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MY TRIP TO ISRAEL \u0026 JORDAN! Petra, Dead Sea Floating, Tel Aviv + more! | Travel With Me

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Information MY TRIP TO ISRAEL \u0026 JORDAN! Petra, Dead Sea Floating, Tel Aviv + more! | Travel With Me

Title :  MY TRIP TO ISRAEL \u0026 JORDAN! Petra, Dead Sea Floating, Tel Aviv + more! | Travel With Me
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Frames MY TRIP TO ISRAEL \u0026 JORDAN! Petra, Dead Sea Floating, Tel Aviv + more! | Travel With Me

Description MY TRIP TO ISRAEL \u0026 JORDAN! Petra, Dead Sea Floating, Tel Aviv + more! | Travel With Me

Comments MY TRIP TO ISRAEL \u0026 JORDAN! Petra, Dead Sea Floating, Tel Aviv + more! | Travel With Me

Morgan Yates
When you're seeing this, parts 1 & 2 of this trip's vlogs are already up! Check them out:
Part 1: bit.ly/2Hv0X05
Part 2: bit.ly/2JyUPX2

Comment from : Morgan Yates

Hashem Safadi
It’s Palestine not Israel
Comment from : Hashem Safadi

٧٨ MCI ٧٨
It is palistine not isreal 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸
Comment from : ٧٨ MCI ٧٨

Layla Ade
Wow Palestine is so pretty ❤️
Comment from : Layla Ade

Kawthar 1D
It’s Palestine 🇵🇸
Comment from : Kawthar 1D

Wahaj Attari
I just want to know that Can I use your video in my video It will be a documentary video.
I will also give you credit.

Comment from : Wahaj Attari

Omg did this cost less than 25 grand?
Comment from : JoeyTV

Ben H.
Why in the hell aren't you wearing a hat? Young people.
Comment from : Ben H.

Amani Labiod
PALESTINE. How do you feel supporting land theft.
Comment from : Amani Labiod

Lauren Vallez
Thoughts on traveling with Contiki versus EF Ultimate Break?
Comment from : Lauren Vallez

Ralph Netta
To much camera shake and you move the camera round so quickly that we can’t see anything. Your video makes me sick !
Comment from : Ralph Netta

Everything in this video belongs to palestine not israel, free palestine 🇵🇸❤️✌🏽
Comment from : Arabrami

Israel doesn't exist...it's the land of Palestine.
Comment from : Dalmatinac3

Morgan where in NC are you from? I’m from Fayetteville but live in CLT 😄
Comment from : Elias

odai abuobeid
Simply viewers, because of this artificial state by Britain, there are 16 million Palestinian refugees around the world, I will not say anything else
From Jordan free Palestine

Comment from : odai abuobeid

dniala love
אני מישראל!! ❤❤🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱👋👋
Comment from : dniala love

Travel with Sarah
I love your vlogs wowww!!! I’m starting up this travel channel, would love some support !!
Comment from : Travel with Sarah

Dwight Brown
Could have tried birthright israel for free
Comment from : Dwight Brown

Comment from : exvoiu

Ariel Gold
Long live ISRAEL 🇮🇱🇮🇱❤️❤️🥰🥰 the only democratic in the Middle East
Comment from : Ariel Gold

eman abotawella
There is no state called Israel, Israel is a vile "organization" that violates the right of human societies, regardless of what you do with Palestine. God excludes you from you, O Savlin, but the creation of God will come one day and it will be destroyed in the damned Israel. Long live free Palestine, its oppressive enemies. Jordan, I love you Palestine
Comment from : eman abotawella

Astrid Martinez
Hi! What time of the year were you in Israel? Just trying to get a sense for what the weather would be like 😊
Comment from : Astrid Martinez

Ewa Sara
We were in Petra last week and there were some strange looking guys charging 1 JD for taking a picture from the 'prime location'......
Comment from : Ewa Sara

Jacob Corpuz
Watching your vlogs😍
Comment from : Jacob Corpuz

Bullshit Zone
Comment from : Bullshit Zone


Comment from : exvoiu

Thomas Farrelly
Did you go in May? Was the weather hot?
Comment from : Thomas Farrelly

Asmaa Al Helo
It’s Palestine 🇵🇸
Comment from : Asmaa Al Helo

Ariel Gold
Long live Israel 🇮🇱🇮🇱 love from Italy 🇮🇹🇮🇹❤️❤️🇮🇱🇮🇱
Comment from : Ariel Gold

Reagan Hutchins
Wankers, watched this.
Comment from : Reagan Hutchins

Reagan Hutchins
Israel and Jordan are two countries that want the world to fight it's battles, they are hacks.
Comment from : Reagan Hutchins

im going in july and im so excited
Comment from : Annabellegbowman

Blackpink ali
Free Palestine!🇵🇸❤️
Comment from : Blackpink ali

danya noman
Its not Israel its Palestine
Comment from : danya noman

avocato 567
ישראלים מישהו?
Comment from : avocato 567

alayna levi
I’m actually learning Hebrew (im 13) and I love Israel 🇮🇱!!!
Comment from : alayna levi

Sarah Kafif
Pasta Basta is the best pasta you can get in Israel. So funny, since it's just a simple pasta chain there, yet I go every time I'm in the country! <3
Comment from : Sarah Kafif

Haroon Ahmed
I hate israel
Comment from : Haroon Ahmed

Comment from : Emily

Artisha Walker
Did you go by yourself on this trip?
Comment from : Artisha Walker

Lily Hannah Rasof
pasta basta is the best!!!
Comment from : Lily Hannah Rasof

Dima Alenezi
You mean your trip to Palestine .. what’s isreal there is no meaning for this word ..
Comment from : Dima Alenezi

Naz R
that's Palestine.
Comment from : Naz R

I love Pasta Basta!
Comment from : Doonus500

Duy Tân Phạm
Comment from : Duy Tân Phạm

DK Pawar
So nice
Comment from : DK Pawar

Amélie Boucher
I LOVE the way you edit your vlogs!
Comment from : Amélie Boucher

Playground boy
Really cool 👌👌👌🎖
Comment from : Playground boy

Megan H
Comment from : Megan H

Lacey Holden
I leave for Israel and Jordan on Monday for a student trip! Your vlogs were so helpful and made me even more excited:))
Comment from : Lacey Holden

Noa Meerbaum
Sending love from Israel !! <3
Comment from : Noa Meerbaum

Merel van der Hulst
Love this video!
Comment from : Merel van der Hulst

Chelsea Daniel
Comment from : Chelsea Daniel

What no one tells you about the dead sea is the heat of the sand, outside and the water is the exact same soooooo not at all refreshing lmao. And the salt thing, IT BURNNNNS
Comment from : TZ

I was in Israel on a pilgrimage for 2 weeks in 2014 and I’ve missed “home” so much! We hit up EVERY CITY from north to south to east to west! It was amazing!! I can’t wait to go back! Great video!
Comment from : D A W N S H E R I E

Maria Scotto
Omg loved this video, so good! I hope you had a great time! 😊💕👌
Comment from : Maria Scotto

alma kaufman
I’m so glad u came here. Most YouTubers I’d like “famous” people, wont come here for too many stupid reasons.. I love you and hope u enjoyed!
Comment from : alma kaufman

alma kaufman
Welcome to Israel! I love you so much and I was so excited when I heard that you are coming! Come to herzelya
Comment from : alma kaufman

Roba Mysser
It's palastine not Israel 🤗
Comment from : Roba Mysser

Vanessa Lopez
Long live Palestine
Comment from : Vanessa Lopez

Roy Tropp
Very much SABABA!
Comment from : Roy Tropp

sabina viteri
I love these travel vlogs!!!!
Comment from : sabina viteri

Alyssa R
Morgan u can’t just make me almost cry at the end
Comment from : Alyssa R

Omer Setty
Great vlog! Love from Israel!🇮🇱 I respect and love Jordanians too😊❤️🇯🇴
Comment from : Omer Setty

Israel > Jordan
Comment from : sdy

Pizza The Hut
G-d bless Israel
Comment from : Pizza The Hut

Discover Life Media
I could see more of these types of vids!
Comment from : Discover Life Media

Patti Davis
Wow what a trip, so glad u got to go, glad u didn't get sick & thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Patti Davis

Allie Surratt
What an amazing trip!! I loved this.
P.s. team side part ❤️

Comment from : Allie Surratt

Hannah Coyle
ahhh such great footage! Guess I'm moving Jordan up on the bucket list!
Comment from : Hannah Coyle

Shelly Sobel
aroma is the besttt
Comment from : Shelly Sobel

Madison Ruthie
When I swam in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland in 2012, my hair was exactly the same!
Comment from : Madison Ruthie

Or Amir
Israel is amazing
Comment from : Or Amir

makes me miss israel so much! i visited in february 2018 and it was soo much fun, and learning about Jesus' life while traveling through the country while doing so was so incredible ✨definitely recommend even if you're not Christian! the food in itself makes me want to revisit haha
Comment from : hannah

Sarah Kromminga
such a cool place!!
Comment from : Sarah Kromminga

Andrew Power
Reading All those comments about palestine, I think the aggressive Intention of its writers speaks for itself...
Comment from : Andrew Power

AyatAllah Mohamed Hatem Kamal Mohamed ElMasry
It is NOT Israel it is PALESTINE. Hope you get this.
Comment from : AyatAllah Mohamed Hatem Kamal Mohamed ElMasry

Andrew Power
Do you have a boyfriend...?! 😎
Comment from : Andrew Power

Emilia Pest
Morgan, I am truly in love with your editing - it's amazing. I can't take my eyes off the screen. You go, girl 👏. I hope you had an amazing time ❤
Comment from : Emilia Pest

Amazing! Looks like you had a great time. Always love living through your travels.
Alana - Chris&Alana

Comment from : Chris&Alana

Mai H
israel doesn't exist. i think you meant Palestine.
Comment from : Mai H

walid hindi
wow is that a new country? it remindes me of palestine. it look like it
Comment from : walid hindi

walid hindi
a very well known traditional israel dish that they like to eat is called "خره" it is very popular between them
Comment from : walid hindi

Elizabeth Wolfe
You should do a video reviewing contiki and how it compares to EF tours
Comment from : Elizabeth Wolfe

Hannah Akande
I just want to acknowledge how nice this video was: editing, vlogging and all
Also if I ever go to Jordan and Israel I’m definitely bringing bug spray because 😳 hope you’re feeling better!

Comment from : Hannah Akande

Becca Leah
that girl who's scared to go down the one step is literally me
Comment from : Becca Leah

Palestine ♥
Comment from : E S R A A

Liliane Seffah
PALESTINE 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸
Comment from : Liliane Seffah

Petri Dish
My name's Petra lol
Comment from : Petri Dish

Kalynn Harris
Hmmm EF Ultimate Break or Contiki?
Comment from : Kalynn Harris

Ethan Zilberberg
Morgan, What was a better country Israel or Jordan ???
Comment from : Ethan Zilberberg

Shaima MS
Palestine 🇵🇸
Comment from : Shaima MS

Amal Abdelaal
Comment from : Amal Abdelaal

MacKenzie Schreiber
My dream trip.
Comment from : MacKenzie Schreiber

Caroline Schwartz
goes to the holiest part of the world doing it for free and for the gram
Comment from : Caroline Schwartz

Comment from : Salma

Ashley Livers
I love dolphins this is too cool!
Comment from : Ashley Livers

I’ve just found tour YouTube and omg these videos of your travels are amazing!
Comment from : SamanthaM

fyi most of the tines people get sick when traveling its bc of the water
Comment from : AnnaDaA

Brittany Macy
It looks so beautiful omg.

-small YouTuber ♡

Comment from : Brittany Macy

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