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King David son, SOLOMON

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Title :  King David son, SOLOMON
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Tyreek Kennedy
This is a whole slap in the face
Comment from : Tyreek Kennedy

Erika Evans

E piacevole, cittadini, osservare come i segni evidenti della vittoria dell'istituzionalizzazione siano considerati esclusivamente nell'ambito del marketing e dei prerequisiti finanziari. E anche gli imprenditori su Internet sono stati dichiarati violatori delle norme universali di etica e moralita.Il punto di vista opposto implica che le nanotecnologie che cercano di sostituire la produzione tradizionale formano una rete economica globale e, allo stesso tempo, sono descritte nel modo piu dettagliato possibile. La pratica quotidiana mostra che l'alta qualita della ricerca posizionale presuppone modi indipendenti di implementare approcci standard.

Comment from : Erika Evans

Q-Mari J.
Highlights of the Movie

40:17 -Solomon is made king over Israel.

49:28 -Burial of King David.

1:01:15 -Solomon has his brother Adonijah killed.

1:06:41 -God grants Solomon unparalleled wisdom.

1:12:58 -King Solomon marries the daughter of Pharoah for political alliance.

1:15:12 -The Prophet Nathan admonishes & warns Solomon to keep idols away from Israel.

1:16:08 -Zadok the Priest confronts Solomon about his failure to take an Israelite wife.

1:18:28 -Rehoboam is born.

1:20:18 -The famous case of Solomon judging between the “two mothers” of a baby child.

1:26:51 -Solomon begins the construction of The Temple.

1:37:22 -The Dedication of the Temple

1:50:26 -Queen of Sheba arrives to meet Solomon.

2:00:03 -Solomon speaks proverbs to the people.

2:06:54 -Solomon takes the Queen of Sheba as his wife.

2:13:29 -Solomon’s son Meneleik is born.

2:14:19 -The Israel Council confronts Solomon once again.

2:17:34 -Queen of Sheba’s departure.

2:22:27 -A heartbroken Solomon speaks the words of Ecclesiastes.

2:28:20 -Solomon’s wives increase in idolatry.

2:31:34 -The Israel Council is fed up with Solomon & his wives’ idolatry.

2:36:12 -The Prophet foretells the consequence of Solomon’s rebellion.

2:38:08 -Solomon grows old & more stubborn in his ways.

2:41:10 -The Prophet tells Jeroboam of his soon coming kingship.

2:43:26 -The Prophet tells Solomon that the Kingdom of Israel will be divided as consequence of his actions; Solomon orders for Jeroboam to be killed.

2:45:31 -Solomon dies & Rehoboam his son reigns in his place.

2:47:44 -The Kingdom divides as prophesied; the other tribes decide to follow Jeroboam as king.

Comment from : Q-Mari J.

Leon Huisamen
What a major blunder - do you think for one second that King Solomon would not know the 4th commandment!! Where on earth do you read the the 4th commandment is to hnour your father and mother. Shame on you who wrote the script like this. May you come to your senses and teach true scripture.
Comment from : Leon Huisamen

Comment from : TEtRaPODs pH

Harold Sollmer
Maybe they never read the word
Comment from : Harold Sollmer

Iam Me
Why do they do this s*** why did they replace the black KING with a white man but offer him a one of my black QUEENS, THIS S*** GOT TO STOP THE SHENANIGANS MUST END NOW
Comment from : Iam Me

Lynn Poole
Comment from : Lynn Poole

Kenya's Queens
Wait so let me get this right, the King 👑 can marry all these 700 wives with different Gods but as soon as Queen Sheba a black women comes along she is not worthy😔 I'm jus saying!
Comment from : Kenya's Queens

Pilar Newsome
Why do people dislike these good bible shows?
Comment from : Pilar Newsome

Jason T Stevens
Yuck. This isn't talking about black people. It's taking about poor people.

They're ENSLAVED "under the sun" of physical labor.

That's what God loves: the INNOCENT who Love HIM. 👍🙏👑 I can't stand this. All these flesh lies!!👎⚖️🔥

Comment from : Jason T Stevens

Sheila Hendrix
May 💞God💚 Be ❤With💜 Everyone 💙Always 💜Much Love Blessings💚 Always ❤ 🙏 💜💜❤💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
Comment from : Sheila Hendrix

Sheila Hendrix
Peace💙 and💞 Blessings💞 Too All My 💙Brothers 💞And💚 My Sisters May ❤God 💖Bless💞 Everyone Always 💙May💚 God 💚Bless Everyone 💜Richly💚 with everything they 💙need ❤Always ❤Much Love 💞Blessings 💚Always ❤ 🙏 ✨ 💖 🎇🌐💞💞💞💚💚💚💚💜💜😇💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🌐💙💙💙
Comment from : Sheila Hendrix

Comment from : IamHere

Humble Servant
Watch out for the jezebel spirit. May God give us strength to endure the times we live in. Remaining faithful only to the LORD Jesus Christ. Amen
Comment from : Humble Servant

The Student of Life
Comment from : The Student of Life

Shilpa sarah issac
The most part of story is wrong
Comment from : Shilpa sarah issac

Melissa Brooks

La ricerca approfondita dei concorrenti sara bloccata all'interno dei propri vincoli razionali. Ognuno di noi comprende la cosa ovvia: la pianificazione a lungo termine ci impone di analizzare i compiti fissati dalla societa.Non va dimenticato, pero, che il nuovo modello di attivita organizzativa ci impone di analizzare nuove proposte. E piacevole, cittadini, osservare come i partecipanti diretti al progresso tecnologico saranno limitati esclusivamente dal modo di pensare.💋

Comment from : Melissa Brooks

Fan Gurl
The fourth commandment REMEMBER the Sabbath and keep it holy throughout ALL generations FOREVER.
Comment from : Fan Gurl

נוח יחזקאל
Thanks to the people of Morocco.
Next: a film about Abu Bakr shot in Israel.

Comment from : נוח יחזקאל

נוח יחזקאל
Ierov-am saved Israel by fleeing to Kemet.
When Shoshenq I arrived to Canaan he only robbed the Temple and the kings treasure.
He didn't exterminate the 10.5 tribes ruled by Ierov-am.

Comment from : נוח יחזקאל

נוח יחזקאל
Monotheism (A Jelous God, El Kana) was invented by the priests of Athen.
Comment from : נוח יחזקאל

נוח יחזקאל
Religion is most important.
Especially as a tool in games of throne.
A tool for rule and control of people and treasure.

Comment from : נוח יחזקאל

נוח יחזקאל
Ashera (Astarta etc.) was worshipped in Canaan as El's wife, even after the return from Babylon exile.
Evident from Tell Arad temple.

Comment from : נוח יחזקאל

נוח יחזקאל
Many Babylonian proverbs were put by Ezra the scribe into Solomons mouth.
Comment from : נוח יחזקאל

נוח יחזקאל
Queen of Sheba story was invented following the conversion of the Khimiar people (kingdom of Aksium and San'a).
Comment from : נוח יחזקאל

pAn dEr kaPeLen
Fuck you
Comment from : pAn dEr kaPeLen

Bami ft
She's Queen of Ethiopia

Here name is Queen saba the first minilik mather

Comment from : Bami ft

Sis Lorraine Bowen KCUPC
I see shebase Brest in my background
Comment from : Sis Lorraine Bowen KCUPC

Lilian Michael
What’s the first scene for 🙄
Comment from : Lilian Michael

graceful Calvary agni church
Comment from : graceful Calvary agni church

Gabriel Ochiche
Comment from : Gabriel Ochiche

Elana Belcher
The start made me real uncomfortable, i almost turned this off I had to re look at the title and ff smh .
Comment from : Elana Belcher

Francis Larios
At 52:05 I was dumbfounded by those girls lmao🤣
Comment from : Francis Larios

Victor melgar
It is true that we can only endure trials believing God and his purposes.......
Comment from : Victor melgar

Attaulah Anwari
Comment from : Attaulah Anwari

brother uncle
Maybe solomon is prophecy to yet be fulfilled because i read only he was king of israel
Comment from : brother uncle

brother uncle
I read in the bible all nations bow at solomons feet licking the dust of his foot?
Comment from : brother uncle

brother uncle
Was king solomon the king of all the nations? Or Was he king of the world?
Comment from : brother uncle

Aryan Jass
I don't like this film because godly films is full of perfection in holy and purity
Comment from : Aryan Jass

yvain legaspi-sarabusa
Bad beginning...stop watching
Comment from : yvain legaspi-sarabusa

The Woodward Report
Greatest movie
Comment from : The Woodward Report

The Woodward Report
It is the Holy Lawwwwwww
Comment from : The Woodward Report

Zohaib Gill
Hello from Pakistan
Comment from : Zohaib Gill

Jennie RedRose
I wish there was a part 2 or rather continuation that went on to depict Rehaboam's reign and the downfall of Jeroboam! Anyone know of a movie out there that covers all that Jeroboam did?
Comment from : Jennie RedRose

Jesus is Lord
Jesus is Lord
Comment from : Jesus is Lord

The Wandering Albatross
This movies pretty bad overall. It's like the writer read some of the bible right before writing this and wrote down some keep points. This movie constantly tells the audience what is going on. It's a bible movie for people that know anything about the bible.
Comment from : The Wandering Albatross

fiasko Dollari
1:24 the only good part of the movie
Comment from : fiasko Dollari

R. Loren Ray
Gross and disgusting, I can't believe that is how the movie started, I don't want to see anyone making out.. how gross - How very bizare for a christian film - Before I watch this can someone tell me if this is this a clean christian film or a holywood film with adult scenes? Thanks so much -
Comment from : R. Loren Ray

Aldrin Ecoben
I'm here because of Ian acda video
Comment from : Aldrin Ecoben

Thete should be a song called: All I want for Christmas is to meet Jesus
Comment from : BrBeast

Q-Mari J.
The prequel to this movie was the one of King David starring Nathaniel Parker. That was a good one too.
Comment from : Q-Mari J.

Q-Mari J.
2:23:14 Solomon seems SUPER depressed. He even starts quoting his words from Ecclesiastes...
Comment from : Q-Mari J.

Q-Mari J.
I know the Bible doesn’t say that Solomon & the Queen of Sheba had a romantic relationship with each other... but it’s not exactly far-fetched either.

We all know Solomon was a “ladies-man”. He had 700 wives & 300 concubines.

And also the Book of 1 Kings mentions that everything that Solomon did is not recorded in the Bible.

1 Kings 11:41 & 2 Chronicles 9:29 tells us that “the rest of the acts of Solomon and all that he did” could be found in the “Book of the Acts of Solomon”. So there’s some further information that got lost.

Comment from : Q-Mari J.

Panama Rose
I love warrior movies warrior movies are the best movies action drama suspense let you know that God is real and if you believe in God or the devil whatever your belief baby it's real gold with this cold or virus that we going on let's Tell You God is not dead He's Alive thank you holy spirit thank you holy spirit amen
Comment from : Panama Rose

Marta Agustin
Thank for this movie 🙏🏻
Comment from : Marta Agustin

Dill Doe
No wonder the YashaRalites, the Hebrews, the Aryans, Adamites ( ones that blush ) are scattered over the earth for the last 2700 yrs, for precisely this, mixing with other races and bowing to their 'gods'. Solomon was a womaniser. He swelled in pride from his status, no humbleness.
Comment from : Dill Doe

Ahsathar Carson
The movie isn't accurate with the bible 🤔🤔🤔
Comment from : Ahsathar Carson

Timoci Laisenia
Excellent stories about this famously king
Comment from : Timoci Laisenia

Andre hope
If you expect to learn anything of this movie about the story of Solomon, i advise you to stop watching now. It might confuse you.
Comment from : Andre hope

hello cloud
Some of the acts might be immoral but hey that was during ancient times where gods commands are not complete yet. They can even marry their own relatives. King of David or Dawud is a righteous leader.
Comment from : hello cloud

shamefull the movie start with kiss vision they to write or production the story prophet of david or solomon really upst
Comment from : NWA POLAT

Alesha Daneen
SOLOMON (2021) f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E HD
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All Subtitle
Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??
todos los subtítulos
Tessa se encuentra luchando con su complicada relación con Hardin; se enfrenta a un dilema que podría cambiar sus vidas para siempre ok9si9u8wy7uwnwerwteyr

Comment from : Alesha Daneen

Arabelle Ayudia
SOLOMON (2021) f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E HD
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All Subtitle
Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??
todos los subtítulos
Tera luchando con su complicada relación con Hardin; se enfrenta a un dilema que podría cambiar sus vidas para siempre ok9si9u8wy7uwnwerwteyr

Comment from : Arabelle Ayudia

People never read the Song of Solomon and it shows.
Comment from : HIPHOPE

Julio’s Music
I didn’t get was so many are bothered by the kissing scene in the beginning of this movie
Comment from : Julio’s Music

jacknells kirkpatrick
Comment from : jacknells kirkpatrick

George Martinez
Do not call no one on earth 'Father', for there is only one our 'HEAVENLY FATHER' !!!!!
Comment from : George Martinez

Cooyah Ali
King Solomon is black
Comment from : Cooyah Ali

মিথ্যা বানানো গল্প,হারামি
Comment from : TAJUL ISLAM

Cecilio Flores
Comment from : Cecilio Flores

Simoon Tempest
It is extraordinarily tragic and quite pathetic that the people commenting below are actually offended by the works of Solomon.
Comment from : Simoon Tempest

Yus Drogba
Is this what the Bible teaches about this great pure and honest prophet of god.kissing and making love .what a shameless movie.
Comment from : Yus Drogba

I would like to marry that dark woman ... she have a nice face and beautiful body ... she's smart too!!!
Comment from : INDIOS SAGRADOS

A white man kissing a black woman lol this movie is an abomination! YHWH DONT STAND FOR THIS!!
Comment from : MW YHWH

aniano mislos jr
but beauty itself cannot stop the end of life for..."nothing lasts forever..."
Comment from : aniano mislos jr

aniano mislos jr
a thing of beauty is joy forever!!! but even beauty itself but stop the end of life for 'notthing last forever".
Comment from : aniano mislos jr

great opening for kids 😝
Comment from : EDDY A

mg mohd
Comment from : mg mohd

Toleraf Samuel
Another unbiblical movie - the story of King Solomon is misrepresented here.
Comment from : Toleraf Samuel

Roman super
Comment from : MOHSEN UDDIN

Mark Hans
Vanity was King Solomon's greatest sin.
Comment from : Mark Hans

Sylhetish Sylhetian
This Movie is disrespectful. I hate it.
We Should respect David & Solomon.

Comment from : Sylhetish Sylhetian

I can not understand how Solomon failed to God in the end, after all what God gave to him.
Comment from : Edmond&Mercedes

great acting of the great Scottish actor on the part of SHLOMO , his Hebrew name but Jesus said " A greater than Solomon is here."
Comment from : titicoqui

aiman kahn
One should never put modernism in sacred historical things
Comment from : aiman kahn

Jeremi Holley
Comment from : Jeremi Holley

Reiza Aroyonza
Did they have to start with deep kissing scene?
Comment from : Reiza Aroyonza

Mr goku
God: son I love you


Satan:don't listen to him

You when sinned:I love what I'm doing

Satan:yeah keep doigg it

You when suffer:God help me

God:I will.

Comment from : Mr goku

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