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The Israel Lobby's Impact on America

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Information The Israel Lobby's Impact on America

Title :  The Israel Lobby's Impact on America
Lasting :   1.55.56
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Description The Israel Lobby's Impact on America

Comments The Israel Lobby's Impact on America

Zul O Curran
When the lobbyist say jump, just say how high master. No question ask.
Comment from : Zul O Curran

But the Mueller investigation is into "RUSSIAN' interference in US politics!!!!!!!!
Comment from : TheNobullman

Naseem Khan
Thank you for all the information. I will look for Big Israel - a must read.
Comment from : Naseem Khan

K. Hall
1:15:20 holy shit he absolutely 100% predicted the future!
Comment from : K. Hall

Richard Hardy
Look how many empty seats there are, it's sickening to see how stupid the most entitled population on earth can be.
Comment from : Richard Hardy

Jamie Malokas
Sure hopes Mueller looks into Israeli meddling in elections when he is done with Russia. ha ha ha He'd actually finally have something to investigate. That would keep him busy through Trump's second term.
Comment from : Jamie Malokas

Jamie Malokas
This video is a history of American politicians' traitorous actions since 1948. I blame them as much as the Israeli lobby. That a foreign country can control USA foreign policy, write legislation, and control USA foreign aid, is beyond belief. What country the in world lets a foreign government control them as we do ? The answer is nobody does. Do what the Israeli lobby does in the USA and the politicians who cooperate should be charged with treason. There wouldn't be anyone left in Congress.
Comment from : Jamie Malokas

Don Hermiston
It is truly time to make AIPAC and other Israeli groups register as foreign agents. If America had any sense, they would drop Israel like the toxic entity it is. The U.S, Britain, and Israel are the true 'Axis of Evil,'in this world.
Comment from : Don Hermiston

Joao Cruz
I am seriously considering that the people of the supposed freely country on the world, and seeing this video, that people are afraid of being anti-semite! that's why their's so few people at this conference. this shows fear. because if you're against the Israeli military oppression you'll be anti Israel. well their's a difference between being pro liberty fraternity and equality or pro zionist. so I urge you to be an outstanding spokesman when it comes to mass murder genocide and anti something. you do not need to be anti-Israel or anti-jew or anti-whatever because people should be pro-everything that it's common sense. And a state that kills just because they had the Holocaust it's purely and insanely inappropriate and ridiculous. wake up! greetings from Portugal
Comment from : Joao Cruz

What does Netanyahu really think of America? www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrtuBas3Ipw
Comment from : MrSocialchange

Sammy sam
Comment from : Sammy sam

IRmep Stream
Now available as an audiobook! "Big Israel: How Israel's Lobby Moves America"


Comment from : IRmep Stream

Joseph Riley
Boo. A bunch of crap.
Comment from : Joseph Riley

Deschutes Maple
The first guy with a question at the 1.29 mark arguing that Israel is an invaluable military strategic asset to USA is either a Zionist supporter or a useful idiot. Smith gives an excellent counterpoint to the questioner's arguments pointing out that Israel never sent troops to fight in the Persian Gulf war or in the Iraq war–though it certainly benefitted hugely from the result of these wars fought at Israel's behest.
Comment from : Deschutes Maple

wuldntuliktono ptb
Damn its an empty house
Comment from : wuldntuliktono ptb

Needs more views.... please spread
Comment from : kh4liqi

Adventure Seeker
Nothing more than elaborate theft.
Comment from : Adventure Seeker

Vincent Kline
total destruction to the U.S. economy... in infinite ways.
Comment from : Vincent Kline

Crystal Bernard
Thank you for this. I just wish there was some way to communicate this to the American people so they can understand what's going on. When you come to the realization and start talking about it people look at you like your crazy, that's how effective the Israel propaganda is. They think I'm anti-Israel when all I am is just pro American.
Comment from : Crystal Bernard

Jan de Jonge
Half a year now since it was posted and only 5800 views and 106 likes. What does that say about zionist power to distract attention from critics?
Comment from : Jan de Jonge

April Sanchez
Excellent! It's time...
Comment from : April Sanchez

The journalist above IGNORES all the historical incidents where the lobby FAILED to change US policy: 1) Boycott of Nazi Germany in the 1930s 2) Post-Suez Crisis in 1956 3) HW Bush's withdrawal of loan guarantees in 1991
Comment from : rachel36ify

IRmep Stream
The slides from this talk may be downloaded as a PDF file at:


Comment from : IRmep Stream

Saved to my playlist and shared on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks for posting.
Comment from : Vertigo

Karen Contestabile
This vid was posted on Mordechai Vanunu's FB page...We thank him for this...
Comment from : Karen Contestabile

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