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ICC Clears Way for War Crimes Probe Against Israel

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Information ICC Clears Way for War Crimes Probe Against Israel

Title :  ICC Clears Way for War Crimes Probe Against Israel
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Frames ICC Clears Way for War Crimes Probe Against Israel

Description ICC Clears Way for War Crimes Probe Against Israel

Comments ICC Clears Way for War Crimes Probe Against Israel

Then what is Palestine if it's not a state? At least the bits that haven't already been stolen.
Comment from : trevcam6

Tafa Defi
The United States, and the terrorist state of Israel, will not escape war crime anymore...
Comment from : Tafa Defi

Ciaron Smith
Israel is a disgrace.
Comment from : Ciaron Smith

Muhd Makacev
Remember guys...you couldn't treat palestinians like a human being without being Anti-semitic
Comment from : Muhd Makacev

E. K
OWN SYSTEM ahahahahahahhaahhahahahahaaahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha NAZI's had there own system too you all are zionests and racists
Comment from : E. K

Patrice Diadhiou
Are you kidding????
Comment from : Patrice Diadhiou

Khubza 89
If Israel has to convince other "friendly states " that the ICC decision is a "travesty" then it is Israel who is playing POLITICS. There IS such a thing as INTERNATIONAL LAW. The timing could be to halt annexation plans or more settlements.
Comment from : Khubza 89

Herman Safford Jr
If u zionists are you're guilty ur guilty
Comment from : Herman Safford Jr

F Saleh
#FreePalestine. #stopIsrealcrims #isrealIsanapartheidstate
Comment from : F Saleh

Abdullah Arshad
Awwww israelis. Awwwwwww ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Comment from : Abdullah Arshad

Ur an idiot
Comment from : llneonwilson

Vincent John
The current Israelis are descendants of those during Jesus's time. By that time, Israel had moved away from God. The Israeli state was founded by atheists. Nothing to do with the other god-fearing Jews in other countries.
Comment from : Vincent John

Evan Brad
When ICC stops China than I will take it seriously...otherwise its like a kid in toy cop car trying to arrest u...HAHA
Comment from : Evan Brad

Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton ,John Kerry Barack Obama and DNC are responsible for this! Benjamin Netanyahuย  is to blame for not arresting Mahmoud Abbas!
Comment from : TheSanctuaryl990

Inez Qtaish
Inez Qtaish say" many people actually believe Jesus died for y'all sins" wake up people , I wouldn't die to save none of y'all evil asses, y'all doing the most evildoing , I wouldn't choose to die to save none of y'all evil asses, every body is responsible for their own sins, So what ? Don't do bad and expect a good outcome. Why yall thanking jesus, calling jesus, Jesus can't save nobody , GOD is the way, thank GOD is Lord. So if people don't like the truth than so what , it is what it is rather people like what I say or not..
Comment from : Inez Qtaish

A pathetic attempt by petit bourgeois beaurocrats refusing to face the fact that there are differences between international conflict and kindergarten. Plus of course legal warfare.This won't help anyone
Comment from : SD H

Cameron Machado
East Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine. Does Israel want to wipe Palestine&their people off the map entirely?It's not like the ICC is saying their capital is Tel Aviv or Haifa, 110% Israeli cities
Comment from : Cameron Machado

ohitsu stu
Stupid ICC making up 'cases' to justify its tenuous existence , victimising Israel for purely antisemitic reasons. Pathetic show of man's desperate folly.
Comment from : ohitsu stu

ICC is antisemitic organisation collaborating with Terrorists
Comment from : CanisLupus1987

Elizabeth Iloveelohim
Israel is innocent
Comment from : Elizabeth Iloveelohim

Reminder: War crimes never become obsolete. Zionist squatter terrorist hordes bulldozed over 600 Palestinian villages, planted forests above the ruins, the inhabitants massacred or expelled. The whole occupation, settlements activities are war crimes.
It would be much better to stop it immediately, to limit the obvious consequences. The terror regime has no future, try with humanity and real democracy.

Comment from : SoundTourist

El Yeshua
Justice is antisemitic now? ๐Ÿ˜‚
Comment from : El Yeshua

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