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Abandoned Millionaires Family Mansion With Exotic Luxury Cars Left Behind

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Information Abandoned Millionaires Family Mansion With Exotic Luxury Cars Left Behind

Title :  Abandoned Millionaires Family Mansion With Exotic Luxury Cars Left Behind
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Frames Abandoned Millionaires Family Mansion With Exotic Luxury Cars Left Behind

Description Abandoned Millionaires Family Mansion With Exotic Luxury Cars Left Behind

Comments Abandoned Millionaires Family Mansion With Exotic Luxury Cars Left Behind

Steve Ronin
What Car is it?!
Follow my instagram @steveronin instagram.com/steveronin
Like and Share the video! Lets get this video to over 10,000 Thumbs up and I'll upload another abandoned mansion video soon!

Comment from : Steve Ronin

Albertus De Klerk
i live in a house thats abandoned many years ago still livin here for last 7 years rent free and free electricity there were stuff here when we came in but dk what it was but we fixed most of the stuff here
Comment from : Albertus De Klerk

meleleki leelkoe
I noticed you said how much you wanted the property (we all did too). Do you ever inquire at the county tax office in those counties you explore in to see if it for sale or acquisition?
You should contact Rob Van Winkle in Florida when you find a gem like this. That’s what he does. Could be lucrative for all parties involved in the flip.

Comment from : meleleki leelkoe

meleleki leelkoe
Hi Steve! I’m retired and would love to work as your cursive handwriting interpreter. I guess cursive handwriting must be becoming a lost language like Egyptian hieroglyphics. You do a great job every video. Keep it up!
Comment from : meleleki leelkoe

Rachel Edwards
I bet this family was somebody from the cabal and they went down. Why else would somebody just leave all those things?
Comment from : Rachel Edwards

Tait Kristiansen
Cool dude I enjoyed it !
Comment from : Tait Kristiansen

On Me Oils
So you keep saying you wish you could buy this and that but buy it from who if it's abandoned ain't it finders keepers? lol IJS
Comment from : On Me Oils

Radek Zielinski
why would anyone need so much space?
Comment from : Radek Zielinski

Taz Lundgren
Where's the damn Lamborghini , only reason I clicked on this
Comment from : Taz Lundgren

Bev Olson
For so much beautiful stuff to have been left there must have been something terrible to have caused the people to leave it. Why would anyone leave passports laying around for people to find... doesn’t make sense...
Comment from : Bev Olson

Ohhhhh eBay 😂😂
Comment from : zOGGrimReaper

It looks like a Austrian family lived there but they loved French stuff
Comment from : MDW CLAN

Cheyenne carver
I bet the home was beautiful in the day I love the wood the details on the doors I am like you I just fall in love with this home more and more
Comment from : Cheyenne carver

Soooo where's the white corvette?????
Comment from : xsmallz84x

shim biii
Too much ads your video
Comment from : shim biii

Ken Oath
36.06 there a clock with a Lot 343 on it. All these items were put to auction and what was sold was taken out and the rest left.
Comment from : Ken Oath

Yourgod Isfake
What if they left the house because it was making them sick mold or something like that.
Comment from : Yourgod Isfake

Jay Henl
Wonder howany meth pipes you can find in therw
Comment from : Jay Henl

How dare they leave a corvette
Comment from : Kamikazay

Margie Powers
Just wondered about all these Abandoned Mansions, why all these messed of their stuff left behind , looked liked someone was digging into something...
Comment from : Margie Powers

These things tell people about how short is life?
Comment from : N N

He always BSs and acts like he knows why they aren't in the house.
Comment from : CONSPIRACY FACT

Tony Tramper
how the hell do u find these adandoned places?
Comment from : Tony Tramper

stephon kerslake
dont talk about thing you have no idea about you just come accross as thick
Comment from : stephon kerslake

mr lonewolf groot wassink
People always talk about touchable things in life....but trust me.....everything in you re own life is TEMPORARY and all goes back in to the box.....the only thing that stays is.........

Memories in the presence of the living human mind......


Nothing stay s

Not a single thing!!!

Comment from : mr lonewolf groot wassink

mr lonewolf groot wassink
Possesions and wealth doesn t consist luck or happiness...at all....but most rich people will never know because they are concieved with greed....
Comment from : mr lonewolf groot wassink

Joseph Lee
"This must have been taken on the racetrack, there's a symbol too" - Uh, that's just the Chevy Corvette logo, buddy.
Comment from : Joseph Lee

Artuar3 Craft
An abandoned mansion?!
Comment from : Artuar3 Craft

Lil Ray
Comment from : Lil Ray

Your video could be 10 minutes long if you'd stop recording yourself for no reason.
I watched most of the video with the sound off

Comment from : phartattack

GARY Dilbeck
This is living proof that what we covet at the moment can quickly become a memory. Look around you right now! 3,5 or 10 yrs from now someone could possibly be walking through with a camera wondering who lived there and why they no longer do. Weird innit?
Comment from : GARY Dilbeck

Michael Wayne
Did you do any research after making this video? That passport is about as good of a clue as one could hope for.
Comment from : Michael Wayne

kat howboutthat
Please bring an older person with you so you can identify what you see. I’m not trying to be critical but it’s shocking how much you don’t know about the sites you visit! I enjoy seeing them but there’s little context and I have to turn off your voice so I can enjoy the locations. 👍🏼Excellent locations and photography above it all!
Comment from : kat howboutthat

Szabi B
Wow if I owned that house I would of had a bank vault style door installed in the basement, literally every room down their has 1 foot thick solid stones, could make awesome gun vault room/safe room. That house had a lot of potential before it was torn apart by some people or whoever, I really wonder if their was some sort of murder suicide and the whole family was killed, really would like the people who filmed this to do some investigation because they know the Address, because they definitely won’t give it out to a random person on YouTube, and they should check the public documents regarding what happened to the family. This is one of the abandoned mansion videos that leaves me very s
Comment from : Szabi B

Szabi B
People have definitely been their everything is open and searched through. Have a feeling someone who knew the family went back after he was put in the retirement home.
Comment from : Szabi B

Karl O B
unsubbed loads of lies and baiting on these videos
Comment from : Karl O B

Kevin Helmick
That's the stuff people don't realise this really valuable in the price always goes up artwork pictures painting
Comment from : Kevin Helmick

SVT Anthony
That corvette is definitely not rare it’s a base model C3 Corvette with a aftermarket body kit I know this vid is a little old but had to leave a comment
Comment from : SVT Anthony

Tricia Thompson
I'd be looooooting
Comment from : Tricia Thompson

Marsha Brightly
you do home invasion.....i'll call the cop ....lol
Comment from : Marsha Brightly

David Knight
This beautiful house got violated because of nosey wannabes like the films maker /presenter.
How would you like somebody - - r-n off over your stuff.

Comment from : David Knight

Chris Bewley
It could be a kit car. They were popular in the 70s and 80s. The lags on the steering wheel were on all corvettes.
Comment from : Chris Bewley

Gursevak Singh
why don't you steal some stuff or something it can cost a lot you know
Comment from : Gursevak Singh

Happy Planet
Dang all these comments saying they still need to teach cursive in school, take it from a high schooler it’s the future we don’t need to waste paper anymore you can just type it.
Comment from : Happy Planet

Dan Cullen6 u 5 tug u 77
Mid 70's Corvette Star Wars theme Carrie Fisher on the hood..... It was made in someone's garage using aftermarket parts..... I have no idea of the value.....
Comment from : Dan Cullen6 u 5 tug u 77

Choi Jieun
I really want to explore a abandoned house
Comment from : Choi Jieun

Tha MiLky Gooch
81' Greenwood Corvette Gto. Very nice!
Comment from : Tha MiLky Gooch

Nicole Ana
Nothing wrong with horse girls lol
Comment from : Nicole Ana

Lonnie Fransen
It's been ran sacked for sure
Comment from : Lonnie Fransen

sara duzan
can u do Micheal Jackson next
Comment from : sara duzan

Neha Raikar
I kind of find it similar Indian architecture...
Comment from : Neha Raikar

Caesar Zataray
It's called " yo momma" style
Comment from : Caesar Zataray

mr toehead
its a body kit on a vette rich kid paid someone to build a custom vette stock interior
Comment from : mr toehead

Connor MTB
Is it me or can I here the Minecraft song at 0:10
Comment from : Connor MTB

Michel Noël
So many things make no sense in this video, so many questions not addressed, basic informations so easy to get at the town Hall that would have made this farce at least more believable!
I watched it a second time just for the pleasure of laughing out loud.

Comment from : Michel Noël

Eleni Huenestein
i love you vids
Comment from : Eleni Huenestein

A_dawg 1001
Fix it up and take it
Comment from : A_dawg 1001

Trena Wawrzyniak
It is terrible that you can't read cursive writing and that you were not taught to write it as well. As a graduate of Catholic school you had no choice but to write correctly Heck after 2nd grade the only subject you were allowed to use a pencil to write was Math,. Every other subject you had to write with a pen. Before I even went to school my mother taught me to read n to write cursive correctly, and N I never even went to kindergarten. I am only 54 but I Know my nieces generation wasn't taught to write n she's in her 30's.
Comment from : Trena Wawrzyniak

Kirkwood Paterson
Oh the architectural style, yes. Quite famous, a lot more popular than you might think. Kitch.
Comment from : Kirkwood Paterson

Kitty Burnett
Find the owners! Update if you find the owners! They own all of this!
Comment from : Kitty Burnett

Stay blessed 89
That art was probably worth a lot of money hopefully they took them
Comment from : Stay blessed 89

Lilibet Black
To me, if there was a lot of love I cannot see why any photos were left, never mind the house. To leave a place like that you are really leaving ghosts behind.
Comment from : Lilibet Black

Zacarih Amarah Bera
Use gloves for your health safety
Comment from : Zacarih Amarah Bera

Ronny T.
Poor attempt to get views, keep it 100% with you're viewer's. If it wasn't because of us u wouldn't be doing what you're doing now. Keep that in mind. Thumbs down this time
Comment from : Ronny T.

The Corvette is a 1977'ish with what looks to be a Greenwood body kit on it. Not really all that rare.
Comment from : Sgt.Gecko

Tim Schultz
How do you know what a fox fur coat looks like, and not know that a Corvette has virtually no back seat?
Comment from : Tim Schultz

Scum Bag
I'll never not be amused by the number of urban explorers who like to pretend that no one has been there before them, while they stand among drawers that have been pulled out, looted, and left on the floor, doors that have been left open, and cupboards that are left wide open and empty.
Comment from : Scum Bag

BackInTime _MC
Wow I like your video
Comment from : BackInTime _MC

Daddys Daughters
Is this even n.z?
Comment from : Daddys Daughters

Nathan Fulkerson
You reading cursive is like me trying to read emoji.
Comment from : Nathan Fulkerson

The letter is staged.
Comment from : Yvonne

Ryan Toms
Keep it real
Comment from : Ryan Toms

Comment from : L M

Jalen Mccalpin11
It is a corvette
Comment from : Jalen Mccalpin11

Linda Lakota
If dad passed it takes lot of work to up keep a house like that its ben bad market and lot of nice homes rot one or 2 years with out heat the roof goes and soon the house inless its desert it realy dosent take long for buildings to break down the school i went to has ben abandond for 10 years and you would think its. Ben abandond for 50 look a old. Abandond prisons 100 year old prison stayed prestean 5 years later they start falling in
Comment from : Linda Lakota

Curtis Mcquiston
The vett is just a custom 1980es model it's been heavy customized
Comment from : Curtis Mcquiston

"EXOTIC CARZ LEFT!!!1", Some old lawyer's mistreated corvette with an airbrushed mural of a bathing beauty in a waterfall on the hood? Wow no amount of money can stop some people from Plebing up their stuff.
Comment from : UnknownReloader

Eduardo Leon Garrido si señor pintor español😁
Comment from : intex

Hayden Penrose
Car not cars
Comment from : Hayden Penrose

The Edge
Yep its a vette....... like to have that house is there a action soon
Comment from : The Edge

Robert Speer
What state is this in?
Comment from : Robert Speer

Lucas Williams
The government is a joke , fix up any legal stuff, give it to a charity organisation, fix it up and turn it into a halfway , rehabilitation,or homeless shelter. I don’t get it? It just sitting there waisting away.
Comment from : Lucas Williams

Christopher Malley
The car kinda looks like a limited edition Z1 C3 Corvette
Comment from : Christopher Malley

That thing you found on the kitchen counter, I believe that might have been an old-fashioned slide viewer. Not entirely sure, but that's what it looks like to me.
Comment from : MydirtyRat1

Ethan Fortune
Blue haired girl has a flip phone? 😯
Comment from : Ethan Fortune

Ethan Fortune
Squatters ram shacked the house.
Comment from : Ethan Fortune

Dan M
Dudes obsessed with photos and smelling perfume bottles.
Comment from : Dan M

Matty Nowa
Hi ! 😉
Comment from : Matty Nowa

Who would leave all this stuff and this amazing house? Wow.
Comment from : moleykewl

A.C. Creations Film Studios
It sure looks like a contractor came in and ripped out most of the hvac systems. On the Vette, that was a gas tank. They could also be found behind a license plate. I've never known any to be anything more than a 2 seater unless they created one for their dog. I noticed a cat box upstairs near the stairs too! With the wheelchair in one of the girl's rooms, I was wondering if one broke her back on a horse; so the other sister was left caring for her. The writing on the wall sounded like somebody (maybe the mom) who was having mid life crisis. Maybe an empty nest syndrome. But that leaves me to question, if that's so, why put college & caring for a sister all on one person. You never hear much about the other sister. With a ton of pills and doors busted open, we know the father died of old age (for sure). That's not to rule out a trophy wife (a beautiful woman much younger) who may have felt the ropes were cut and there was no more income. She could have committed suicide. The police could have done a welfare check. Pretty sure they didn't take the time to take those hvac's though! 😂 Good job!😎
Comment from : A.C. Creations Film Studios

The Mood Mod at the beginning of that letter is Good God! I don’t know if you did that on purpose for ppl to comment to correct you or what but ahh ya it says good god.😉👍🏼💜
Comment from : Lean

NotyouAgain! !
The X-rays show malignant tumors :)
Comment from : NotyouAgain! !

That could be a Calloway Slegehammer and its worth BANK.
Comment from : bdub215

Shawn Baraw
What's better than roses on a piano? Tulips on your organ 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Shawn Baraw

Jonathan Morgan
I like how you just assume stuff and say it like its fact. I guess I guess I guess blah blah blah. And A wine room with a cool dirt floor? Wtf? Oh and the letter you struggled reading wasn't bad, from a glared view on footage people could read it.
Comment from : Jonathan Morgan

Aleksandar Zhelyazkov
It’s just a wide body corvette
Comment from : Aleksandar Zhelyazkov

Jennifer Minshew
That note made me cry
Comment from : Jennifer Minshew

Patric Well
I would take the car ..fck that
Comment from : Patric Well

Jonathan Thurston
How could this much stuff still be in there? Very confused.. like a brand new passport, and pictures that look untouched... How old is this house? How long has it been sitting there? Some stuff seems very fresh.
Comment from : Jonathan Thurston


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