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Rare ancient scroll found in Israel Cave of Horror - BBC News

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Information Rare ancient scroll found in Israel Cave of Horror - BBC News

Title :  Rare ancient scroll found in Israel Cave of Horror - BBC News
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Frames Rare ancient scroll found in Israel Cave of Horror - BBC News

Description Rare ancient scroll found in Israel Cave of Horror - BBC News

Comments Rare ancient scroll found in Israel Cave of Horror - BBC News

Chad Els
The old testament was written in Hebrew. The new testament was written in Greek. The said it was from the book of Isiah. 1 and 1 don't make 2.
Comment from : Chad Els

Jamie Love
You mean in Palestine
Comment from : Jamie Love

Nonofyou Business
This must be a "Palestinian" artifact. No Jews indigenous to this land...
Comment from : Nonofyou Business

leah Hernandez
God is real
Comment from : leah Hernandez

BigZebra. Com
I knew I left that ancient scroll around here somewhere!
Comment from : BigZebra. Com

Dylan Sheridan
Jesus Christ is coming back 🙏
Comment from : Dylan Sheridan

Daniel Quainoo
Jesus is coming soon ! He loves each and everyone of us so much that he lived and died 2000 years ago to take away our sins because sin separates  us  from God and leads us to hell.. All of us have sinned and don't deserve to go to heaven. Repent of your sins (confess to Jesus in Prayer and forsake them) and BELIEVE that Jesus died to take away all the sins you have done in your life. When you do these, you will be forgiven, cleansed from your sins with his blood that he shed on the cross and have eternal life. He promises that!Not only that but you will be made right with God because the righteousness of Jesus comes upon you. You will be saved from eternal Hell by grace through faith in Jesus.

Jesus rose back to life on his 3rd death day and is now in heaven but will come back to take his people with him and judge the whole world for their sins. Get right with God now, He wants a real relationship with you ! Take sin seriously! Seek Jesus in prayer and Bible reading and you will find Him !

Comment from : Daniel Quainoo

A little bit of Zechariah fulfilled by Jesus Christ - “Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion; shout, O daughter of Jerusalem: behold, thy King cometh unto thee: he is just, and having salvation; lowly, and riding upon an ass, and upon a colt the foal of an ass.” Zechariah 9 v 9
Comment from : Úna

victor maphosa
Leave it alone. Leave. It. Alone. This is NOT the time to screw around with ancient scrolls found in mothertrucking caves of HORROR!
Comment from : victor maphosa

Styx Hellmouth
wtf where greeks doing there i saw greek letters on the scroll
Comment from : Styx Hellmouth

Leigh Jordon
I smell bullshit
Comment from : Leigh Jordon

0:49 imagine the scroll was in perfect condition then he hits it with the hammer/digger thing
Comment from : l'annu

I'm Palestine
Comment from : MoroccanAnwar

Comment from : NxDr

Carol Bowen
again, 2nd video I saw om this and no rendering of how His Name was spelled!
Comment from : Carol Bowen

Yowza Knows
New updated version of the bible coming to you soon...
Comment from : Yowza Knows

Kyte Ansarty
Throhim to the flooragain sir?


Throw him to the floor again sir?

Comment from : Kyte Ansarty

Hip hip
I call BULLSHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment from : Hip hip

jack black
more godly crap
Comment from : jack black

Mohaimino Dres
I think its Fake
Comment from : Mohaimino Dres

Mo Vincent
Man made, had to take a break on Sunday. Why? Fig Newton?
Comment from : Mo Vincent

Cue more religious intolerance and violence as religious groups demand the scroll is given to them.
Comment from : Gambit771

Mike Sherry
These are pieces of medieval conspiracy theories.
Comment from : Mike Sherry

20 21
Breaking News: Smaller “horrific cave of horrors” found inside Cave of horror.
Comment from : 20 21

Heroboy Leyland
Don’t trust anything that involves Israel could of been written yesterday by Mossad
Comment from : Heroboy Leyland

BBC licence bill reminder maybe 🗿
Comment from : JEREMY RUYGROK

Ste Frequency
Look at these folks buying into the name "cave of horror" its a bloody cave... no doubt those scrolls where about ancient greeks documenting their use of magical mushrooms, which is what its all about folks end of story
Comment from : Ste Frequency

James Mcgrandles
Prevent from looting by looting ehhhh ok
Comment from : James Mcgrandles

Beeble Brox
Thankfully we have objective science to guide us now, instead of Bronze Age myths and superstitions.
Comment from : Beeble Brox

Devin Patel
Discovered in occupied Palestinian
Comment from : Devin Patel

Devin Patel
No such country as isreal
Comment from : Devin Patel

Js Comp
You mean Palestine. Idiots.
Comment from : Js Comp

Meow KaboOm
I dont see any palestinian scrolls anywhere
Comment from : Meow KaboOm

Oink Doink
Two books were found , Nahum and Zechariah.
Comment from : Oink Doink

Its probably a cheatcode for covid-21
Comment from : buttkrack

Allan Vlogs
“Immeasurable worth”
> Pokes with fingers and sellotapes it down

Comment from : Allan Vlogs

sunny g
Do you still need 55 slayer for cave horrors in 2021?
Comment from : sunny g

Religion is a joke you brainwashed idiots
Comment from : ALLAH

Diving In Eilat
I am amazed that BBC doing an article proving the fact that jews have been living in the area for thousands years
Comment from : Diving In Eilat

Asel Plays
Guys this scroll contains the when Shrek 5 will be made
Comment from : Asel Plays

pamela titterington
Really exciting and good news
Comment from : pamela titterington

Sohale Maqsood
The message said to them, stop drinking the devils drink,and stop causing havoc on earth
Comment from : Sohale Maqsood

Its false .. it's fake.... look the letter... the A .. old scriptures where different ...this is maximum 1940 caves ....
Comment from : Ft

Anthony Mitchell
No disrespect but you have to take a lot of what the BBC say with a pinch of salt frankly a posh accent doesn't cut it these days old chap
Comment from : Anthony Mitchell

Government by Consent is Government for Group Identity:

1. Government by consent is only possible by sympathetic relations between governments and their subjects.

2. The cause of oppression is a lack of a sympathetic relation between governments and their subjects.

3. Sympathy between governments and their subjects is only possible by shared intentions.

4. Popular intention is expressed by support for institutions of ideology, politics, religion, culture, language, race and economics.

5. Institutions have the primary function of maintaining, uplifting and saving a group identity.

6. Group identity is freely chosen by people with shared intentions.

7. Shared intentions arise out of desire, want, need and necessity.

8. Government by consent is government for a specific group identity.

Comment from : Jon

JoeAppLe vyte
Dead sea scrolls, the oldest bible original writings this was said by a jewish rabbi (Jonathan Cahn)
Comment from : JoeAppLe vyte

احمد يونس
It is really cute when they say " not found in Israel for 500 years," israel isn't even 100 years old
Comment from : احمد يونس

Yep... another artefact to ensure there won’t be peace
Comment from : A K

Hokey Wolf
Harrison Ford should have been there.
Comment from : Hokey Wolf

Wicki Pissi
Secret peado papers
Comment from : Wicki Pissi

bigkey bars
Comment from : bigkey bars

PruneBaboon 1
Looks like it was written with a normal biro pen 🤔
Comment from : PruneBaboon 1

oscar rosales
What’s most amazing to me is the fact that the Bible has updates, and the last one was 60 years ago.
Comment from : oscar rosales

Specialist Screeding
This satisfied my cave/biblical scroll hobby
Comment from : Specialist Screeding

Alex Guzman
I just watched as above, so below and it's freaking me out. Must watch
Comment from : Alex Guzman

I wish Egypt was this transparent with their discoveries.
Comment from : Ben

Worldofwarcraft Mage
Archaeologists are scams
Comment from : Worldofwarcraft Mage

Worldofwarcraft Mage
They keep on making scams
Comment from : Worldofwarcraft Mage

Randy Obama
i know about dead sea scroll. also book of enoch..

then my suspicion was the Bible we have is just what Vatican wanted us to read for their narrative and end goal and to control the population..
but despite all that, I became a better human and understood the core message of entire new testament
"Love, Mercy, Salvation."
that is all you need to take away from bible.. in my humble opinion

Comment from : Randy Obama

JimJim JimJim
Imagine touching/discovering something written before Jesus walked the earth. Mind blowing!
Comment from : JimJim JimJim

‘To my darling Candy, all characters in this book are fictional, any relation to peoples living or dead are entirely coincidental’
Comment from : QWERTY 2

Just me.
What must you be running and hiding from to craw into that hole. Imagine getting water there and on a daily basis.
Comment from : Just me.

novark ngoode
probably used as bog roll ......just cos its old means nothing
Comment from : novark ngoode

Marc Duncan
I had a vision of Jesus coming back few years ago.
Comment from : Marc Duncan

Profeta degli Dei
Ask The Gods.
Comment from : Profeta degli Dei

Marty Hill
Interesting how Gods name was found in the texts.
Wonder why no one uses it?

Comment from : Marty Hill

Crowsley Yir
Ah yes, Joshua Tomar's manifesto.
Comment from : Crowsley Yir

grant mitchell
Fascinating. Kudos to all participants.
Comment from : grant mitchell

How they manage to translate much of anything from those pieces of ancient confetti is incredible in itself.
Is it a new (to us) document or is it “just” a very old copy of something we have?

Comment from : championchap

Majid Miah
Free palestine
Comment from : Majid Miah

Jamie Summers - DarkSakura
You’re the news. Stop bringing up “Christ” as a dating divider. It’s Before the Common Era, or BCE.
Comment from : Jamie Summers - DarkSakura

Paul Sparkone
Coincidentally being found in recent years... Amazing.
Nobody mention the trends of the area.
I'll sell you a genuine genie lamp. It will even pass the carbon-dating!

Comment from : Paul Sparkone

Neil Robson
Yes. Totally believable
Comment from : Neil Robson

Interesting... 🤔
Comment from : ArchangelExile

Emily nam
Yo that shit survived centuries
Comment from : Emily nam

robin hood
It must have been a warning
Comment from : robin hood

Anne Larm
Glory be to our Father
Comment from : Anne Larm

-Exploration & archaeological finds: 100
-Extracting wisdom from Tent Dwellers: 0

Comment from : dewuser

Ballcap, this is just another part of the Zionist scam to strip Palestinians of their dignity and biblical history. These scrolls are Palestinian! and so was Rome!! Free Palestine !
Comment from : eladale2000

Loechai LikeI´dgiveadamnaboutputtingmyfullnamehere
And upon the full translation it clearly states: "By reading this, you accept the use of cookies..."
Comment from : Loechai LikeI´dgiveadamnaboutputtingmyfullnamehere

2 1
No such country called Israel, there is only Palestine occupied by white Europeans
Comment from : 2 1

The World is yours!
These guys want to get real jobs! Ones that leave you broken bruised and with muscular skeleton disorder arthritis, and on the waiting list for two new knees after a 32 years putting up Scaffolding and still doing it for the same money I was getting in the early 90s !
Comment from : The World is yours!

The World is yours!
I found a old sun news paper in my loft from 18 years ago you can hardly make out the outer pages headlines...they must have had better INK back then, I am sure moses had to get a new hammer and chisel after he wrote the words of God on tablets, it would have saved him time and energy if he had Ink ...
Comment from : The World is yours!

Richard Taylor
Only saw 1 mask in use
Comment from : Richard Taylor

Antonio Acid and Marble
The news here was really that they found this and not an larger interest hiding it from the world in some underground library in Rome.
Comment from : Antonio Acid and Marble

Big Black Glock
Whats so horrific? Religious ppl
Comment from : Big Black Glock

Dong Luc
Comment from : Dong Luc

David Murphy
Cave of horror?
Comment from : David Murphy

Tom Ainsley
Prevent caves from being looted by looting them ?
Comment from : Tom Ainsley

Chenjin Minem
Did they have (US) ‘Sharpies’, .... way back then ?
The text certainly has a regular shape to it !

Comment from : Chenjin Minem

Aria Strwn
Comment from : Aria Strwn

Kirtana Suseenthren
Interesting discovery.. They mention a few times that God's name is written on the scroll, but never once mention what is His name. His Name is Jehovah.
Comment from : Kirtana Suseenthren

abdillahi jalalkhan
Reading through the
Comments, most
are taking it as a joke.
Jewish Freedom
Fighters or as the
Roman Occupiers/
Colonisers would have regarded them
'terrorists' possesing
documents in the
GREEK language
with only one word
in HEBREW mentioning YHWH,
and only a scrap of
the manuscript
salvaged. So this
Conveniently prevents
any Scientific probe authenticity or
carbon dating by
various archaeological
institutions to
confirm the authenticity of
the origin or time.


Comment from : abdillahi jalalkhan

Holy shit. Actual news of interest.
Comment from : --

Leecifer Voorhees
Comment from : Leecifer Voorhees

Harold Cicero
Where is the “”horror””?
Comment from : Harold Cicero

Abdo Dz
That country call palestine
Comment from : Abdo Dz

Majed Al-ossaimi
What a dumb found
Comment from : Majed Al-ossaimi

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