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Shit Emergency Medicine Attendings Say

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Title :  Shit Emergency Medicine Attendings Say
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Comments Shit Emergency Medicine Attendings Say

Kat Scratch Fever
“Ya know.....I saw his belly when they wheeled him through the door....just call surgery.” 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Kat Scratch Fever

Tyler Sullivan
Literally broke down In tears “yea why don’t you give surgery a ring for bed 7, here for belly pain I know we don’t have anything back”
Comment from : Tyler Sullivan

Mercy Buckets
Stay with it . . . patience . . . watch it again . . . the thing is hilarious.
Comment from : Mercy Buckets

"....suicidal ideation...did you ultrasound him yet?".....so true. Hilarious.
Comment from : NonNobisSolum

Evgeny Legedin
Not funny at all. Do write a hilarous script you need some intellect.
Comment from : Evgeny Legedin

Trooper Bias
What certioremfacere said in their comments fits it all. Y.T. has lost control..wasting ALL of our time.
Comment from : Trooper Bias

Emanuel Grant
The beards. The beards. Hahhahahaha
Comment from : Emanuel Grant

Benjamin Parsley
Doctor patrolling with us Marines and Corpsman on foot in Afghanistan shit his mothafuckin pants when we got into a firefight wit some haji fools...dude was crying like a little baby...college forever gets u that medical degree respectable...we appreciate that, but the dude trying to be a warfighter...stay back college boy...treat our injuries when we get wounded...
Comment from : Benjamin Parsley

LOL THIS IS AN ADMIT. ADMIT. ADMIT. Okay, okay, okay observation. hahaha
I work in utilization review. This is hilarious!

Comment from : fattyacid101

tarun yadav
Comment from : tarun yadav

Runze Iris
What is" troponents"?
Comment from : Runze Iris

Adam Gregory
"I had a false track once, right in the brain"
Comment from : Adam Gregory

"I know that child did not have a fever.. and did not have any ear pain.. but did you think that TM was a little bit red?"
pure gold

Comment from : Alongs

Crusty ER TECH
It must be nice to be able to do this kind of thing in patient care areas and have the time to do it. And you missed the best line ever. Attending working with a first year "Lookit fuck stick pay attention..." Of course I work in a poor over worked county hospital.
Comment from : Crusty ER TECH

Quote I heard last month:

"The emergency department, where medicine goes to die"
~Internal Medicine

Comment from : Zippy1357

Muddy MudKips
Comment from : Muddy MudKips

Ryan Schwarze
haha "do you feel the lung? it should feel like.. lung..." lol
Comment from : Ryan Schwarze

Lisa Vittayarukskul
ahaha.. I love this!
Comment from : Lisa Vittayarukskul

"If it isn't written, it NEVER HAPPENED!" Lmfao.
Comment from : Classified

OHh the infamous radar-y-doo-da 
Comment from : kklassen85

Sunshine Sill
Intro is way too long. EM = ADD. Just can't get thru it.
Comment from : Sunshine Sill

the intro took over a min, the fuck guys. Ain't no ER docs got time for this
Comment from : aakksshhaayy

Rl Gl
Emergency Medicine? What is that? Don't you mean family medicine? primary care? 24 hour walk in clinic? I don't understand...
Comment from : Rl Gl

Joseph Cody
This is amazing
Comment from : Joseph Cody


Comment from : euphorism

Hilarious!  The wig and beard are nuts.
Comment from : zuzubird

cal bra
This is so shit
Comment from : cal bra

Zanther Stone
Need a condensed faster version of this! Awesome
Comment from : Zanther Stone

Oh gosh!  I would have zero respect of an attending if they said any of those things.
Comment from : kidaz

jackie uribe
Soo true lol loved this hahaha
Comment from : jackie uribe

So good
Comment from : dmeagle1

rachel burnell
Totally true and totally funny!!!!!
Comment from : rachel burnell

The intro and music is the only reason for the dislikes.
Comment from : JCB

hehehhehahahhh XD
Comment from : coolso0oz

This is awesome!
Comment from : labanlabansson

Comment from : ght1964

Dalton Wise
you guys are all so good at the computer, well I... hahahahahha
Comment from : Dalton Wise

Joshua Brown
The scene at 5 minutes is exactly how I imagine looking at myself attempting my first line would be.  
Comment from : Joshua Brown

Ken Sims
Very funny :-) you guys should make a series or film :-) Ken emt
Comment from : Ken Sims

Ken Sims
Very funny :-) you guys should make a series or film :-) Ken emt
Comment from : Ken Sims

Michele Malit
This is why, as a surgeon, I couldn't be friends with anyone in the ED.
Comment from : Michele Malit

John Kang
4:28 best part
Comment from : John Kang

Do you feel the lung? It should feel like lung LMAO
Comment from : samoreno313

Do you feel the lung? It should feel like lung LMAO
Comment from : samoreno313

I'm not even in the medical field and this is hilarious.
Comment from : streamtomtom

" the patient that came in for Suicide ideation, did we CT scan him yet?.........?you know we bill for it now......." Hahahaha I'm glad I'm army field surgeon hahaha

Mallory LeBlanc
do you feel the lung it should feel like lung...
 (sorry to post but sheesh)

Comment from : Mallory LeBlanc

Mallory LeBlanc
I had a false track once right in the brain....
Comment from : Mallory LeBlanc

lina bruno
The struggle
Comment from : lina bruno

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hahaha the troponin line is so true!
Comment from : kotetsu131

81 yo female,

Yeah, just admit her

Comment from : inova11901

Frine Santiago
hilarious! we bill for that now!
Comment from : Frine Santiago

Anna Lisa
Comment from : Anna Lisa

Patient is here for suicidal ideation, have you done an ultrasound yet? lol
Comment from : SLR

Patient had surgery here about 5 years ago, maybe we should call the surgeon and give him a heads-up. lol! ><
Comment from : SLR

LOL! I don't care if you're the computer help desk, when I call, you admit the patient!
Comment from : superswaglord1945

Saad ahmed
Great video lool
Comment from : Saad ahmed

Calvin Hwang
"Once I had a trauma, right in the heart. That was the best line!" Priceless.
Comment from : Calvin Hwang

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