all in all with the car having less than 5000 miles. Believe it or not I had to sue Honda for all that time I spent in dealers repair shop (the lawyer who did the legal work got 85 percent of what I got from Honda), now you say buy 2012 Honda!!?

Comment from : victorthegreat

Luis Ruiz
This guy is YouTube's grandpa
Comment from : Luis Ruiz

honda do be dominating :D
Comment from : Neo

Johnny Piston
The N600 and S600 were the first cars Honda sold in the U.S.
Comment from : Johnny Piston

Simon Ruvin
I'm looking for a good first used car. I was looking at the 2011 camry. But I was interested in getting a bit of a newer model. Would you recommend the 2017 camry?
Comment from : Simon Ruvin

User Name
i bought an 05 camry with 140k miles... hoping it’ll take 15-20k a year of abuse lol
Comment from : User Name

Dopey Worker
I'm going to walk the car dealership gauntlet this week. I appreciate the video sir.
Comment from : Dopey Worker

Stewart Davies
Not trying to bust your B*lls, BUT...
The first car that Honda sold in the US was either the S-800 roadster, I bought a used one, or the N-Z 600 a cute two cylinder car that I owned before I bought the used 800! The 800 was made and first titled in the same year as my 600 and they were both about two years before the Civic! Since that time, I owned two more 600 Z Coupe's! They were more fun to drive than you could beat with a stick! I also later had a Honda Today, another cute two cylinder car that was also great!, Since then I have owned seven other Hondas, counting the two I own now. ( So that I can afford to own a fast car.) An 88 & 93 Preludes, and five Insights!
To show what kind of nut I am, I also went through Three Mustangs, and 16 F-Bodies, counting the three I have now and three Chrysler/Dodge Minivans!

Comment from : Stewart Davies

Jaedon Flowers
he reminds me of ron on gta😭😭
Comment from : Jaedon Flowers

Charles Gould
I'm hoping you also influence people to make good stuff!
Comment from : Charles Gould

Robert Rodriguez
I bought a new 2014 Accent 4 doors. Great car, all I did was change the oil, trans fluid changed 2x, and changed the spark plugs at 140,000 miles when it started to surge pulling hills. I did get one ignition coil under warranty at 12,000 miles. I should have kepted that car.
Comment from : Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez
Same, is the 2012 Corolla, better then a 2013, or 14. Just want to be sure, that only the 2012 is the one?
Comment from : Robert Rodriguez

I understood that the ford fusion was made in the same factory as the mazda 6 in the U.S., i.e a joint venture with mazda not volvo. I own a 2013 mazda 6 made in the u.s. and it's a very good car (with a ford ecoboost engine). I also noticed the new mazda 6's have a "recommended" rating from consumer reports. Mazda makes good cars.
Comment from : supermash1

Nina Washington
This dude is freaking hilarious and I love it! 😂😂😂
Comment from : Nina Washington

Ismael Mori
Scotty do a updated version of this. A couple of years have passed. 👍
Comment from : Ismael Mori

Fish Fish
I owned and worked on German cars all my life. I just purchased a 2012 Honda accord v6 sedan and I love it. I still love working on the German cars since they make me a lot of money....
Comment from : Fish Fish

Wing Trek
I've got a 2013 Accord with a manual transmission. Very reliable and strong with the 4 cylinder engine. Drives like a dream.
Comment from : Wing Trek

luis castro
OwesomePossum “ another great video, thanks Scotty 😃😀😃😀
Comment from : luis castro

Daniel Yang
thecarwizard said not to buy the 2012 accord because of brake issues. he said to buy 2013 or newer. whos right?
Comment from : Daniel Yang

#5 2012 Honda Accord - 1:21
#4 2012 Ford Fusion - 2:44
#3 2013 Honda Civic - 3:49
#2 2012 Toyota Corolla - 5:48
#1 2011 Toyota Camry - 8:19

Comment from : AA-ron

Scotty u need idiots to buy cars that don't last else mechanics will be out of a job
Comment from : BERTO G

Shantell Smith
2000 Honda Civic. Bequeathed from my grandmother. Over 150k miles. Never had a problem.
Comment from : Shantell Smith

5 - 2012 Honda Accord - @
4 - 2012 Ford Fusion - @
3 - 2013 Honda Civic - @
2 - 2012 Toyota Corolla - @
1 - 2011 Toyota Camry

Comment from : iztheterrible

Scott Taylor
Beware of fusions, I've owned two of them, the first one had the engine mounts go out at 60,000 then someone hit me. I bought another and sure as the sun, the engine mounts went out after 5000 miles. My mechanic just said the oem mounts are poorly designed
Comment from : Scott Taylor

Thanks Scotty, I bought a 2011 Toyota Camry. I spent a decent amount for it but im expecting it to pay off in 20 years.
Comment from : morriskl3

Dano Sam
i got lexus hs 250h 2011 , is that same as Camry 2011,since they are both 2.4L uncle scotty
Comment from : Dano Sam

Artur Botelho
Scotty your opinion on Hyundai Elantra?
Comment from : Artur Botelho

Kevin Masseau
I bought 2 years ago a civic 2010 manual with 80k milles do you think its a good buy for the long turm?
Comment from : Kevin Masseau

Mixup 221
What about Miata? Miata is always the answer isn’t it?
Comment from : Mixup 221

suzy czolno
Scotty, i only listen to you. Honest, knowledgeable, and so adorable! Ty!
Comment from : suzy czolno

So it is official: The Japanese makes the best cars!

Martin Holmes
Mercedes 240D
Comment from : Martin Holmes

Was about to buy a Chiron but Scotty persuaded me a Camry.
Thanks for saving me a bunch of money!

Comment from : S L

william chang
Great, it looks likes me should had a 2011 Toyota Camry..
Comment from : william chang

Anthony Cruz
That moment when your car is the same one as the thumbnail 😎
Comment from : Anthony Cruz

Wesley Guan
I bough a brand new 2015 Honda Accord coupe with 2.4L when I was a freshman at college.

I love my car, and I am so sad when I have some thoughts for getting a new car.

Comment from : Wesley Guan

my 2010 honda accord v6 with paddle shifts with 165000 km on clock has never had a transmission problem. i believe they solved it in 2008 model, but the mdx models were solved in 2010.
Comment from : Dino

Luke Crawford
What about a 2011 accord 4 cylinder?
Comment from : Luke Crawford

Christina Bales
Scotty...thank you!
Comment from : Christina Bales

There is one good thing about Finlands traffic laws. If your car is older than 10 years, you have to pass inspection every year and younger than 10 every other year in order to be allowed to drive the car.
Comment from : tiputipu777

Snacks Two go
Read about what JESUS did this is mine blowing. Can you believe this, did you ever hear of this about HIM

Romans 10:5/10, c u there!

Comment from : Snacks Two go

Tristan N
Ever worked on a Supra?
Comment from : Tristan N

my dad have a old Corolla, it's was like a 80-90 I think

he sold it around 2015 cuz he wanted a newer car, still ran good af

Comment from : ZeroTwo

John Serrano
Cavaliers,any year
Comment from : John Serrano

Basshead Chris
Thank u scooty. I bought my 2012 honda accord lx back in June 13 2020 because I watched your other videos and took your advice.
Comment from : Basshead Chris

#1 Common sense 😂
Comment from : Addika

Christopher Guevara-Espinoza
Wish Scotty was my mechanic
Comment from : Christopher Guevara-Espinoza

Has Anyone else spent probably a dozen hours of scotty's advice? Learned a great deal from you sir, I appreciate ya.
Comment from : smokedjoweed

Edgar Arellano
So wait is the 2004 Honda Accord a good car?
Comment from : Edgar Arellano

Ember M
I love all your videos!!! I’m getting a Honda now and never buying a Mini Cooper again
Comment from : Ember M

Nick Rah
I guess 2012 was the year of the relable cars! hehahahe {scotty laugh}
Comment from : Nick Rah

Nick Rah
the 2012 accord {coupes} are awesomelooking and awesome driving vehichles...mine has 1500000 just breaking it in!
Comment from : Nick Rah

Philip C
I have a 2013 Honda Civic great car!
Comment from : Philip C

Braydan Braswell
youre lowkey hilarious lol
Comment from : Braydan Braswell

I'm more seripus about getting a Toyota now lolololol
Comment from : bsiccs

Tanya J
Were are you located or how can I ask a questiom
Comment from : Tanya J

long c
I know this is a long shot but what about a 05 Mazda 6 over and 02 Hyundai Elantra which would be better similar mileage and Mazda is priced 1,500 over the Elantra
Comment from : long c

Eye on art
I prefer used rather than new.
Comment from : Eye on art

Eye on art
Hey Scottie what about the kia soul???
Comment from : Eye on art

Mike H.
Great info! I've owned a few older Accords but the 2012 might be one of the ugliest ever.
Comment from : Mike H.

I want an s2000 so bad
Comment from : Anson_tj

True Lionheart
What about a 2012 Honda civic?
Comment from : True Lionheart

Teufel Hunden
“Date German, Marry Japanese”
Comment from : Teufel Hunden

The only thing I object about Camry is its design or shape. Wide body Camry are ugly and can be very difficult and awkward to parallel parking, just bad shape and wrong design.
People make mistakes, and so as Toyota of Japan..

Comment from : TheThomas888

Anthony Martin
Your a Legend 👌🇮🇪☘️🇺🇸🙏
Comment from : Anthony Martin

El Fiera
Just bought a 2008 Toyota Corolla with 208k miles, thing just warming up
Comment from : El Fiera

Atilola Agunbiade
I Love Scotty's reviews!...its a blessing to listen to such wisdom all the time. God Bless you.
Comment from : Atilola Agunbiade

Marco Agosta
Watched this after glad I got number 3
Comment from : Marco Agosta

Any thoughts on a 2012 to 2015 VW Eos?
Comment from : ctmascman

Timothy Boyd
Hey Scooty, what do you think about a 2002 Honda accord? I found 1 for $2600 with 156,000 miles.
Comment from : Timothy Boyd

Max Hardaway
i see your number 5 pick 2012 honda acorrd but definitely not the 05 - 2010 version, butwhat about the 2011 honda accord
Comment from : Max Hardaway

Ryan Gee
i buy only toyota and lexus cause of scotty .
Comment from : Ryan Gee

Comment from : noisepuppet

samson bahari
Camry is the winner 🥇. Wow.
Comment from : samson bahari

samson bahari
I don't wanna, talk about it.
... I am sailing... I am sailing...
Some guys has all the luck...

Comment from : samson bahari

Go to the bathroom already 😂
Comment from : DJ TWELVE TWENTY

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