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The REAL Reason Adrienne Bailon Fell In Love With Israel Houghton

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Information The REAL Reason Adrienne Bailon Fell In Love With Israel Houghton

Title :  The REAL Reason Adrienne Bailon Fell In Love With Israel Houghton
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Frames The REAL Reason Adrienne Bailon Fell In Love With Israel Houghton

Description The REAL Reason Adrienne Bailon Fell In Love With Israel Houghton

Comments The REAL Reason Adrienne Bailon Fell In Love With Israel Houghton

Claudette Mcleod
I think they will make it, they are a strong couple
Comment from : Claudette Mcleod

Pharmacy Kampala
I wish them the very best
Comment from : Pharmacy Kampala

Dama Adames
Everyone has a right to a second chance and we as humans CAN change if we want to...we just have to be humble enuf to forgive and to give others a chance.... redemption is real...Christ teaches us that. God bless
Comment from : Dama Adames

Christian Campo
You can not feel the wind but ots there u can feel ur husband love and he is there make ur love shine it your life god richly blessing
Comment from : Christian Campo

Wayne Gaston
These people claim to be Christian but they don't know what it means to serve God don't they know that no adulterers shall enter the kingdom of God. His first wife is still living. They serve the God of the world not the God of heaven.
Comment from : Wayne Gaston

Three Clowns
He’s so unattractive
Comment from : Three Clowns

Vicki Campbell
i just hope and pray he will be a good man to Adrienne and not repeat his past flaws. i wish them all the best
Comment from : Vicki Campbell

Carolyn Moffett
You mean in lust.
Comment from : Carolyn Moffett

Deeper Beauty
We don't need you to tell us why Adrinne got with her husband..A fat, married gospel singer with children. He has money, status and buys her whatever she wants..She was basically a homewrecker and paid mistress. Classic case of she wanted someone to take care of her. She wasnt attracted to him. She was attracted to what he can do for her..Not hating..Just telling Facts..
Comment from : Deeper Beauty

He is garbage. She just hopping on the bag. I can’t stand these two...so fake and he did his first wife so wrong. She’s trying to act all Christian now but mouth still foul and a house full of liquor. Smh
Comment from : mdooms76

It's none of my business. Good for her finding true love!
Comment from : IAMONELUVNOW

Rey Hugo Television
Israel be pimpin', pimmmpin.
Comment from : Rey Hugo Television

God hates divorce
Comment from : Haz

“God showed her that he was the right man for her.”

No, He didn’t. God DID say: “Whoever divorces his wife ... and marries another commits adultery.” (Mathew 19:9)

Israel Houghton was NOT the right man for her, or God is a liar (which He is not).

Comment from : Jaco

Ikram A
It all seems so fake so Adrienne.
He got what he deserves

Comment from : Ikram A

Anna F.
I love A so much! I hope this works, I do. I feel for his first wife though 😞
Comment from : Anna F.

Natasha Reid
As born again children of God with the indwelling Holy Spirit in you. You must not be unequally yoke with unbelievers. You are not to marry someone who dont got the Holy Spirit in them. I hope this girl he married is born again, if not this marriage is not pleasing to the Lord.
Comment from : Natasha Reid

Claudine Niles-John
Lesson Learned in Failure, creates room For God To begin again with you fully invested in Him, not in yourself. Breathe Again with LoveJoy aka GOD!
Comment from : Claudine Niles-John

Cindi Torres
He's a phony baloney. You can say you're a Christian all you want but if you don't walk the walk, you're not. I'm no prude, but the clothes she wears are not representative of what a Christian woman should be wearing. Some things are for your husband only.
Comment from : Cindi Torres

Cari Castaneda ELSWICK
I love them together they're adorbs
Comment from : Cari Castaneda ELSWICK

War_Against-Your_Soul Truth
Qualifications a dummy with money 🤣 They look like a couple of publicity ONLY..SHE NEED TO STOP WITH ALL THE LORD .. STUFF
Comment from : War_Against-Your_Soul Truth

Megan Sauro
I love you adrianne!!!!!!!
Comment from : Megan Sauro

eLL B.
God is God. It is very clear in the bible he knows how to change people hearts but two side babies?! Hey, I'm just human. It's not up to me to question or understand God's plan. If she said the holy spirit led her then it is what it is. Time will reveal all. Just know using his name in vein is not cool. God have a funny way of testing us.
Comment from : eLL B.

Orlando Robles
Comment from : Orlando Robles

Nikki Rosé
I honestly think that he is too old for her and has way too much baggage. He looks like her father NOT her husband. Frankly she’s way to attractive for him. He’s old, fat and not cute. She’s probably with him bc she knows he can’t do better than her and he isn’t going anywhere. Oh well not my life.
Comment from : Nikki Rosé

ted bundy
For some strange reason i think Adrienne
Husband plays for the other team on the low
If u know what i mean🤦🏿‍♂️

Comment from : ted bundy

Shanda Hiller
That's between them and God
Comment from : Shanda Hiller

Michelle Giles
She can do IVF
Comment from : Michelle Giles

Jamie JunkJournals
I love them so much❤
Comment from : Jamie JunkJournals

Gabrielle Danrée- Rare
Comment from : Gabrielle Danrée- Rare

Donna Bryant
Comment from : Donna Bryant

Javan Felix
Hi the holy spirit did not direct u that is someone else husband is call adultery
Comment from : Javan Felix

Jerron Jackson
Oh gosh. I pray Israel never cheats on Adrienne. 😯😯😯
Comment from : Jerron Jackson

Alicia Jack
I love they as a couple, they are truly Blessed to find each other and that the love God wants of us to see unon our faults..and love!!.❤😇
Comment from : Alicia Jack

Genesis Carreon
What! I thought they been together longer
Comment from : Genesis Carreon

namusunga silunduko
If the creator does not judge us when we fall who are to judge others, it's a match made in heaven, Adrianne continue allowing the Holy Spirit to us you, I love you.
Comment from : namusunga silunduko

Christina Carlyn
I feel like the reason she hasn't gotten pregnant yet is, because he got snipped and never told her. Now she's going around thinking she can't get pregnant! I hope that's not the case, but I am always looking at him with the side-eye.
Comment from : Christina Carlyn

Karen Dalilah
TWO kids outside of marriage!?!?
Comment from : Karen Dalilah

MarTi GirL
Whooooo, that struggle L O V E...I don't want it!!
Comment from : MarTi GirL

Latoya Jones
If they are happy, i am happy. That's all that matters. None of us are perfect.
Comment from : Latoya Jones

He's messy in every way.
Comment from : Ty

Abigail Jimenez
Sorry should have married rob kardashian he didn’t have kids back then
Comment from : Abigail Jimenez

Adrienne is unbelievably beautiful!!
Comment from : K AN

Ycette Davenport
Comment from : Ycette Davenport

Kimberly Lewis-young
That is a true love story
Comment from : Kimberly Lewis-young

Lakendra Jones
She lick his ass
Comment from : Lakendra Jones

Lorie Ann Stoker
I think it's a whole lot of none of our business.
Comment from : Lorie Ann Stoker

Nicki Nick
They’re beautiful together 💙
Comment from : Nicki Nick

The truth is the light
Money Money Money It’s all about the Money
Comment from : The truth is the light

The truth is the light
She’s gonna break his heart
Comment from : The truth is the light

The Asshole
People are so invested into someone life. During a process of divorce people move on as the divorce takes a while to be finalized. During that process they fall for someone else. Nothing wrong with that. People did the same towards Jeanie husband but forgot jeanie said they been seperated she just took long to speak about the issue. She moves nah on and no one says shit like huh? Some people are weird and too into others lives. Let them be and as long as they happy and living healthy etc that's all that matters.
Comment from : The Asshole

Mary Alalim
She was a side chick ....
Comment from : Mary Alalim

Naeemah Muhammad
Comment from : Naeemah Muhammad

Sharing two words maybe you all have NEVER heard : Redemption and Forgiveness
Comment from : diana

Suni Tatum
Adrienne is in "love" with his money. That's what she chases. He has too many flags but his bank account is just right.
Comment from : Suni Tatum

Leave her alone . Men divorce and remarry and it’s okay
Comment from : I NG

NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR in my life will I ever marry a man who failed his wife and then fathered two other children while married. Three kids, from three different woman, like seriously! come on! God was clearly telling her no he is not of me.
Comment from : ymarrero23

Margarita vasquez
There’s a saying ...what’s starts wrong ends wrong..but I hope it works out for her she likes happy..time will tell
Comment from : Margarita vasquez

Sis kids? Whoa! I think this will be her first marriage. She got married because she wanted that fairly tale and found an older man who was with it, I give this union another 2 years but by marriage three she’ll have her kids and happy ending.
Comment from : indialindsey

Chimzii Hijamutiti
Love them
Comment from : Chimzii Hijamutiti

Barbara Grayson
Adrian you was dating Israel why him and his wife was still married because y'all had been friends for a long time you always get on TV trying to explain yourself if you know that you are wasn't wrong why you always trying to explain yourself I mean when people already know and everybody feel like that you did have something to do with their their marriage being broken up because he told you if you want to go ahead with this you could but if not so you want to be with him more than he wants to be with you because she wasn't planning on getting married anymore and that right there Adrian that wasn't right that just wasn't right Adrian so in a way God bless you
Comment from : Barbara Grayson

Adrienne is happy and that’s all that matters. Haters Gona hate or have an opinion, mind your own. Leave her alone
Comment from : T D

Fulani Deedee
A gospel artist/praise worship leader out here raw-dogging it with different women , cheating on his wife of 20 years and four kids? That's a lot.
Comment from : Fulani Deedee

April Harris
He gives me very feminine vibes
Comment from : April Harris

Wendy Jolicoeur
Dude looks gay
Comment from : Wendy Jolicoeur

Joezzie Rivera
Idc what they say she did get in the middle of that marriage
Comment from : Joezzie Rivera

Donald Eady
She need to move on
Comment from : Donald Eady

Donald Eady
She need to move on
Comment from : Donald Eady

GS Pama
Good for both of them love conquers all.
Comment from : GS Pama

Kitty wuvscissors
Jesus I hope he is the right man for her 😣🙏 so many red flags with him and she’s so deep at this point I’d be crushed with her if they didn’t work out. And the fact that she’s struggling to have kids rn I’m just praying everything works out for her
Comment from : Kitty wuvscissors

The lord didn’t lead her to him.. that’s why she can’t have this baby ..
Comment from : MsJay

Naturally Dope
Yep the Holy Spirit Led her to a man who have a had side pieces with other women.. girl this ain't Church's Chicken.
Comment from : Naturally Dope

Naturally Dope
Yes hunty I've been wanting to see something on her story
Comment from : Naturally Dope

Brenda Roberts
ugh 😑
Comment from : Brenda Roberts

Guadalupe Quintanilla
Stold her man
Comment from : Guadalupe Quintanilla

Chrissy M
She is soooo desperate to have his child. Girl that man got a grand kid and 6 kids. What makes u think he wants to be changing diapers at this age. Of course he’s smitten with her. Shes young and beautiful. She’s almost the same age as his oldest daughter.
Comment from : Chrissy M

Avalon Park
She does not need to have kids, he got enough for three couples.
Comment from : Avalon Park

Avalon Park
I really like them together.
Comment from : Avalon Park

marietsa berenstein
Comment from : marietsa berenstein

Tea D
I just hope that when they go through storms that he doesn't go and step out on her like he did his wife. And yes we all fall, however if we truly repent, we can be changed. I just hope for her sake that he's done cheating. None of the other stuff is my business.(as I watch this video)😂🤣
Comment from : Tea D

Lillian Boyd
Why do men of God get married to a woman who is not in church God says don't be unequal yoke or are their equal yoke maybe she does goes to church but do their have a relationship with God
Comment from : Lillian Boyd

Chanelle Humphrey
Homewrecker! That's why she can't conceive! U can't ruin someone's life and think yours will be blessed
Comment from : Chanelle Humphrey

April White
God will have nothing to do with this unclean union this man is a blatant adulterer. It’s Unlikely they will have children by natural means so they will go the devils route and cheat against gods will and have some doctor implant something artificial.
Comment from : April White

Kiwii Keny
1:55 what is Choi Minho doing here... Im confused
Comment from : Kiwii Keny

Benny Eouani
I don’t know why but I have a feeling he had a vasectomy or something like that. I just don’t believe that she is infertile 🤷🏾‍♀️
Comment from : Benny Eouani

KC Johnson
It's beautiful.
Comment from : KC Johnson

God will not give you a child with this man, he is trifling and she should have never married him and whatever she heard was not of God. God wouldn't tell you to marry a man who already had a wife and cheated on his wife with two other women this Israel person is not a man of God please. He still belongs with his first wife period.
Comment from : ymarrero23

Trina Lewis-Mondy
I don't have time to have any thoughts about it. I'm too busy. Thank you for sharing on my timeline. Not interested.
Comment from : Trina Lewis-Mondy

Victoria Whitlock
"If you do the math, he's a father of six."

Thanks, I couldn't figure it out

Comment from : Victoria Whitlock

kay taylor
This guy seems like he would have an affair with another woman if one comes along that he likes. Adrienne seems head over hills for this guy. She grow up poor so it seems to me any man that has money she would be interested in. She comes across rather naive and always wants to be the center of attention. If they last I will be surprised.
Comment from : kay taylor

No man nor women is perfect...all have sinned and come short of the glory of God...God is love and if He is in your life, everything and any thing can work out.
Comment from : 7c2p1EKI

Damn two kids out of the marriage ?
Comment from : theEarthChildx

Cali Girl
Did she said he got divorced Bc he did some adultery?! And not to mention, he has 6 kids! Haha good look Adrien! Ur blind as hell lol
Comment from : Cali Girl

Deborah Aremu
Can’t imagine what his ex wife is feeling. She was probs thinking (I’m in this for the long haul). Side babies and all everything still went down the drain.
Comment from : Deborah Aremu

Norma Colon
He is a cheater. But i hope he learned and finally appreciates one women.
Comment from : Norma Colon

Clarissa Garcia
Comment from : Clarissa Garcia

P La
I think they have are perfect couple.. I think Adrianne is the kind of woman that knows exactly what she wants in life and they seem to be soul mates
Comment from : P La

L. Skye Forney
I'm still trying to process she announced on The Real she doesn't wash her hands after doing #1 or #2. Damn girl ..really?
Comment from : L. Skye Forney

Ooh ShiShi
The judges and juries in this comment section sheesh 🙄.... YouTube brought me here after watching them together on her channel...they do look genuinely in love. Some people have to go through hard lessons before they find their match and some of those lessons include kids and failed marriages.
Comment from : Ooh ShiShi

Tamira Bennett Volk
Not my business
Comment from : Tamira Bennett Volk

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