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Don’t listen to media outlets and the Politicians!
Comment from : XxSharpShooterxX

van mears
all began with cell phones big mistake
Comment from : van mears

Diamond Pakstn
America and israel will suffer if war starts because iran have thousands of new tech missiles and iran have a plan to attack america in its soil also to damage them bad through submarine lauch missile and they have the capability so america this time war will be on your soil be safe
Comment from : Diamond Pakstn

Thomas Brobozki
I’m a proud American born Russian. America, f#ck yeah🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Comment from : Thomas Brobozki

Bringing home our troops! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Comment from : YOUTUBERCOMMENTGAL Nunyabiz

Yusuf Gaibi
Iran is more powerful n israel is coverd attacking 1 person in car not brave any more where as iran openly said they will attack israel.
Comment from : Yusuf Gaibi

Bernard Tado
I really want to see this war before I die 💀
Comment from : Bernard Tado

200 brain dead soldier .its not casualty !!😂🤣
Comment from : Artin

So a dozen missiles hit their targets and no one was killed? People only got mild headaches? 😂 were these missiles made out of marshmallows or is someone lying here? So who were in the coffins sent to Israel, Jordan and the Emirates?
Comment from : flyer7799

Jack Tripper
Whts crazy is how isreal is attacking syria on the weekly and no one is responding with counter attack
Comment from : Jack Tripper

Syn Hope
Look at their faces. Stupids
Comment from : Syn Hope

Syn Hope
Fools. Iran has proved its point.
Comment from : Syn Hope

Game max Crazy
Israel wins my heart
Comment from : Game max Crazy

Cing Sian Lun
God bless lsrael
Comment from : Cing Sian Lun

Jack Tripper
The reason no deaths was iran called it in hrs before called iraqi the base is where the drone came from
Comment from : Jack Tripper

Jen French
Trump lied, thousand of caskets were transported out of Iraq back to USA
Comment from : Jen French

H Taheri
Israel? all of this country wide is 14 KM 😂😂 and now shake his tail for IRAN?
Comment from : H Taheri

impeach trump now
Comment from : esechucote52

Israel starting to shit on his pants... The world is revolving, you cant always be on top
Comment from : ekichandra

Surprised me that the missiles wasn’t intercepted before they landed, says to me Iran’s got some Russian tech.
Comment from : General_x

Jarnail Singh Sodhi
Lord Jesus Christ Is Coming Soon in Israel... Son Of God . Almighty
Comment from : Jarnail Singh Sodhi

Jarnail Singh Sodhi
God Bless you Israel
Comment from : Jarnail Singh Sodhi

Jarnail Singh Sodhi
Israel Is on to God.s Hand
Comment from : Jarnail Singh Sodhi

عبداللہ خان
this was just a trailer from Iran to Israel and US army
Comment from : عبداللہ خان

Iran threatened Israel, the next day they were hit by a earthquake, you don’t play with Gods people.
Comment from : UFC Fan

Jonathan Guerrero
The chosen one i mean israel ❤❤
Comment from : Jonathan Guerrero

King Is back
Iran finish Israel veery soon
Comment from : King Is back

Tomislav Laskovski
HOW. ?!. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😀😀😅😅😅😅😅😆😆😆😆😆😆😅😅😄😄😄😆😅
Comment from : Tomislav Laskovski

Ana Primorac
Iran is so childlish
Comment from : Ana Primorac

javad heidari
This is the beginning! Leave or Die!
Comment from : javad heidari

barep Andro
U r next babe, prepare to met your jesus
Comment from : barep Andro

Tomasz Zatwardnicki
Simple they sheet them self’s.
Comment from : Tomasz Zatwardnicki

Hans Gruber
Chinese media reported that Iranian outlets have said that 80 U.S. personnel were killed in the attack. America is full of shit.
Comment from : Hans Gruber

Saiful Saiful
🇮🇷👍👍💪💪 god bless you iran..🚩💉🗡️🔫🔫💣💣💣🔥🔥🔥🇮🇱🇺🇸👿👿👹👹👹🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Saiful Saiful

Puppy Dogs
Sorry but god will wipe out Iran if they mess with his people he already warned them in 2018 and 2020 with earthquakes!!
Comment from : Puppy Dogs

You know there is a cures in Israel by Jesus Christ he cursed Israel that they will never get piece that curse is still here that how strong Jesus Christ is .

Andrew Eu Eugene
did that really happen.. or a fake news story? thx friend
Comment from : Andrew Eu Eugene

Milena Alemanno
Can someone please tell me how to pronounce the Hebrew word for “lighter”?
Comment from : Milena Alemanno

valen verga
isreal is poor doe ant it
Comment from : valen verga

Comment from : Freeman

Gunawan Djafar
Comment from : Gunawan Djafar

Köl Tigin
The USA and Israel are the occupying countries. Although the Iraqi administration does not want the US bases, the US remains forced to stay in Iraq. Moreover, the US imposed sanctions on Iran for no reason, and assassinated the Iranian general like a terrorist organization. Because assassinations are made only by terrorist organizations, not states. The United States should withdraw completely from Iraq and the Middle East. The United States has no business thousands of miles away. The US also supports terrorist organizations there, such as YPG, PKK, PYD. And the US harm to Turkey, which NATO ally.
Comment from : Köl Tigin

Shaz Abrahim
It is foolish to believe that Iran is done here!
Comment from : Shaz Abrahim

Darth JarJar
If Americans are dead then Iran will be a glass parking lot by the end of the month
Comment from : Darth JarJar

nmbstcmnp addp
Israel is just a puppet of usa. Good job, Iran!
Comment from : nmbstcmnp addp

Iran needs to learn that you dont fire missiles at anyone
Comment from : lgb

Scoring digits, son.
Who are they kidding? Blood must be paid with blood!
Comment from : Scoring digits, son.

Rougé Moonchild
Israel should focus on your prime minister who was indicted
Comment from : Rougé Moonchild

Saranghae 143
Any casualties? Is some one died their?
Comment from : Saranghae 143

I love you
We need condom attack!!!!!
Comment from : I love you

of course american media will not tell the citizens how many were killed. lol
Comment from : Nedews

What happened to air defense, US soldiers could have died. Maybe US thought Iran couldn’t reach those isolated locations
Comment from : untStudio

Usa and Britain and other western countries have ruthlessly sabotaged Iran literally for decades. Stealing oil, killing leaders, hurting millions with sanctions. This is a joke. Absolutely no capitalist war. Bernie 2020
Comment from : Shawn

teebone 21
Iran is surronded by 17 US bases I dont blame them for showing strength. US media lies to the citizens. They will never report US casualities after an even like this the entire world is watching
Comment from : teebone 21

tml mintableapp British Comedy Spy Exterminator
It is a wake up call. They missed on purpose. Warning.
Comment from : tml mintableapp British Comedy Spy Exterminator

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