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10 Richest Gospel Musicians in America

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Information 10 Richest Gospel Musicians in America

Title :  10 Richest Gospel Musicians in America
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Description 10 Richest Gospel Musicians in America

Comments 10 Richest Gospel Musicians in America

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Comment from : TEN OVER TEN

Anayet Anayet
American Bible PhD lady finally found the true God

Comment from : Anayet Anayet

Aaron Lewis
That was arguably the worst reading I've ever heard in my life. Beneficial information, however, next time, get someone who can read English.
Comment from : Aaron Lewis

Ted Ashley
youtu.be/Xv84ols4v9c God bless...
Comment from : Ted Ashley

Rana Mansour
Rana determine
Comment from : Rana Mansour

Rana Mansour
Rana agree and accept for all business shows that coming from all the wourlds all majors
Comment from : Rana Mansour

Keisha Says
I hear the jealousy in your throat. And you're purposely not pronouncing their names correctly. How do you know all of this but can't pronounce their names? LMAOOO.
Comment from : Keisha Says

Nevin Reid
CeCe Winans is a Hypocrite i am Surprise about her. How she Talk about Giving The Need When we all Know Tht she doenst Give shit to anyone
Comment from : Nevin Reid

Big Clockwork
Dis is unacceptable and Disgusting.
Comment from : Big Clockwork

Valerie M. Simpson
I want to say something to the author of this video. I don't know about all the accuracy of the numbers and your incorrect pronunciation, but I will say you were humble when answering the harsh comments, saying thank you for your comment. This actually helped me in responding to future comments. Learn from it do not take it personal and move on. God bless you! Have a great day!
Comment from : Valerie M. Simpson

Jose Chumillas Gonzalez
Hola saludol Gracial un abrazo felicidades
Comment from : Jose Chumillas Gonzalez

Jose Chumillas Gonzalez
Hola saludol Gracial un abrazo felicidades que dio te bendiga amen fuerte abrazo
Comment from : Jose Chumillas Gonzalez

Jose Chumillas Gonzalez
Guauuu felicidader un abrazo Gracial campeón felicidader al amor un abrazo A mi amorcito
Comment from : Jose Chumillas Gonzalez

Jose Chumillas Gonzalez
Hola saludol Gracial un abrazo felicidades que dio te bendiga amen fuerte abrazo
Comment from : Jose Chumillas Gonzalez

dron fallon
In order for these people to be rich and have this kind of money, they have to compromise the Truth
Comment from : dron fallon

W Parsons
Don Moen came a long way from the 80s
Comment from : W Parsons

toy man
Religion is the biggest con job ever forced upon mankind. It started when someone got the idea that people could be controlled by telling them a bunch of fairy tales about some invisible "man in the sky." And when I see on tv the thousands of brain dead morons flocking to mega churches and falling under the hypnotic spell of these con artists, frauds, fakes, thieves and modern snake oil salesmen, aka tv evangelists, I ask myself "Are these people really that stupid?" Yes they are! Mark Twain said it best when he stated, "Religion began when the first con artist met the first naïve fool." To all the idiots tossing their money at these tv evangelists, I say "Oh well, you cannot legislate stupidity."
Comment from : toy man

Chinasa Lazarus
When was this? 8.5 million as of when?
Comment from : Chinasa Lazarus

benalu benalu
Andre Crouch's royalties and estate is probably still worth more than the highest number on this list, and he passed several years ago.
Comment from : benalu benalu

Where is the source of this information
Comment from : atestring100

Manny Rud
And the music of God is not for ENTERTAINMENT
Comment from : Manny Rud

Kirk Sullivan
Comment from : Kirk Sullivan

Kirk Sullivan
Comment from : Kirk Sullivan

YGB Greatness
I'm gone tell dorinda I'm pregnant
Comment from : YGB Greatness

"live gospel shows" LOL. Never heard of such a show.
BTW, these people are blessed. Don't be jealous. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you...
Everytime you hear someone has succeeded in something, rejoice!!

Comment from : D D

Betsy wanja
Comment from : Betsy wanja

well, this was suppose to be in order form lowest to highest...and whomever was reading this was atrocious!
Comment from : ashesly

Felicia M Johnson
OMGoodness, learn how to pronounce their names, that would help!!!!
Comment from : Felicia M Johnson

They make money off of Worship to God. We gotta question everything.
Comment from : MELLON HEAD

That Lady
Can you at least Google the correct way to pronounce their names. Can't even believe your numbers are credible because you missed something as simple as saying the name right or the w right name on too many artist.
Comment from : That Lady

Thyson Miguel
This voice over is just hilarious I wonder how many times you practiced to get it this shitty 😂
Comment from : Thyson Miguel

Ginger Weston
Ce Ce Winnings!!!! Isreal Houston!!!! OMG!!! 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Ginger Weston

sam-ivy taylor
there is no music ministery only a 5 fold ministery music is how elvis backslid
Comment from : sam-ivy taylor

Jillian Scott
You sick. Calling ppl names wrong trying to make yourself feel good. Her name is not si- neck. You many mistakes you've made. Wow
Comment from : Jillian Scott

Shelly Lambert
This speaker needs to learn how to pronounce the names of these Singers. Smh :-) :-)Laugh of the day!!
Comment from : Shelly Lambert

Lance Carr
Ummmm.... Can someone PLEASE tell me when Kirk Franklin became a "SINGER"!?. He is good and what he does.. But he cant sing.
Comment from : Lance Carr

Troy Victory
Dumbest and probably most inaccurate youtube post. The slides were misleading and a dig and wealthy Christians.
Comment from : Troy Victory

Live the Word Cathedral Pastor Travis J. Robertson
They make money from producing music and songwriting ....Songwriting brings great residual income.....
Comment from : Live the Word Cathedral Pastor Travis J. Robertson

Pastor Smooth
Who cares?
Comment from : Pastor Smooth

Ememobong Nkana
Okay! So Sinach is the first on the list with the lowest net worth, is the positioning according to popularity? Obviously gospel singers will never be as rich as their secular counterparts due to demand and the general dynamics associated with the music business. However it is good to know that God still takes care of His own especially when you choose to serve Him with your talent.
Comment from : Ememobong Nkana

Adam Burdette
Bill Gaither has more money than all of them put together !
Comment from : Adam Burdette

I wouldn't piss on their Gospel Album's much less play them. I'll stick with The Cathedrals & Kingsmen & Gold City. Southern Gospel Music is where it's at!
Comment from : TheShospitali

Doc Portland
Just so you know, this is WAY off. Amy Grant has sold more than 30 million albums, with a net worth around 55 million, and how could you not mention Bill Gaither.
Comment from : Doc Portland

Sheema Washington
Gotta work on that pronunciation 😂
Comment from : Sheema Washington

Blessed Gigi M C
Why did you put so many material products behind each artist trying to make them look like they are soaking in material things verses the true meaning of their gospel songs. You have no clue do you!!! You really did a disservice first pronouncing their names and then lying about their financial worth. Get a life because you are certainly jealous of these gospel artist lives and their relationship with God.
Comment from : Blessed Gigi M C

Quindalene Osayanren
I thought he was worth more.
Comment from : Quindalene Osayanren

Hattie Oneil
m ove up stairs
Comment from : Hattie Oneil

Donald Shelton
And Bill Gaither isn't on the list?
Comment from : Donald Shelton

Damian Rodgers
John P. Kee
Donnie McClurkin
Hezekiah Walker
Donald Lawrence

Comment from : Damian Rodgers

Mz Yo TruthNLove
I knew y'all were going in on these comments after watching this video.
Comment from : Mz Yo TruthNLove

Empower Indy INC.
This video is trash
Comment from : Empower Indy INC.

When talking about these some, that know personally it is always good to pronounce their names right.
Comment from : DiahannC

karla calloway
This post is so untrue. Facts are all wrong. It should be titled popular gospel artist not richest.
Comment from : karla calloway

Lovely Layla
Who TF is CeCe Winnings? Isarel Houston? 😂😂😂
Comment from : Lovely Layla

FALSE INFO. Cece WINANS performs and travels for very little in return (most times). Dorinda Clark-Cole has a clothing line and her show is not a reality tv show. There are sooo many other errors in this video, not to mention the pronounciations and such.
Comment from : Ms.GoodEnergy

non incornito
they are not real cristians
Comment from : non incornito

AF princess
There was nothing exciting about the tone of her voice in this video...
Comment from : AF princess

Jo Owens
Cede “Winnins” 😂
Comment from : Jo Owens

Rafael Borrayo
What i always wonder if they actually love god and follow his ways/rules or are they just like the popstars/illuminati singer's
Comment from : Rafael Borrayo

Johnny Mitchell
I give this video a dumbs down lol I mean thumbs
Comment from : Johnny Mitchell

Johnny Mitchell
😂 😂 Just throw the whole video away lord I can't stop laughing
Comment from : Johnny Mitchell

Mercedes Wilkins
Where Ben tankard, mike Murdock and they are pastors too as well as singers
Comment from : Mercedes Wilkins

Mercedes Wilkins
But at least these ppl don't ask for money from the congregation like the pastors do
Comment from : Mercedes Wilkins

Charles Orum
You can not take any of the richest on earth with you when you pass away.
Comment from : Charles Orum

GodN Formation
How is the $420,000.00 net worth number 1 and the $30,000,000.00 number 9?
Comment from : GodN Formation

Wendy Provost
I've learned from things going on around me enunciation pronouncement is key. You stumbled over not only names, but simple words.
Comment from : Wendy Provost

Janet Askew
Thank you Joy.
Comment from : Janet Askew

pink rose
Never heard of Kirk Franklin...
Comment from : pink rose

Barbara Carlson
And they had to sell their souls to Lucifer for their fame and money.
Comment from : Barbara Carlson

Mike Stuck
to bad you don't know how to properly pronounce names
Comment from : Mike Stuck

Hypocrits all of them.
Comment from : riptorn

James Franklin
Cc winans is the Janet Jackson of gospel
Comment from : James Franklin

Terrible information and presentation. Mispronounced names. Pictures of expensive merchandise and money was not needed in the background. Out of order in terms of supposed net worth. Don Moen, Michael W. Smith, and Jason Crabb are Christian music artists. Some artists shouldn’t have made this list and other unnamed gospel artists should have. Sinach shouldn’t have been on this list at all. Next time, do your research and have another person check your work.
Comment from : revmd621

Cece ‘Whine-nans’ not Win-nans”. Get your pronunciation right, who doesn’t known how to pronounce Winans though. “Ma-clurkin”, not “ma-Kirkland,”, I can’t ! . Obviously this lady does not listen to gospel music, lol.
Comment from : WalkinginGodsgrace

This list is laughable, especially how you butchered their names & mixed up the order of the numbers. You need to do your research before you post another list!
Comment from : LoLo60

russell north
lol, come Houston, ( Houghton) it seems we have a problem...
Comment from : russell north

grace katana
Hear you good people. Calling on you to build us a decent church at home. Sinnachi we are worshiping in a small mud church.Recently the bishop came for baptism it was embarrassing .please help us .we are an Anglican church in matanomane vitengeni Kenyan pastor is rev shaku.I am a teacher and the only one with a laptop here which i am using to try get some funds. Be blessed.
Comment from : grace katana

Mavis Dixon
Please re-do this with the correct pronunciation of their names! Awful!
Comment from : Mavis Dixon

Zachary Williams II
How are you doing Top 10 but mixing up the numbers? And you butchering their names is a disgrace.
Comment from : Zachary Williams II

Tracey Chiagoro
It’s pronounced Sin-ah-ch
Comment from : Tracey Chiagoro

Tracey Chiagoro
Try to Pronounce names correctly
Comment from : Tracey Chiagoro

So when did it become a sin to be a Christian and Rich? When will people realize that you can't help the poor when you yourself are broke. If you are using your riches by helping those who are poor, paying your tithes, supporting ministries and ministers that are preaching the good news of Jesus Christ, you have a right to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Comment from : jazshas

Ron Collymore
So what about Fred Hammond ? 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Comment from : Ron Collymore

Shawn Lane-Richardson II
Okay.... but Pastor Shirley Caesar isn't up here why? smh do your facts
Comment from : Shawn Lane-Richardson II

iShine Bright
This seems as if they are trying to get the IRS to look at particular artist. It's so interesting that majority of the artist are African American …and we all know that the CCM(Gospel) artist are cashing in at higher levels. Trolls
Comment from : iShine Bright

Lena Majors
Please learn how to say these names no shade jus saying bruh
Comment from : Lena Majors

Denise Abrams
Where is Marvin Winans and Shirley Ceaser do your research first before you do this video. You missed alot of gospel singers.
Comment from : Denise Abrams

Dominic Deverteuil
m’am say the words correctly!!
Comment from : Dominic Deverteuil

keith tisdale
Ma’am please spare us! 🙄🙄
Comment from : keith tisdale

a b
singing the gospel of money
Comment from : a b

Queen bee Perrin
The very very sad reality is that gospel singers don’t make close to what secular singers and musicians make. It burns my spirit, because most came from the church but went secular because of money. I pray that this shifts because people turn to gospel music when they need healing and are broken. In addition, even in gospel music blacks are getting paid less than their white brother and sisters in the body. Help our country this should not be.
Comment from : Queen bee Perrin

What's your point? Is this supposed to be a smear job on these artists? Why are the images of jets, yachts, and expensive cars and pocketbooks? This info could have been googled in most cases.
Comment from : augi3

Ciji Gil
Comment from : Ciji Gil

Bring It! Dancing Dolls
What about Kierra Sheard, Yolanda Adams, Karen Clark Sheard, and Tasha Cobbs
Comment from : Bring It! Dancing Dolls

maureen holder
Didn't enjoy the video this is not well presented and there's no real point to it....nonsense..
Comment from : maureen holder

Your pronunciation of the names definitely speaks volumes regarding facts and numbers... Do another video and upload again, this time with actual facts and figures. Annoying.
Comment from : MultiPolicy

Sock Snob Films
I have ZERO confidence in anything conferred in this video!
Comment from : Sock Snob Films

Paula Wines
Please learn how to pronounce these artists names correctly. 😲
Comment from : Paula Wines

angela brinkley
This person info don't sound right at all...and names we're not said right.
Comment from : angela brinkley

Who in the hell is this child "reading"??? Bless her heart!
Comment from : Tonysings

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