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Frank Eikelkamp
What about proof for the ark of convenant thats what i would see. Great docu
Comment from : Frank Eikelkamp

Jan Jarczyński
Comment from : Jan Jarczyński

I dream about the country after seeing the video, I feel like I am there in Jerusalem. GOOD VIDEO
Comment from : spid170

Chai MJ Zel
Comment from : Chai MJ Zel

Mary Robin
Thank u pastor Todd. This video is so so beautifully done and wonderfully explained, this is such a blessing for many like me who have great interests in the geography of the Holy Bible. It sure helps me to connect to events, times and stories which I read in the Scriptures. Definitely has increased my faith 🥰. May Lord Jesus richly bless you and your ministry to greater heights and achievements for His glory... 🙏🏻😇
Comment from : Mary Robin

Ferdinand Pio
Very nice, clear , beautiful narration and tour of Israel with present day video.
Comment from : Ferdinand Pio

Ferenc Csoka
The time is near people u should see it with your own eyes love and hug your children mother and father,brothers the time is near enjoy your life with love …
Comment from : Ferenc Csoka

Rosia Morrison
Thank you , this is such a wealth of bible information , Loved every minute of it ! To speechless to describe how much I enjoyed this ! Thank you again .
Comment from : Rosia Morrison

devon gannes
wonderful program...wowzzah!
Comment from : devon gannes

GiGi Is
My goodness the music is such a tragic distraction! WHY? Why did you have to ruin this with music behind the narration? WHY?!!!!!!!!
Comment from : GiGi Is

Isioma Okoye
Very nice video and explanation. I learnt a lot from this video. Thanks so much. Will be visiting Holy Land in March, can’t wait to see it with my eyes.
Comment from : Isioma Okoye

william levy
The voice , the background music, the holy land God walked on, beautiful combination that makes me want to cry ..
Comment from : william levy

Jaya Raj
Comment from : Jaya Raj

Vijaya Grace
I love Jesus Christ. Jerusalem Holy land places is very wonderful. I love this places. Excellent look this sea. Galaliee is wonderful place. Thank you so much sharing this video.
Comment from : Vijaya Grace

Imad Al-Shikh Omar
And this land is stolen now, apartheid state of Israel
Comment from : Imad Al-Shikh Omar

Imad Al-Shikh Omar
Holly books events happend in Yemen not in Palastine! The history is full of lies.
Comment from : Imad Al-Shikh Omar

Imad Al-Shikh Omar
Free Palastine 🇵🇸✌️
Comment from : Imad Al-Shikh Omar

Thank you for this marvellous presentation! I had the opportunity to visit many of these sites, and am thrilled that you confirm the authenticity of the places that were shown to my group. You also offer alternate sites that I was introduced to as possible places/locations. Your unbiased presentation is very much appreciated. Do continue to be a blessing to the seekers of the truth! God be with you and your team. Thank you very much!
Comment from : JUNE FIORITO

great content and well presented.... Congratulations 👏👏
Comment from : andy

Ali Ben ahmed
Woooow ❤️😍😍🇵🇸
Comment from : Ali Ben ahmed

Mourad Dhamna
القدس عاصمة فلسطين لا اله إلا الله محمد رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم
Comment from : Mourad Dhamna

Cynthia Rosas
Put these names on a wall Juanita Bernie jr roy Cynthia ruby Pedro Jacob joshua Natalie little Jacob Dominick Andrew Emilio amor Emma elianna skye and little Jacob baby boy
Comment from : Cynthia Rosas

Judy Vititoe
ive been to many of these sites. thank you for this video.
Comment from : Judy Vititoe

Deepak Dhari J
This video should be translate into Hindi language.
Comment from : Deepak Dhari J

Tülay Sinmaz
Israel is amazing place❤❤❤❤👍🙏🙏🙏
Comment from : Tülay Sinmaz

Tülay Sinmaz
Thank for wonderful sharing👍❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👏💯💯💯💯
Comment from : Tülay Sinmaz

Alima Mariyam
#free palestine..!
Comment from : Alima Mariyam

Alex Yk Ong
Comment from : Alex Yk Ong

Muhamad Azmeer
Love Allah,Love Muhammad
Comment from : Muhamad Azmeer

Allison Alberici
Haunted places
Comment from : Allison Alberici

Avishek Sarkar
Comment from : Avishek Sarkar

I would love to experience this tour....
Comment from : Vjbean80

v g
Brilliant thank u
Comment from : v g

Tamara Black
Thank you. 🙏
Comment from : Tamara Black

Meep P
Israel has done nothing for the us!
Comment from : Meep P

Lee bearrat
I HATE to see that donkey going around circles. Could had been all day too.
Comment from : Lee bearrat

Yousef Obaid
Victory to Palestinians who are struggling for freedom.
Comment from : Yousef Obaid

Minda Bellen
I want to travel and explore the holy land of Israel, in Jesus name.amen.
Comment from : Minda Bellen

Rendroko Bhuwono
Comment from : Rendroko Bhuwono

l3gend V2
One of my life goals is to visit
Comment from : l3gend V2

Qaleesya Alia
Comment from : Qaleesya Alia

Wilman Torres
By Dec
Comment from : Wilman Torres

Baddam Benhur
Very informative and inspiring. Overall its helping towards SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT. Thank You dear brother in the LORD for such a great and beautiful TOUR.MAY GOD BLESS YOU. AMEN
Comment from : Baddam Benhur

Pauline Killen
His my salvation for ever amen 🙏❤️🙏❤️
Comment from : Pauline Killen

Pauline Killen
Hi can anyone tell me we’re I could get that music there playing it’s so beautiful thank you I would be so grateful if anyone one can tell me god bless 🙏❤️
Comment from : Pauline Killen

Mimose Jeune
Comment from : Mimose Jeune

Anthony Domingo
Thank you for the tour
Comment from : Anthony Domingo

chandra singh 2021
Awesome video. Thank you so much. Blessings!
Comment from : chandra singh 2021

Sandy Van Stedum
Thank you!!!!!
Comment from : Sandy Van Stedum

Wonderful tour and education. This brings so much Biblical history local as it should be. The location near Galilee is beautiful. God had good taste. Tyty and God bless you.
Comment from : Skywaves

Aniq Zarook
Comment from : Aniq Zarook

Elizabeth Oye Otu
Great is Jehovah, may His name be praised
Comment from : Elizabeth Oye Otu

Holy Land Israel is always in my heart. Though I have visited this place thrice, I still want to go there again. Walking in the Holy Land is like reading the holy bible and walking with our Lord Jesus. What was mentioned in the bible, can be seen in the Holy Land Israel. Very obvious that our holy bible is very true indeed. God bless Your Holy Land Israel.
Comment from : MALINI EBOT

Lyn Reyes
Thank you so much sharing this beautiful place that the Lord Jesus Christ walked on part of the world on the other side if the Lord Jesus Christ will allowed Me to go it would be a blessing to me God bless you
Comment from : Lyn Reyes

sreekanth cp
Israel 🇮🇱 our brother country ....love from 🇮🇳🥰🤗
Comment from : sreekanth cp

Follower of Julian
Long live Palestine!
Comment from : Follower of Julian

Meaza Haile
Thank you doing this it is going to be great. God bless you keep you safe 💕💕
Comment from : Meaza Haile

Where the holy scriptures took place and also where of the sudden Jesus Christ became white man by Europeans writers. The Bible say the truth and the truth shall make you free and I am yet to hear the truth
Comment from : stephen

signe tulupan
Thank u, brother!
Comment from : signe tulupan

Jazz Guitar College
How weird that there would be a giant freshwater lake in the middle of the desert.
Comment from : Jazz Guitar College

Sara Manoochehri
Thanks. Very good.
Comment from : Sara Manoochehri

Ratchanu Saenbandit
Comment from : Ratchanu Saenbandit

John Mark
Glory to God.
Comment from : John Mark

Eye on art
And now it is nothing but a place for people to make money off of. It is a tourist attraction like Six flags. No I would not like to go there, I will go to my bible.
Comment from : Eye on art

Mansoor Ahmed
How this holy city is only for jews ?
Comment from : Mansoor Ahmed

Fabi King
Thanks for the explanation ❤️🙏
Comment from : Fabi King

Martin Duffin
Interesting so much history in Palestine, thank you for sharing
Comment from : Martin Duffin

Kenneth Bartels
The Bible is not a fairytale? No shit !!
Comment from : Kenneth Bartels

Aipopo Suiga Samoa
I loved watching and hear the story from the bible. Thank you so much for the video it’s so beautiful 😍✝️♥️♥️♥️
Comment from : Aipopo Suiga Samoa

Michael McNew
Fix 2020 First.
Comment from : Michael McNew

siodemer losur
Thanknyou so much for exploring the place where our Saviour lives and the ancient people in His time.,we long to see the place where our Saviour lives.but then ,by your videos with elaborations..we saw and felt the real place where The history in the Bible all happens..be safe,more power.and God bless you
Comment from : siodemer losur

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