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martijn van donselaar
Need the dub so good
Comment from : martijn van donselaar

Roots Reggae
Comment from : CAVERNA ROOTS

Thiago Favoretto
Saudações do Brasil 🇧🇷✌️
Comment from : Thiago Favoretto

Blue Fire
Comment from : Blue Fire

Blaqq Magiqq
Comment from : Blaqq Magiqq

Kulcha Rootz Productions
Comment from : Kulcha Rootz Productions

Beto RGS
Legal ver novamente Wiss e Skelly em ação 😊
Comment from : Beto RGS

Eduardo RAJ
Ooo Fyah 🔥
Comment from : Eduardo RAJ

Parminder Jhheent
Positive vibs. Roots reggae at its finest. Jah bless 🙏🏾
Comment from : Parminder Jhheent

Johan Serre
MOre Luv MOre Blessings MOre Respect ! Oneness
Comment from : Johan Serre

Jevrem Zivanovic
Cedric Myton could sing some parts to, with his falsetto that would be even better.
Comment from : Jevrem Zivanovic

Jerome B
Toujours aussi MONSTRUEUX !!! Et toujours aussi fan !!!!
Comment from : Jerome B

M&M ☘️☘️ harmony
Comment from : M&M ☘️☘️ harmony

Laurent Dorier
Marvellous !!! Roots, roots, roots !!!
Comment from : Laurent Dorier

Selector Millitant
Comment from : Selector Millitant

Pr Ark
🗣fire drop🔊🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 from dmv
Comment from : Pr Ark

Joel Mitchell Firiam ll
💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥Groundation🔥Israel vibration 🔥Abbyssinians🔥✊✊✊✊✊✊✊Jahweh greetings from Vanuatu 🇻🇺🇻🇺🇻🇺🇻🇺🇻🇺🇻🇺🇻🇺🇻🇺🇻🇺🇻🇺🇻🇺🇻🇺🇻🇺
Comment from : Joel Mitchell Firiam ll

Carlos Silva
Bernard Collins. representanto o Mengão! #SRN #JahBless
Comment from : Carlos Silva

Fernanda Áurea Vieira Silva
Máximo respeito Brazil 2022
Comment from : Fernanda Áurea Vieira Silva

Great great work, Lot of energy ! keep on groovin
Comment from : Paul

Chafo Chaforras
Real reggae!!!! more fire to the roots !!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Chafo Chaforras

André Luca
só dinossauros reunidos!! big loveee and strong hugs from Brasil!
Comment from : André Luca

reggae roots vinyls loLO
Comment from : reggae roots vinyls loLO

Fabio Barros
Comment from : Fabio Barros

Merci pour ce nouveau il est bon, il bombarde dans mes oreilles. 🥰🔥
Comment from : sistawyl

Comment from : YVES RACK

jahlighttribe light
Comment from : jahlighttribe light

Gus Xavier
So good!
Comment from : Gus Xavier

Mari Casanova
THE CONGOS in the house¡¡¡¡¡
Comment from : Mari Casanova

REAL Positive Vibration ❗🌟🌟🌟❤️💛💚💯🇯🇲🆓🆙🌏❗to di World 🌏❗
Comment from : CALIMOVE MENTS

cafe 92
Iepa!! A Big tune 🔥🙌♥️
Comment from : cafe 92

Eric Magers
Awesome!! Thank you!!!
Comment from : Eric Magers

Big up from Guadeloupe ❤💛💚
Comment from : Blackness

Rycks Pwatiba
Juste superbe ❤❤💖💖🇳🇨🇯🇲
Comment from : Rycks Pwatiba

Bambu Soulja
big up !!!
Comment from : Bambu Soulja

Jason Watkins
Wow wow wow this is so so good and such good vibes off them thanks for your music 🎶 🙏🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Jason Watkins

Que PEDRA...e pensar que não tem 70k de views...um dos motivos para mundo estar do jeito que está...
Comment from : Thiago

Maxime Siegenthaler
🔥 🔥 🔥
Comment from : Maxime Siegenthaler

Pep rasta
Gracias por está vibra respect 🙏💛❤️💚 con los grandes rastafaris 🎶🎤🦁🙏
Comment from : Pep rasta

Music call me here
Comment from : isladetail

Comment from : Charruwa

matt keya
Word, Sound and Power.. the best combination, Massive
Comment from : matt keya

Where is groundation??
Comment from : Lulu

Royal Vision
Up Up!
Comment from : Royal Vision

Roots music truly knows no boundaries
Comment from : dezionlion

Dubbrass Oficial
Comment from : Dubbrass Oficial

Rafael Costa
rapaz que porrada é essa
Comment from : Rafael Costa

Misael Flores
Big Respect.... long life #reggaeroots
Comment from : Misael Flores

Blazy Dzil
Love Killer tune 🔥🔥🔥🔥💚💚💛💛💛❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Blazy Dzil

Blazy Dzil
Love very nice 💚💚💛💛❤️❤️
Comment from : Blazy Dzil

roi juste
Comment from : roi juste

joseph dominique lemay
Comment from : joseph dominique lemay

Julian Teixeira
Espiritual irmão 💃🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Julian Teixeira

Luiz Fellipe
Acordo num domingo de manhã e me deparo com essa pedra! Nada melhor pra começar o dia... Jah bless!
Comment from : Luiz Fellipe

john ross
big love from birmingham uk
Comment from : john ross

Stéphane Raguenes
Comment from : Stéphane Raguenes

Alfredo Ruiz
And The Congos playing the percusions
Comment from : Alfredo Ruiz

Yes!! We have lost so many legends, but there are so many amazing collaborations to make with the legends we’re blessed to still have! Give thanks Groundation for being one of the few artists who does this! I see Cedric Myton and then Izzy Vibes - of course it’s gonna be 🔥 💯
Comment from : cayarudegal

Alainousmane Dorlet
Massive combinaison bimm respect ...
Comment from : Alainousmane Dorlet

Top demais Tmj família.
Comment from : CRIATÓRIO ASAS LIVRES livres

Ça s’écoute vraiment bien mais ça ne ressemble plus au groundation que j’ai aimé 😏 mais bravo quand même faite vivre le reggae 😍😍
Comment from : Skade

Alexandre Rodrigues
Wow wow wow
Comment from : Alexandre Rodrigues

Pancho Ka
when energies meet 😍 💚💛❤
Comment from : Pancho Ka

Pedro Raimundo de Andrada Filho Andrada
🇧🇷🇯🇲🇧🇷🇯🇲🇧🇷🇯🇲🇧🇷Reggae e miusic!!!!!!!
Comment from : Pedro Raimundo de Andrada Filho Andrada

sandra abitabile
Comment from : sandra abitabile

platrier eric
Comment from : platrier eric

O Cedric myton tá na percussão destruindo lá atrás 😳
Comment from : Saga

Dean 10
Wow Watta set ! ! ! !
Comment from : Dean 10

Big combinaison !
Comment from : ROOT'S TRIP

King Jam
really dont like groundation voice...
Comment from : King Jam

Powerrrrrrr roots
Comment from : TheReggaetube

Cleiton Wallace Sousa
E The congos no clipe tbm
Comment from : Cleiton Wallace Sousa

Eric Riard
roots percutions healing!
Comment from : Eric Riard

Xabier jiménez
Comment from : Xabier jiménez

Ancient Sounds
Why do the old Rastafarians still look so young and full of energy?
Comment from : Ancient Sounds

Binghi Dread
Beatifull voices. Big combinación. Nuff Raspect Masters. Word sound and power. Blessed love
Comment from : Binghi Dread

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