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Cr M
Comment from : Cr M

Kyleigh Parsley
Thank you so much for these videos! It has helped me understand so much better! I wish I could find a church that taught against pagan holidays and celebrated the feasts.
Comment from : Kyleigh Parsley

Class Is In Session!!!
You know... the interesting thing that I found out, is that most of prophets were Levitical Priests who were descendants Aharon/Aaron... Nehemiah 10 names all of the Prophets... I can't say for sure that Jonah and Elisha were Priests... but I looked it up, people like Elijah, Samuel, Ezekiel were all Priests...
Comment from : Class Is In Session!!!

My name is unknown
Are we gonna ignore the fact the background is my little pony.
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My name is unknown
I’m commenting because the number of comments, was 666.
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K Mac
I'm commenting just cuz theres 666
I don't like that so I'm leaving this.


Comment from : K Mac

namilus foster
10 lost tribes are the so called native Americans, Thomas Jefferson wrote a book on this and Columbus used 2nf Esdras of the apocrypha to find “Azerath “ aka America
Comment from : namilus foster

nikayah monroe
I have noticed that this is a 70 part series and I love it! Will you please respond to my questions: what is the name of the music/ piano background? Will you please do a reincarnation video for my sister?
Comment from : nikayah monroe

I appreciate the work you put behind this series! Thank you for helping me see this story from a different perspective. Elohim bless you 🙏
Comment from : J B

Thank you for the real truth and may God bless you as you draw others into his Kingdom. To Father God be the glory for we serve almighty God.
Comment from : sweetlov3r

Melanie Miller
I have loved this series and many of your independent studies... but being from Texxaasss, ( say it all drawn out lol) i would enjoy a slower speaking pace... fell like i'm listening to a 33lp on 78lp speed - most of you young people have no idea what i just said😂
Comment from : Melanie Miller

Sassy Green
After all this now i understand why JESUS had to come every human man GOD used failed in they flesh... So it took something none human to even help us boi if i was GOD i would have just cleaned it all out but i see why he says our thoughts are not like his and our ways are not like his.
Comment from : Sassy Green

Huncho Bundz
I'm 3 years late but man I gotta say Thank you🙏🏾 I mean Really. There's like what 60+ videos on it and it helps out alot, I read a couple books and come back to this series just to have the visuals and see if I missed anything. It's good to have all this. Be blessed man🖤
Comment from : Huncho Bundz

Sophia Danvers
I have been learning alot thank you
Comment from : Sophia Danvers

Rich Greene
Elisha could represent the body of Christ standing up against the worship of this antichrist age and the rapture there of.
Comment from : Rich Greene

Vickie Adams
Brother C. I enjoy listening to your videos because of the beautiful graphics, but mainly because you bring out information and important points that I HAVE NEVER heard preached or taught. I like "deep thinking" points. Depth of Knowledge or DOK is a thing they wanted us as teachers to impart. Your work has this. This isn't superficial information. I'm taking my notes right now. No insult to other leaders, but you can only hear the same sermons so many times. Thank you so much for the hard work. Oh, by the way, I use what you teach us when I'm talking to my elders about the bible. They think Im the smart one🤣🤣🤣🙌🙌. I do fess up and give you your props.
Comment from : Vickie Adams

Devin R. Santo
Having watched this series from the beginning, I have noticed in particular, how you have portrayed light-skinned people as evil, as wrong, as bad... even portraying Dan as the lightest skinned of Jacob's children and mentioning that they make up the modern-day nations of Europe. If "The 10 tribes" are truly lost, how can you say Dan is in Europe? But, if they are not lost (they are not) and we can identify Dan, can we not (we can) also identify, Rueben, Joseph, and the others? Might they also be in "Europe" or elsewhere, identifiable?
Honestly, I've enjoyed your series and though there are a few mistakes in it, I have found it generally accurate, with only a few exceptions.
Most noticeably, that light-skinned people are bad. I understand the desire to lift a brother up, but you do so at the expense of putting another brother down and that, because of the color of his skin. Is that The Ruach Ha'Kodesh?

Comment from : Devin R. Santo

Daughter of God
That devil and his children loves to make Gods people hungry and thirsty There's a reason for this spiritually. In Gods word
Comment from : Daughter of God

Do you think this series would be kid appropriate? Trying to find more for my 11 year old.
Comment from : Roguemomma

I appreciate your work brethren but I must ask why do you continue to call the most high Yahweh? Have you not learned of the tetigramiten?
Comment from : RELIXSTYLZ

Melanie McCauley
Thank you, love your videos.
Comment from : Melanie McCauley

Debby Shares
Commenting because there are 666 comments. We definitely not accepting the mark of the beast!!! #childrenofGod
Comment from : Debby Shares

Asia Hack
I thought there were 12 lost tribes of judah?
Comment from : Asia Hack

Liza Kerr
Comment from : Liza Kerr

It’s so powerful to see different race of people in both positions as good and evil. Shows us, skin color is not what’s important. I could trace my true lineage through wisdom from knowledge from YHWH. Thank you. I will pass the teaching. The Most High will have his wishes.
Comment from : G S

Brandon McGary
Black Americans (Judah), Native Americans (Gad) and Mexicans (Issachar) are Israelites
Comment from : Brandon McGary

Isabella’s Art
Thank you so much for this video!
Comment from : Isabella’s Art

Baron King
Yahweh and Jesus are not the same two people... Don't believe me Just ask Google... Look at the pics Google pulls up...😆😆😆
Comment from : Baron King

velma greenlee
Comment from : velma greenlee

velma greenlee
My name is Israel
Comment from : velma greenlee

Can you help me I don’t understand the realities of the truth, what does it my to you personally
Comment from : BobsTeapot

Thank you for what you do brother 🙌🏼
Comment from : kc†

Lela Neal
The name the Lord God of Israel gave to His son, Immanuel, means that "the Lord God of Israel is "with" us, not "in" us, because I know a "whole " lot of people who definitely do "not" have the Spirit (character) of the Lord God of Israel "in" them nor the Holy Ghost spirit and wisdom and power and knowledge of our Messiah, Immanuel (Isaiah 7:14 and 8:1-3) HaMaschiach "in" them by a lloonngg shot!
Comment from : Lela Neal

Annabella Lewis
Thank u for opening my eyes a little more wider please we need for lessons
Comment from : Annabella Lewis

Brayden Zwetsloot
Comments 667;)
Comment from : Brayden Zwetsloot

Teboho Sephapo
May Yeshua our King continue to bless you greatly for all these videos you've narrated Sir. I'm gonna watch them with my children as part of our spiritual education, heritage and history towards the future
Comment from : Teboho Sephapo

Beatrice Dolca
Thank you so much for doing these series. It has helped me understand the history. God bless you
Comment from : Beatrice Dolca

Agee Ramos
Comment from : Agee Ramos

Markus Lewis from A to Z
My bro you are so on point GOD bless you for what you do. I HOPE MANY PEOPLE SEE MY COMMENTS Bcause people stop.skipping the ads. This is how the man gets paid. If you donated him then feel free to skip but, please consider how your going to contribute to this value of life lessons and for faith what ever religion your in. We all serve a GOD. Trust and believe you will leave here with more knowledge and the GOD you serve too. All you have to do is be willing to listen with open ears and have the Bible near by. With all that be said please skip ads unless you are personally donating to the this gentleman. This is the real deal for for life instructions being offered free. I can go deeper into the time he puts I into this because I'm a youtuber and know the time it takes but,I won't. Just know all yo u have to do is sit through a ad and your doing a great cause. GOD Bless my people keep that window open for wisdom and knowledge to pour in 👍🏾🙏🏾
Comment from : Markus Lewis from A to Z

Camilo Bautista
my brother, I have a question and I need your help. I am trying to find the true bible so I can read it again, last time i read it I was 7 years old. Anyway you can help me pick the correct true one ?? God is good
Comment from : Camilo Bautista

jason warren
I watched ah few of the vids and everytime I come to the same question are these ppl stupid why the fuck u gun turn ur back on a God who loves u took u from slavery did so much for u and go worship a God dat doesn't give ah shit about u who the hell is dis Baal u say they are rebellious bt dis is just plain stupidity why wid I leave out God who has proven to me many times for a made up fairytale God who mite actually b ah demon
Comment from : jason warren

Is there an episode about Esther
Comment from : Queensizedqueen29

Fola Prince
Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior today. Pray for the truth and the way and you will find Him.
Comment from : Fola Prince

Psalm Fifty one
Comment from : Psalm Fifty one

Absolutely love your teachings. Many blessings to you sir. One suggestion if I may. The music is a bit distracting.
Comment from : bluejasmin84

Greetings. If you would, please tell me if black African people are part of the Tribe of Judah. Thank you.
Comment from : HappaLife

Keith Owens
Do you have videos about Jacob &Esau, Cain & Able and other sibling rivalry?
Comment from : Keith Owens

Thanks to Father and Mother
Comment from : StarPowerFitness

Norma Hamilton
I can't stop watching. I'm a senior and never had had such enlightening bible study. Bless you brother & please continue to teach me. 🤗🤗🤗❤❤
Comment from : Norma Hamilton

Team Crypto
Everyone should watch Pastor Omar on the series that he is currently doing called Edom The Roots of Rome. It is on his School of Hebrews channel. It is very informative.
Comment from : Team Crypto

raju hop
Iam watching all the parts again for the second time, and geting encouraged more, praise God for who he is. Amen
Comment from : raju hop

Amen Always brother
Comment from : kinggusak

ryan B
Well you are certainly not being a silent watchman!!
Comment from : ryan B

Laura Randazzo
Thank you for these videos. Love them
Comment from : Laura Randazzo

Judah Benjamin and Levi
Comment from : district730

Ms G Delight
Thank you for ALL of your series. Every time you say; RUACH HAKODESH it warms my heart and soul. God Bless You and ALL of your Families.
Comment from : Ms G Delight

kaitlynn broke
I noticed how the views decreased with newer videos.(hope its understandable I'm not English) I discover your channel yesterday and I'm binging on your videos. For someone who lost faith in Yashuah in the last years, it's so good for me to connect again with the scriptures. It's sad that people watch less and less this series. You deserve millions of views for the outstanding work
Comment from : kaitlynn broke

Andre Fitzhugh
Thank You and May Elohim continue to bless you my brother I love you
Comment from : Andre Fitzhugh

this series is so informative and i wish it got a lot more views. people need to know the truth!
Comment from : Asqvared

Sheila collins
loved the binge watcher comment...
I watch 3 or 4 at a time💝 I feel like a child learning the Bible stories once again

Comment from : Sheila collins

If God loves peace, why God send man to war and kill each other
Comment from : ALX SODA

Praise Elohim our wonderful God and Creator. Forgive me Father for my sins and please fill me with your Holy Spirit, thank you for all you do. In Jesus' Mighty name I pray. Amen.

i thank you for making the bible clearer tome & with out bias ....may ELOHIM continue to bless you
Comment from : vwpac

Betty Beal
Thank you, thank you so so much for your Bible Studys !!! There has been such a peace in our home, running these all day in our house. Having t Word of God constantly. I dont miss anything. I'll run them back to see what i missed,(when im busy around t house). I cant thank you enough......i'll never celebrate XMAS again. N yes, i said X--MAS,. Never again will i mix up my beautiful Jesus Christ, my saviour, w idols. !!!!!!! BB
Comment from : Betty Beal

May God continue bless you
Comment from : BlackBeauty

I can't believe that I am on Chap 9 already love your teachings of Elohim you make the scripture so easy time understand
Comment from : BlackBeauty

Comment from : JACOB VS EVERYONE !!!

GKI Odinakachukwu
I wish I could connect ur videos on my big television so that my family and kids can watch too.
Comment from : GKI Odinakachukwu

veronica cuello
Some years ago when I was like in my 4th year of sunday school teacher, I had a dream about all the church coming to the class of the kids and sitting on the little chairs. I knew that YHWH wanted the church to go back to all these stories of the Old Testament. We have people in churches who don't know where to find Elijah or Elisha in the Bible. They don't know who Jetro was, and believe Solomon was saved. These videos with these cartoons confirms that dream cause seeing how many people are watching these videos and are going back to His Word to read, to understand so many things not preached in churches. My church is not ok. I don't know how much I will resist. I think I still do it for the dwarfs of the church(this is how I call with love the kids of the church) I teach from 3 to 6 years. They are so wise and have their sins too. They are so little and struggle with bullism at school. My little cousin she's 4 now said to a classmate that was crying "Trust Jesus He is always with you". How beautiful they are.
Comment from : veronica cuello

Comment from : NateBra

I've come across this series recently because I decided to learn more about how religion(s) eventually came into existence. There is specifically one thing that I have failed to comprehend so far: The 10 Commanments clearly say that you should not kill anyone. Yet, Israel's history is full of killing those who didn't believe in God. I mean, I get that their deaths was mostly due them worshipping other gods, or the wrong gods. But still. Why is death justified as soon as it is about worshipping gods other than God despite the fact that killing is prohibited according to the Commandments?
Comment from : Celebratevening

Giavanna Sebastiano
The story of Jehu is a prelude of what we see taking place now in 2020, And the AWAKEN 2020 Movement..pertaining to religious leaders & their followers being gathered.. the great falling away happening with those who claim to be Christians but are still living in sin.
Comment from : Giavanna Sebastiano

Kenny Brown
Love it
Comment from : Kenny Brown

Tyran wesby
What i learned from this is God will always love Israel and only Israel and we going through the same thing we did back then we gotta come back to the law statutes and commandments so Christ can come for his chosen people and destroy our enemies
Comment from : Tyran wesby

Common Sense Conservative
What about thou shall not murder? Didn’t he disobey God in a sense?
Comment from : Common Sense Conservative

Catalina Castrillon
Hey there :) I have a question I'd like to ask; can you pls explain in further detail the difference between a prophet/predictor & a physic/clairvoyant? I'm coming from a new age background and just appreciate a little more clarification, thanks!
Comment from : Catalina Castrillon

Daughter of Christ📖❤
God gives us many chances but when you continue to disobey God, God will turn you over to a reprobate mind.


Comment from : Daughter of Christ📖❤

Kevinlee Todman
5:32 yes that’s so true Time is running out and it might even be quicker that you realize it. I believe it’s time to get my act together because time is running out and I try to tell people and show them what God has shown me but many think I’m stupid and deceived, it’s time and the more I see it I don’t believe we have that much longer.
Comment from : Kevinlee Todman

Kevinlee Todman
5:20 It does sound like today so sad but yes true
Comment from : Kevinlee Todman

Stephano Ranno Adithio
13:56 i see Bob Marley ✌🏿
Comment from : Stephano Ranno Adithio

Joseph Comboy
I have watched all 8 in a spree. Can get enough.
Comment from : Joseph Comboy

Charlie 3:16
Very blessed and very thankful. 🙏
Comment from : Charlie 3:16

What does elohim mean bro i been watching and reading the bible and this name has no def
Comment from : 23dannyt

Keys Coach
I know this series is finished but for future vids can you pls slow down the shots where you have text on screen. some you flash for just a split second. when we have to push the curser back just to see it - it usually makes us go to commercial. so what should be a 3 second rewind ends up taking 10-15 20 seconds or more. this can get very annoying. tks so much
Comment from : Keys Coach

Shawn Rachal
Great information my brother.. I love how u did these videos to see the true real God..
Comment from : Shawn Rachal

Dreamstarworld 1
Oh but brotha' - you are a #Prophet!!!
Comment from : Dreamstarworld 1

Trev Mills Music
Who are the Elohim?
Psalm 8: 5 For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels(Elohim), and hast crowned him with glory and honour.
Heb 2:7 Thou madest him a little lower than the angels; thou crownedst him with glory and honour, and didst set him over the works of thy hands:
Elohim are the angels who do God's work.
Angels can be called Yahweh (LORD) because the angel is the representative of Yahweh.

So those who met Abraham and Moses were Angels representing Yahweh.
Proof? 1Jo 4:12 No man hath seen God at any time. If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us.

Comment from : Trev Mills Music

Tony Aluni
Thanks for the easy illustrations, it really does bless viewers with understanding the Lord we serve, I do want to point out that you mentioned King Sennacherib was KILLED by HIS BROTHERS but THIS IS INACCURATE, IT WAS HIS SONS THAT KILLED HIM

2 Kings 19:37 KJV
And it came to pass, as he was worshipping in the house of Nisroch his god, that Adrammelech and Sharezer his sons smote him with the sword: and they escaped into the land of Armenia. And Esarhaddon his son reigned in his stead

Comment from : Tony Aluni

Truth Seeker Hebrew Israelite Facts
Thank you so much for these videos! Great for adults and youth. Question, why wasn't Jehu labeled as a good king on the chart?
Comment from : Truth Seeker Hebrew Israelite Facts

Janet Hemerling
Thank you for this message
Comment from : Janet Hemerling

Aaron White
You are a good person. And you're videos are very informing. Glory to yeshua and Yahweh that thisife saving information came to me through his mercy!
Comment from : Aaron White

J' zz
ISRAEL is still sinning, practising occult and serving all these false gods today. Check Nigeria and Congo...heavy occultism!! Now I understand why Southern Nigerians are being persecuted killed by the North and hated by many.
Comment from : J' zz

Nats Blessed
True story I had a son on June 7th 07 I was 21 when I was 37 weeks pregnant he was 7 lb and 8 oz he was a stillbirth and I named him Elijah because I knew that Yahweh took him and I felt like he was my Elijah that was taken I have a daughter that was born May 2012 and when she was three she told her dad's mom that mommy had a baby that died and her stomach and his name's Elijah so they took her to the pastor to make sure that everything was okay and the Pastor said does he scare you when he comes and she said no and he said when do you see him and she said when I go to sleep in my dreams and the Pastor said do you want walk around and she said no silly he's a baby I carry him and she doesn't talk about him anymore but there is no way she could have known that I have always believed that the truly innocent do go to heaven it just solidified my beliefs and I'm glad that he did come to see his sister and I'm glad that he is okay I've never had another little boy that was my only little boy but I've never forgotten him an never will.. thank you for letting me share my story
Comment from : Nats Blessed

Nats Blessed
Comment from : Nats Blessed

Melanie McCauley
I'm so very grateful for these videos, if I had money (we are hurting financially and I'm stuck in terms of me not being able to work... long story and it's SO frustrating).. I would definitely contribute to this ministry as it is surely a blessing. May God/Jesus be with you and keep you going with these wisdom filled demonstrations/teachings. Very grateful. I've been looking for something like this for a long time. I want to say thank you.
Comment from : Melanie McCauley

amendment1press Warmachine
2nd Esdras ch.13 ver 40-45 in the apocrypha, tells us where the 10 tribes went, these alludes that the native Indians from North Central and South America are the 10 tribes
Comment from : amendment1press Warmachine

David G
Comment from : David G

James Dunn
When will the great lie be exposed to the world??
The real Israelites are the Africans that were spread around the world during the Transatlantic Slave Trade!
Not the white Ashkenazi Israel’s illegally occupying Palestine. 🙏🙏 Lord please allow the truth to be exposed to the African Americans who they truly are. They are the direct descendent of Christ🙌

Comment from : James Dunn