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Wayne Hall
Thanks for being a WATCHMAN ob the WALL,,,Amir
Comment from : Wayne Hall

If you know your Bible, then these things are not alarming. As a matter of fact, it is welcoming. The signs show the return of Jesus is sooner than we think. Are you ready...?
Comment from : H U G O

Buck Robertson
I would watch you, but too much wasted time. Bye
Comment from : Buck Robertson

Johanna Finau
Yes, I saw it on the news. The West Coast haulted all flights for 7 mins.
Comment from : Johanna Finau

Margaret Hawkes
California Silicon Valley I am here
Comment from : Margaret Hawkes

Chuck Sandelin
Thank you thank You for your work
Comment from : Chuck Sandelin

We shun the jab here in America. It is a bio weapon.
Comment from : Norma Rhea HARRISON

The Main Stream acts like they are clowns for the Communist Party. We do not listen to MSM. They are our enemies.
Comment from : Norma Rhea HARRISON

Jenny Cairns
Comment from : Jenny Cairns

Interesting. No, never saw or heard of on any news source.
Comment from : MrMatt1138

cam larson
It was only a few airports on the West Coast Amir, this is not breaking news. All air traffic was not stopped, that is a lie. You as a teacher are liable before God for what you spread, I do not think you are a teacher but you seem to think you are.
Comment from : cam larson

🙏 Hello my dear friends I have videos for you on bible prophecy and the end times. Please go to Papa Joe Fortner or shockwaves of the end times or The watchmen series with papa joe. Thank you and God bless you 🙏
Comment from : PAPAJOE FORTNER

George Crain
Shalom! Thanks again for keeping us in touch in all these things. God bless. Shalom!
Comment from : George Crain

David Douglas
the demons den of the land of is real, will be a mound of small pebbles once again. The truth is a determined thing that will not go away. Revelations 3-9ers are a busy bunch
Comment from : David Douglas

Shalom shabbat Amir from UK
Comment from : Maia

Linda Ashbrook
And Russia is threatening to occupy Cuba with weapons.
Comment from : Linda Ashbrook

Natalie waud
Bless you Amir, thanks for being a truth keeper and a watchman. PRAISE TO THE LIVING GOD OF ISRAEL. LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.
Comment from : Natalie waud

Andrew Meitner
Comment from : Andrew Meitner

Put Jesus First!!!
Macron being president for the first 6 months on the e.u this almost sounds like the 10 kings not saying it is. But you could see now what God was talking about. One of the kings will be the a.c … this stuff is just taking shape left an right.
Comment from : Put Jesus First!!!

Our Lord Almighty God, as we speak, is fulfilling the Bible prophecy of The Lord God putting hooks in the jaws of Russia, China, and Iran and bringing them in to show the whole world what is GOING to happen right after that. Praise The Lord!!
Comment from : lonnyjaw

Caroline Quinlivan
Thankyou God for this man an his ministry
Comment from : Caroline Quinlivan

Ma S
Are you allowed to travel from Israel without jab jab?
Comment from : Ma S

Rita Thomson
Thanks you 😇🇬🇧❤️🇮🇱
Comment from : Rita Thomson

All west coast air traffic.
Comment from : Geo

Judy Jewell
Shalom . Amir. Ontario, Canada
Comment from : Judy Jewell

Carla Covert
Always glad to hear your voice of truth GLAD YOU ARE RECOVERED PTL 🙌✝️🙌
Comment from : Carla Covert

Good morning Amir from Wenatchee, WA - USA.,
Comment from : GoofyGrannyCharChar

Teresa Barrett
Thank you Amir God Bless you and your family
Comment from : Teresa Barrett

Shirley Wrightsman
Thank you so much. 🙏🏻❤️
Comment from : Shirley Wrightsman

Comment from : NIDA CAMPOS-RIVAS

Where was the missle headed?
Comment from : birdie63740

Good morning Amir
Comment from : birdie63740

Lyda Fultz
It was on the news
Comment from : Lyda Fultz

Patricia Sheppard
Oh my God!!!!!!
Comment from : Patricia Sheppard

Stephanie Waber
Shite placed in American soil also. EVERY WHERE
Comment from : Stephanie Waber

Jessica Bjorklund
God bless you!
Comment from : Jessica Bjorklund

Rosalyn Walis
Good eve from the philppines
Comment from : Rosalyn Walis

Theresa Sweetman
Even so come Lord Jesus come quickly please. Just saw in the news how little are staving in so many places in the world please Lord Jesus come amen ❤️💕
Comment from : Theresa Sweetman

Blues Lover
The only breaking news I want to hear from tsarfati is his repentance for turning in his fellow Christian’s to YouTube for violating his content. Shame on him. A house divided cannot stand. What’s important the number of Views or getting out the truth.
Comment from : Blues Lover

Yvonne Kruger
South Africa
Comment from : Yvonne Kruger

Carl Gustaf Boström
From sweden Carl
Comment from : Carl Gustaf Boström

Arabian Princess
God Bless you Mr Amir
Comment from : Arabian Princess

Jean claude
What is the Russian ultimatum ?
Comment from : Jean claude

Aaron Smith
Getting you here in kauai.
Comment from : Aaron Smith

Robin Inch
Hi amir Robin Inch. Port elizabeth south africa
Comment from : Robin Inch

Sunny Platz
Why are you not on Gab instead???
Comment from : Sunny Platz

Leonor Sanchez
Godbless you sir .
Comment from : Leonor Sanchez

Steve Anderson
Biden got paid that’s why US is doing nothing about Russia and Iran…hunters deals
Comment from : Steve Anderson

They stop traffic so RADAR can get a better track. It also means any EMP would not cause jets to crash, if one was installed and it was an attack. Crazy times! Stay safe Amir and all Christians! TRUST IN GOD! DO NOT FRET!!!
Comment from : AldoSchmedack

Lorene Kirby
Thank you.
Comment from : Lorene Kirby

Arceli Camba
Praying 🙏🙏🙏
Comment from : Arceli Camba

Robin Bianco
Robin from Pittsburgh Pa
Comment from : Robin Bianco

Linda Leyvas
Shalom Armir from, pasadena, california💫❤
Comment from : Linda Leyvas

Barbara Collier
Good evening Amir from Colorado❤️
Comment from : Barbara Collier

Gnarly News
Welcome to USA glad you’re doing well Amir. There are a few Scriptures John wrote that seem to be related. When you have a minute take a look at them you need not reply directly maybe some future lesson would love to hear your thoughts, anyway way they are 1st John 5.6 Revelation 11.6 and 16.6. Thanks Amir
Comment from : Gnarly News

Diana Gable
I pray to God to confound His enemies and protect the US for the sake of the God loving people. Come Lord Jesus, please come for Your Church.
Comment from : Diana Gable

Diana Gable
I saw fighter jets over San Francisco.
Comment from : Diana Gable

Heather Vickers
i heard something yesterday on Google front page about it
Comment from : Heather Vickers

Marty Davis Davis
Has anyone in the states been able to confirm the 7 minutes of restriction?
Comment from : Marty Davis Davis

Mel Allred
Is this when Damascus is destroyed? @Amir
Comment from : Mel Allred

myunk nownland
Blessings from Australia.
Comment from : myunk nownland

Carol Page
What about the black flags of khortizon? Do we know about that?
Comment from : Carol Page

God Save Us
Lord Jesus may the main stream media be shut down for lies and not telling us important information..in your powerful name let it be done
Comment from : God Save Us

Cheryl Thuraisingham
Hello from Canada 🇨🇦
Comment from : Cheryl Thuraisingham

Deborah Cray
Fox had a very brief comment about it and that was all.
Comment from : Deborah Cray

Manjur Krug
Thanks always dear Amir. May GOD bless you for all The informations. HaleluJah Amen SHALOM.
Comment from : Manjur Krug

Manjur Krug
Praise The LORD JESUS CHRIST always HaleluJah Amen SHALOM.
Comment from : Manjur Krug

Southern patriot
Thank you and blessing to all in the Middle East!
Comment from : Southern patriot

Easton Lee
This is what happens when america is divided...........?
Comment from : Easton Lee

Easton Lee
It was actually broadcast on the news!
Comment from : Easton Lee

Barbara Garriott
Comment from : Barbara Garriott

Bernie Bezdek
From Everett WA
Comment from : Bernie Bezdek

Marinda Bouwer
Listening from Cape Town, South Africa. Marinda
Comment from : Marinda Bouwer

Fredius Julius
Comment from : Fredius Julius

I heard the same thing Amir here in the United States on the flights
Comment from : DWRUTSGNT

Viv Solomon
Good morning amid from New Zealand
Comment from : Viv Solomon

Dragon Slayer
This is true because my son is an Air traffic controller in Houston and he told me! Just crazy!
Comment from : Dragon Slayer

Lynn H.
CBS ran it on the evening news
Comment from : Lynn H.

Ella Doz
TY for sharing Amir bless you and your family ❤️🙏
Comment from : Ella Doz

Jenny Brooks
Comment from : Jenny Brooks

Tina Dedeaux
Thank you, appreciate you GOD BLESS
Comment from : Tina Dedeaux

Gail Knop
All is going according to Gods Prophecy..we are HOME soon
Comment from : Gail Knop

Fran Ferris
Hi from Massachusetts
Comment from : Fran Ferris

Cheryl de Salamanca
THKU SOOOO MUCH Amir...from Spain we are sooo grateful to you...the Lord bless you...and protect you and your family
Comment from : Cheryl de Salamanca

Keith E
Not across the whole US. Just the west coast.
Comment from : Keith E

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