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Mark Mallory
America could annihilate Iran in seconds from sea!!
Comment from : Mark Mallory

Mark Mallory
His pinball machine went TILT. Game Over!
Comment from : Mark Mallory

یا حسین
He was The best ISIS killer.
Comment from : یا حسین

یا حسین
به شما قول میدهم که یک روز انتقام خواهیم گرفت.
Comment from : یا حسین

یا حسین
Death to America.
Comment from : یا حسین

bajeet79 Roblox 2
Ukraine international flight 752 was carrying the cure for the coronavirus
Comment from : bajeet79 Roblox 2

Comment from : 51stChicagoMilitia

Ah Fg
Long live IRAN🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷
Comment from : Ah Fg

New York
God bless Trump the real President of the United States
Comment from : New York

Rabbani Azzahra
US is a jerk
Comment from : Rabbani Azzahra

miliatry world 🌎
rip my man❤️love u qasem soleimani❤️
Comment from : miliatry world 🌎

İran only cry 😆 cowards
Comment from : INFINITY

mr.Alireza spidertom
bad mistake by usa
Comment from : mr.Alireza spidertom

silva benjamin
Tnx you dunald trum your the best men ilove you sow much! Jesus loves you
Comment from : silva benjamin

Mark Roberts
the us will turn that shithole into a shithole . the demon mohamd decrees it
Comment from : Mark Roberts

Masood Khan
Comment from : Masood Khan

✌🏽🤲🏾IRAN is best 🌹🤲🏾fuck you Amerika
Comment from : If

Fuck Amerika
Comment from : If

Ali Shahryari
سربازی شما بخاطر پول میجنگن ما واسه وطمن میجنگیم شما شرف نداشتید ک رو در رو بزنید قاسم سلیمانی. بی شرفا
Comment from : Ali Shahryari

Ali Shahryari
فاکیو ترامپ فاکیو کص مادرت یکی از قاسم سلیمانی ب شهادت رسوندی هنوز هزاران قاسم سلیمانی هسته ما آمادی جنگ با شما هستم 🇮🇷💪🇮🇷💪
Comment from : Ali Shahryari

neal trenkamp
Need to start seeking out more high-ranking people maybe the president of Iran
Comment from : neal trenkamp

Jesus the word soldier
Jesus is lord and is coming real real soon, repent and make him your lord
Comment from : Jesus the word soldier

united Indian
What the Fuck He is Doing in Baghdad😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Comment from : united Indian

Top gaming Pubg mobile
U.S. Soldier Are So Young and Looking SO Smart.
Comment from : Top gaming Pubg mobile

Omar Garcia
🇲🇽 viva el general soleimani que allah lo tenga en su gloria!!!!✊✊✊✊
Comment from : Omar Garcia

New Yardley Sinclair
Think about the humiliation Iran felt at this. This general who leads an elite organization known for most of the attacks against american troops was taken out by a billionaire turned reality star, turned president. LOL Trump humiliated them
Comment from : New Yardley Sinclair

New Yardley Sinclair
Look what happened. The world saw trump act decisively. Even the Iranians foreign minister said privately that this had a big effect on the Iranians leadership
Comment from : New Yardley Sinclair

MMRM Collections
Islam it so nice
Comment from : MMRM Collections

علي عبدالله
There will come a day when America will not stick its nose again in World
Comment from : علي عبدالله

global nomad
EVERY one ,, will be judged by the loving creator ,,,, NO ONE escapes the review of their Conscience ,, NO ONE
Comment from : global nomad

Historia de la Ciencia
The biggest news overshadowed by Covid-19
Comment from : Historia de la Ciencia

Mr 666
Comment from : Mr 666

Trump 2024
Comment from : Jurizih

allah and pedo mohamed r gay
next is the whole middle east except for Israel 😆🤣
Comment from : allah and pedo mohamed r gay

Reza Beygi
He was anti terrorism general . He finished ISIS.
Comment from : Reza Beygi

Reza Beygi
He was not most important commander. He only commands 1500 Iranian soldiers.
Comment from : Reza Beygi

allah and pedo mohamed are gay and like pork
islam 💩
Comment from : allah and pedo mohamed are gay and like pork

My Life
He clearly didnt take bribes
Comment from : My Life

A defensive action? To murder others countries Defense Minister equivalent without specific criminal charges or United Nation authorized? unbelieveable Trump did this.
Comment from : CHU CHIN SHEI

Faris Mustafa
Little did this comment section know this was the least of their problems of the year
Comment from : Faris Mustafa

Jeneral soleimani was a hero.he kill the isis.🖤
Comment from : armin.najafli

January has been shit
Comment from : TKM

Tiger Uppercut
it is the will of Allah....
Comment from : Tiger Uppercut

Micha Bell
Severe consequences yeah those Iranians killed in that plane shot down by them was very painful
Comment from : Micha Bell

Ayaz Ata
Good Job usa Air force
Comment from : Ayaz Ata

Menolly Larak
Looks to me like US vs IRAN to me!
Comment from : Menolly Larak

Dean Adam
And then we get fury of extremists terrosim after doing such things to those people!
Comment from : Dean Adam

DayKan Gemcutting
usa is the real terrorist of the world.
Comment from : DayKan Gemcutting

Yes, I remember Gen. Salami. This airstrike made me feel proud of being American.
Comment from : Warlock

David Domaguina
we agrre trump is an idiot
Comment from : David Domaguina

Kavii Perera
Please make justice for Soleimani..
Comment from : Kavii Perera

milad Bereihi
Please Be Aware The BBC is Funded by The British State.
Comment from : milad Bereihi

khalifa ezzar
Death to american imperialism
Comment from : khalifa ezzar

Coolgamer Azizi
Fuck you trump fro killing a great general from Iran
Comment from : Coolgamer Azizi

Lidia Santoro
All the expert talking heads were wrong. Iran leaders learnt a lesson - they could be next.
Comment from : Lidia Santoro

Jaime Duque
Preventative Maintenance.
Comment from : Jaime Duque

Jaime Duque
Saved a nuclear war.
Comment from : Jaime Duque

Game world master
Comment from : Game world master

Roadside Towing Centennial
Good job america. He was a devil
Comment from : Roadside Towing Centennial

I The
Who is here at the end of August
Comment from : I The

Emaan Suleman
Comment from : Emaan Suleman

Emaan Suleman
im a boy on my sisters acc
Comment from : Emaan Suleman

love trump from india
Comment from : B C P

2020 worst year
Comment from : Doppio

America will be destroyed soon
Comment from : IM?

Kyle xenna Edig
Comment from : Kyle xenna Edig

Hahahahaha! 🇺🇸💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Comment from : E M

Comment from : Hage

Mohammad Ali
Rest In Peace Qasim Soleimani your a true hero❤️ love from Russia
Comment from : Mohammad Ali

Oliver Grumitt
Humans will never be able to solve world problems while they continue to slaughter each other and military needs take priority over humanitarian and environmental needs. Given human nature however, that is unlikely ever to change. Therefore, when people talk about “saving the planet” ( What they really mean is saving civilization, although humans does do not behave in a civilized way) it is now far too late to do so.
Comment from : Oliver Grumitt

Rocko Productions
And now a arrest warrant for Trump, Iran might wanna go lay down somewhere before He makes them look like Hiroshima
Comment from : Rocko Productions

Imagine having to identify your top general by his ring
Comment from : Thiccolas

Joe for Prez. 2020
Comment from : TREE SITTER

yoyo uttarakhand uttarakhand
😸😸😸😸😸😸America great
Comment from : yoyo uttarakhand uttarakhand

ernesto velazquez
Thanks to Donald Trump actions now we have the coronavirus, he should of never mess with Iran.
Comment from : ernesto velazquez

روحت شاد بزرگ مرد ایران زمین راهتو ادامه میدیم تا اخرش تا نابودی امریکا اسرائیل ما سره عهدی که باهم هستیم تا اخرش هرچی میخواد بشه بشه پیروزی با ماست پیروزی با مردم ایرانه🇮🇷❤💪🏻
Comment from : MUSTAFA TÜRK 🇹🇷

America will be destroyed soon🇮🇷💪🏻
Comment from : MUSTAFA TÜRK 🇹🇷

Nikola Nikolov
trump legend
Comment from : Nikola Nikolov

dfgh lkjh
naked attraction
Comment from : dfgh lkjh

Qasem Qasemi
My name is Qasem and im a meme in my school
Comment from : Qasem Qasemi

mehrdad 576
قاسم کتلت
Comment from : mehrdad 576

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