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Liberty Chuim
Been there .tel aviv, jerusalem.bethlehem.
Comment from : Liberty Chuim

this hurt 🤕
One Day i swear i well free 🇵🇸 from you dirty hands
Comment from : this hurt 🤕

Why would I want to go to a country where they kill kids?!
Comment from : Jellycat

Mecto Changer
Comment from : Mecto Changer

R burns
Americans should never tell others what they think unless they are asked,
Comment from : R burns

The Ashkenazi Jew led by the families known as Rothshield and Rockefeller are no longer fire worshipers and pagans who feared being conquered, but rather followers of a monotheistic faith, and have now become the most powerful and wealthy force on earth. What is actual fact is the Ashkenazi Jews are confirmed to be from the lands of the Khazars and are undeniably to be a group whose origins are from the tribes of the Ya-jooj and the Ma-jooj (Gog and Magog).
Comment from : R AH

n woude
dont go to isreal there are to many terrorists dont support them
Comment from : n woude

حمزة عواد
Palestine bro!😂 #Freepalestine
Comment from : حمزة عواد

Edris Ab. Rashid
Correction* Illegal state of Israel.
Comment from : Edris Ab. Rashid

Ramez Galal fan
Bro you think I will go to toilet paper look how Egypt won 6 October war an toilet paper lost lol toilet paper is bad country
Comment from : Ramez Galal fan

frosties funny club
its not israel its palestine
Comment from : frosties funny club

Rana Sunny
Time near by you Israel Pakistan azbhijan turkey Azarbhijan Iran Russian chaina Israel will finished in map we will distrye Israel inshallah inshallah free Palestine
Comment from : Rana Sunny

Stewart Murray
Wars were not waged against Israel!! It is an apartheid country occupying Palestinian land and is killing them every day.
Comment from : Stewart Murray

Elizabeth Reyes
Bomb Israel
Comment from : Elizabeth Reyes

Elizabeth Reyes
Fuck Israel
Comment from : Elizabeth Reyes

Comment from : -GAMEIA-

ninja fax
Im an Israeli too! And its a nice place for me boring but you can get scammed A LOT
Comment from : ninja fax

There is no such thing as Israel, free Palestine
Comment from : STIG

Rana Sunny
Free falsitien
Comment from : Rana Sunny

Rana Sunny
Inshallah Pakistan will distroyed Israel one day
Comment from : Rana Sunny

Military Edit
meh israel
Comment from : Military Edit

אלון גולדשטיין
Sorry man but nun of this is true im Israeli
Comment from : אלון גולדשטיין

what is israel
Comment from : Inferno

Hanselmus Jehamat
All in jetusalem israel semua milik mereka
Comment from : Hanselmus Jehamat

Hanselmus Jehamat
Israel from early to early jgan menggangu israel.
Comment from : Hanselmus Jehamat

Might already been said, but Israel is not the birthplace of Islam. Otherwise very interesting.
Comment from : ZipItGood

Dav Ze
Oy vey
Comment from : Dav Ze

Help me get 1000 subs.
I only clicked because of the chick in the thumbnail. I would spend my travel budget somewhere else. This place looks boring.
Comment from : Help me get 1000 subs.

🇮🇱❤️🇮🇱. Long live ISRAEL ❤️
Comment from : JESUS CHRIST Is Living God

يوسف مجاهد يحيى
Comment from : يوسف مجاهد يحيى

April Guban
Everywhere what is forbidden is what most people usually do.😊
Comment from : April Guban

Azimnice Gaming
I will never go to israel they is kill palestin
Comment from : Azimnice Gaming

Tan MO
free palestine free jerusalem
Comment from : Tan MO

Mourad Dhamna
القدس عاصمة فلسطين لا اله إلا الله محمد رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم
Comment from : Mourad Dhamna

I hate Israel free Palestine
Comment from : Zezo1

This is not Israeli Palestine
Comment from : Zezo1

yeeting with Aly
In Islam we actually believe our religion was started in Mecca, the 3rd largest city in Saudi Arabia
Comment from : yeeting with Aly

Israel is the last form of europeon colonization..just a bunch of europeon immigrants who built an illegal state over an arab land
Comment from : MedicoGEN

Is there a country named Israel
Comment from : YKI

Yom is pronounced yo-m and not yo-wu-m word in Hebrew are spoken fast
Comment from : Anonymous

Politics in israel is just like in america
Comment from : Anonymous

It’s Palestine lol not Israel
Comment from : 12k_SUPRA

Mojo News LK
Happy New Year. May 2022 be your best year your met.
Comment from : Mojo News LK

Muhammad Zubair
Palestain 💕🇵🇰🇵🇸
Comment from : Muhammad Zubair

Jene Rose Cabaya
See Jerusalem not Israel this place is from jesus not from judeo
Comment from : Jene Rose Cabaya

Amine Ouali
America is the bitch of Israel
Comment from : Amine Ouali

Amine Ouali
The law of the Torah en Islam no need for Nazi idf
Comment from : Amine Ouali

Amine Ouali
Edom Israël Amalekite havaara Nazizionisten facistische State
Comment from : Amine Ouali

Arley RRDS
esta em ingles e nao tem opção para traduzir para português
Comment from : Arley RRDS

zebra huxley
israel is the reason american citizens cannot have universal healthcare for all, the US government gives billions of tax payer dollars to the Israel government for war every year yet israel has universal healthcare, WTF? The US government needs stop giving all allied countries money for their military. Let Israel defend themselves with their own money.
Comment from : zebra huxley

i want to visit Israel from South Africa Jerusalem,Ein Bokek dead sea, the cross to Jodarn Wadi Rum.is it possible guys.will i be able to drive or take a bus from Jerusalem to ein Bokek. then when done i can cross to Jodarn
Comment from : Lizzy

Yango is cheaper than gett
Comment from : mikedm6

Ibrahim Sweidan
Called plastine
Comment from : Ibrahim Sweidan

Islam is not from Israel it’s from Saudi Arabia
Comment from : ICEclipse

Comment from : Hadiiiiii6_9iiiiiiiii

Mahdi Khoram
بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم. دوستی پنهان رژیم غیر اسلامی ایران با غرب بر ما پوشیده نیست خداوند متعال از همه چیز آگاه است . سقوط رژیم به ظاهر اسلامی ایران خواست خداوند عزیز است که حتما انجام میشود. امضاء امام زمان
Comment from : Mahdi Khoram

Mahdi Khoram
بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم. دوستی پنهان رژیم غیر اسلامی ایران با غرب بر ما پوشیده نیست خداوند متعال از همه چیز آگاه است . سقوط رژیم به ظاهر اسلامی ایران خواست خداوند عزیز است که حتما انجام میشود. امضاء امام زمان
Comment from : Mahdi Khoram

zebra huxley
what about Palestine and the Palestinian people
Comment from : zebra huxley

Denise Roe
I can only hope to one day see Israel and “not” do these things.
Comment from : Denise Roe

Top Thing NOT to do in Israel - Be a Palestinian
Comment from : turcoboshnak

Badin Nos
Comment from : Badin Nos

finally, 11 things I will do when I visit is(not)real
Comment from : zoemaliya

Yusuf Shaikh
Occupied Philistine.
Comment from : Yusuf Shaikh

Aditya Julkifli
Comment from : Aditya Julkifli

אריאל גולני
bull shit
Comment from : אריאל גולני

nice coomer type thumbnail lmao
Comment from : Rydro

JungHoYeon Simp
Israel is bad
Comment from : JungHoYeon Simp

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