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Life Lessons from the Youngest Person to Travel to Every Country | Lexie Alford | TEDxKlagenfurt

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Information Life Lessons from the Youngest Person to Travel to Every Country | Lexie Alford | TEDxKlagenfurt

Title :  Life Lessons from the Youngest Person to Travel to Every Country | Lexie Alford | TEDxKlagenfurt
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Frames Life Lessons from the Youngest Person to Travel to Every Country | Lexie Alford | TEDxKlagenfurt

Description Life Lessons from the Youngest Person to Travel to Every Country | Lexie Alford | TEDxKlagenfurt

Comments Life Lessons from the Youngest Person to Travel to Every Country | Lexie Alford | TEDxKlagenfurt

Juan Ortiz
She missed about 50. Don't believe the hype people.
Comment from : Juan Ortiz

Kosova Albania
Respect from 🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰Kosovo and 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱Albania
Comment from : Kosova Albania

ArKooH // A
Comment from : ArKooH // A

Robloxina alisa
Is she also the youngest person with the biggest carbon footprint?
Comment from : Robloxina alisa

skndr shahyn
Comment from : skndr shahyn

Benjamin Gal-Or
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Comment from : Benjamin Gal-Or

Tal Adiv
Good talk :) So calm and frank.
Comment from : Tal Adiv

Harrison Rogers
The amount of salty people in the comments lmfao
Comment from : Harrison Rogers

Priyangshu Das
She has been shattering all her fears
So inspiring ❤️

Comment from : Priyangshu Das

Patrick Morgan
Pretty girl with family money travels the world in a pandemic and makes videos. Boring.
Comment from : Patrick Morgan

Subhashree Joshi
Comment from : Subhashree Joshi

Rising Corner 92
Comment from : Rising Corner 92

nikhil mulky
Amazing lessons of life shared in a 14 minutes of video .....Brilliant woman !!!
Comment from : nikhil mulky

Kurtis McAllister
Fact that i realised her from Yes theory as Thomas' girlfriend is so rad.
Comment from : Kurtis McAllister

Ran Refael
I can imagine her parents pulling hair and freaking out on a daily base with this girl.
She's visiting 3rd world countries by herself, it's super dangerous especially for a young girl, she's a bad roll model to young girls being on that show

Comment from : Ran Refael

Razvan Badini
I really like it when you travel to Kurdistan ♥️
Comment from : Razvan Badini

literally amazing
Comment from : 陳子愿

Great for her, but she had multiple advantages that allowed her to do this - her parents Travel Agency, her summer work as teenager, which somehow paid her enough to afford a lot a travel(as some of the locations won't let you in unless you pay few thousand dollars in advance), getting visas for some countries and even going to countries where she won't survive unless she is with a group and/or security detail(aka more money). Also just as teenager her parents took her to over 50 countries.
Comment from : Valentin

Zack T.D
She inspirational love her vids
Comment from : Zack T.D

Pharhan chopstar
To be honest my passport won't allow me to go each and every country coz I ain't from us lol I'm from Africa
Comment from : Pharhan chopstar

Comment from : UDAY KUMAR

Bongbong Pasco
I travel in my dreams because it does not requir money which i dont have
Comment from : Bongbong Pasco

lance peligro
I admire you so much Lexie! Very inspiring words.
Comment from : lance peligro

luc anh tac gia
अच्छा वीडियो, मैं आपके दोस्त बनना चाहता हूं, ठीक है?
Comment from : luc anh tac gia

Yadnesh Khode
If I had money and US passport I would also travel all the countries
Comment from : Yadnesh Khode

Mathew Starcher
Over privileged.. Did you work for the funds to be able to do this?
Comment from : Mathew Starcher

Some rich kid living off her parents money thinks she has something to teach us? Haha. K.
Comment from : KingMastodon

Ngan Nguyen
She is beautiful
Comment from : Ngan Nguyen

stalin rodrigues
Money is the biggest problem for this
Comment from : stalin rodrigues

Christian Caymares
Did some countries blur together after a while? So the question would be what stood out the most? Was it the most unique of the countries, or was it specific experiences with certain people regardless of what country?
Comment from : Christian Caymares

Faith Lai
Comment from : Faith Lai

Esin Gerenli
Lexie Limitless 💕
Comment from : Esin Gerenli

B Jolly
Boooooooorrrrrrrring!!! Moving on🙄
Comment from : B Jolly

Buyanaa Buyka
hi awesome but youtube channel name tell me?
Comment from : Buyanaa Buyka

Rafiq Salib
Comment from : Rafiq Salib

صدام احمد
Thanks so much
Comment from : صدام احمد

we get it ur parents got money
Comment from : Anosha

i'm interested in her experience, she's a young woman who underwent several problems and travelled all over the world despite being so young!! i really appreciate her for being very determined indeed!! i loved this unusual video and the sweet lady as well😍😘😇
Comment from : leyla_feray

Mariana Kobayashi
I was going to travel the world to get out of my comfort zone, got stuck at home and I guess staying home is actually out of my comfort zone? hmmm
Comment from : Mariana Kobayashi

Tong Official
I got it, thanks
Comment from : Tong Official

Hoàng Đạt Đinh Đăng
what did u do To live??
Comment from : Hoàng Đạt Đinh Đăng

wow, what a speech, and what an impressive young lady - hats off!!
Comment from : Wicked

Prajkta B
Good really inspired!! 👌👌
Comment from : Prajkta B

Sudharaka Fernando
Wonderful speech..Actually I fell in love with her in this 14 minutes !!!
Comment from : Sudharaka Fernando

рус славянин
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Comment from : рус славянин

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Comment from : Truey

Lydia Heelu
Lexie is it! She's smart, she's beautiful, well-travelled and obviously financially well off, and her outfit is on point. You go girl!!!
Comment from : Lydia Heelu

lucas mestdag
You are amazing!
Comment from : lucas mestdag

Adiventures - Touch the Wild
Lexie Alford
Comment from : Adiventures - Touch the Wild

Sulaymon S
Did you come to Uzbekistan?
Comment from : Sulaymon S

Ahmed ahmed
Great purpose to travel
Comment from : Ahmed ahmed

Andrei Vp
Comment from : Andrei Vp

The world needs more young women with the same heart as you, great job. You're awesome.
Comment from : GN3M

Arline George
Beautiful amazing n courageous soul Thank you bless you. All your dreams come true.
Comment from : Arline George

I wish i can be your travel guide to travel India and other continent of asia. Thanks for this video.
Comment from : NAYAN PARMAR

Nico Conradie
So the life lesson essentially boils down to having rich parents and being spoiled since childhood.
Comment from : Nico Conradie

Matthis van Rossen
So many haters here, the only way you can hate on this is when you don't know the story on how she did it. The jealous people in this comment section will probably never accomplish anything
Comment from : Matthis van Rossen

Ivy Snow Filly Videos
Well done Lexie. There was a club that existed in the 1980 for people who traveled all countries. It may still exist
Comment from : Ivy Snow Filly Videos

Dale Because
Very good talk Lexie.......
Comment from : Dale Because

She is over proud of herself 😅😅
Comment from : DEEP VIEW

Not genuine
Comment from : DEEP VIEW

Night Hunter
She is smart and talented, while some people who don't have any achievements start judging her by writing negative comments.
Comment from : Night Hunter

Eugene Panteleev
Wow, she is incredibly charming
Comment from : Eugene Panteleev

Dani Gomes
Why don’t I believe this...
Comment from : Dani Gomes

I love bicycles the biological CYC clean yearly Cost legislative mark* :)
Comment from : Messiah

Kutbidinov Mansur
Me too😕. I also want to travel some country, at least one😂
Comment from : Kutbidinov Mansur

Hassam Murad
Food poisoning in Pakistan, that's extremely common here 😂
Comment from : Hassam Murad

Ali Qazilbash
how else am I suppose to showcase my displeasure? I am not flipping tables or trashing my furniture...
Comment from : Ali Qazilbash

Lili Yan
再次证明了,读万卷书, 行万里路.
Comment from : Lili Yan

English Vocabulary
Good job.
Comment from : English Vocabulary

Kelly Kapoor
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Comment from : Kelly Kapoor

Ankit Kumawat
Comment from : Ankit Kumawat

L. Mawia Molshoy
Wel and raight speak ,iloved ,
Comment from : L. Mawia Molshoy

Hà Mã Tím
She look charming and beautiful
Comment from : Hà Mã Tím

Giant man
O yeah lexieeeeeee😱😱🤘🤘🤘🤘
Comment from : Giant man

Laura Powell
The tearful composition hemodynamically protect because mirror unfortunatly squeak failing a teeny motorboat. male, plastic credit
Comment from : Laura Powell

Amir Shaaban
wow wow wowww
Comment from : Amir Shaaban

Elya 777
This is so stereotyped
Comment from : Elya 777

Pooja Shaw
Before taking a decision ask yourself, will you regret not doing this? 🙏🙏
Comment from : Pooja Shaw

maldives-joshua joseph
You are a VERY good public speaker too. God bless you !
Comment from : maldives-joshua joseph

Looking for PEACE
That's Yemen, my favourite country.
Comment from : Looking for PEACE

Govind Thakar
Food poison in pakistan
Comment from : Govind Thakar

Anoy Sarker
Wow nice speech 😊
Comment from : Anoy Sarker

anyone here from microsoft teams assignmengts?
Comment from : Gtasks

I’m reading comments of people who are saying we have money but are scared of going alone believe me watching these comments and seeing people not doing what they want hurting me I’m also 21 years old I didn’t even have passport and not even a dollar in my account and in my pocket I’m struggling to get a job and maybe If i got a job then I don’t know how I can travel countries because My job can’t give me enough money For visiting another country I want to see snow and also wanna watch sea or ocean and beach I never see these places you won’t get it how I feel how much I’m desperate to go out if I do job or make money still I don’t have chances to go another countries maybe life isn’t fair to me but if you have chance or you want to go out please go without any fear you won’t regret it love you ❤️
Comment from : iamsunnykhari

Laus Bara
Thanks for inspire.
Comment from : Laus Bara

Kevin Ochoa
That was beautiful
Comment from : Kevin Ochoa

Parth S.
Her voice is so good.
Comment from : Parth S.

Amazingly wonderful speech, ever I listened on TEDx, Stay blessed..and welcome to India, the cradle of Hindus..
Comment from : y2kuber

rik hrossh
Gypsies love to travel IMHO
Comment from : rik hrossh

Russell Stannard (Teacher Training Videos)
Inspiring stuff. Really well done and a lovely presentation.
Comment from : Russell Stannard (Teacher Training Videos)

Ajay Kumar
Will I regret not doing it ? And how uncomfortable you are ready to become to reach your full potential ?
Comment from : Ajay Kumar

Richard Quinn
Great work!
Comment from : Richard Quinn

So you guys all know, she's never been to North Korea, only to DMZ zone. Makes me question her count of other countries she might have just passed during layovers without leaving airports...
Comment from : Svetlana

Elliot James
Oh SURE! It's easy to travel the world when you look like a damn SUPERMODEL!!!!!!!!! Try doing that when you don't look like a DAMN supermodel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Elliot James

Ashley Perez
The interesting notify universally suspect because son occasionally divide sans a abiding police. observant, overwrought crab
Comment from : Ashley Perez

Wow she’s handsome
Comment from : OlisMoving

She fails to talk about how incredibly privileged she is. The average person is not as fortunate to live in a first world country with parents who had a travel company and were able to exposure her to travel. She herself mentions that she had completed 70 countries with her family with 6+ years to finish off the rest on her own. Most people would have to do all 200+ countries independently with no parental support/guidance. This is no way is relatable, motivational, or helpful for the majority of the global population.
Comment from : T R

mohan kumar
tomb raider women eh
Comment from : mohan kumar

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